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21757 Jason wrote: "Well then maybe Just a Geek by Wil Wheaton? I am definately a geek are there are specific qualities to being a geek."

That's fine.
May 26, 2010 03:57PM

21757 Katie wrote: "Frankenstein (Penguin Classics) by Mary ShelleyThe Kreutzer Sonata (Modern Library Classics) by Leo Tolstoy
are these close enough?"

Since one is a woman and the other a man - no.
21757 Gigi wrote: "Gandhi & Churchill  The Epic Rivalry that Destroyed an Empire and Forged Our Age by Arthur Herman
Would this be ok?

21757 Just wanted to let everyone know that this task is now worth 30 points!
21757 Just wanted to announce that this task is now worth 30 points!
May 26, 2010 10:08AM

21757 Lavendarlol wrote: "15.5 Hold Me Tight by Lorie Ann Grover. It is very late/ I should be in bed asleep/ but I'm on goodreads!"

I think you must have the wrong task for this because 15.5 is the poetry task and that book isn't poetry.
May 26, 2010 08:16AM

21757 Bohemienne wrote: "Are these similar enough?

The Awakening (Darkest Powers, #2) by Kelley ArmstrongA Countess Below Stairs by Eva Ibbotson"

May 26, 2010 08:15AM

21757 Carma wrote: "I listen to books on my computer while at work. Even though it isn't an actual book, does that work?
Before you answer, here is a funny story about my listening to a book while working on a proj..."

That's funny. Audiobooks are fine but if your personal office is generally a more closed environment where people don't usually walk in/by all the time that doesn't work for the public aspect.
May 26, 2010 08:13AM

21757 Carma wrote: "I really don't read book blogs, but foodie blogs. Several of them recommend books (cookbooks and others) or have even written their own books. Could I use one of them?
(If not, no sweat. I do ..."

No I would prefer people to explore blogs related directly to reading.
General Questions (181 new)
May 26, 2010 08:09AM

21757 Christine wrote: "When will the remaining unposted challenges be announced?"

The winners who will get to determine those 20 pointers will not be selected until the current challenge is over then I will contact them and post tasks as soon as they send them to me. Also additional 25+ pointers may be added as more players complete the challenge.
May 26, 2010 08:06AM

21757 Leigh Ann wrote: "How about The Pelican Brief? I know it doesn't actually live IN the sea, but it is a ocean animal, right?!"

We did birds this season so no I want animals that actually live in the ocean.

Wendy wrote: "Can I use Hippopotamus, Flamingo, or Crocodile ( I'm trying to use books I already own!)"

Sorry no they don't live in oceans.
May 26, 2010 08:04AM

21757 Sandra wrote: "Can we use Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull for Part A of the task?"

Indiana is a state so yes
21757 Jacqueline wrote: "I'm interested in acting. Can I read Eyes Like Stars for option B?"

Seeing as is says she isn't an actress in the description - no.
May 25, 2010 10:58PM

21757 Potjy wrote: "Is this blue enough? The Hollow Man (Dr. Gideon Fell, #6) by John Dickson Carr

And can I use the book I've already borrowed some months ago, but haven't read yet?

Thank you."

Kristi (Passion for the Page) wrote: "Does this one have enough blue in it?

Stay by Allie Larkin"

May 25, 2010 10:50PM

21757 Katie wrote: "How about The Sea, The Sea by Iris Murdoch and The Sea by John Banville?"

5.1 - Heat Wave (42 new)
May 25, 2010 10:49PM

21757 Tracey wrote: "would either of these work? The City of Ember or Firefly Lane


May 25, 2010 07:40PM

21757 Lavendarlol wrote: "20.1 How Not to Be Popular- Jennifer Ziegler
How Not to Be Popular is not an average teen read. While most girls long desperately to become popular, Sugar Magnolia Dempsey longs to be the opposite..."

Since you have a private account I can't message you directly about this so hopefully you will see this - you already claimed points for 20.1 with The Loser's Guide to Life and Love- A.E. Cannon so you can't get credit twice.
5.1 - Heat Wave (42 new)
May 25, 2010 09:56AM

21757 Dave wrote: "is fahrenheit 451 approved for the challenge?"

Rachel Lee wrote: "What about Fireworks?"

May 25, 2010 09:53AM

21757 Liz wrote: "

Does the above work as a blog? It's a series of lists organized by fun topics & there is a brief review of each book on a given list."

21757 Leigh wrote: "I'd like to go with I Am Not A Serial Killer if that works Cynthia :)"
I was really looking for things that say what you are not what you are not.

Patricia wrote: "How about A Woman of Independent Means because I'm a working professional woman?"
That works.

Jason wrote: "How about My Boring-Ass Life: The Uncomfortably Candid Diary of Kevin Smith by Kevin Smith? The title serves me well even if the details do not."

Sorry while the book sounds interesting it doesn't really give a character type.

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