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Reading Slumps (19 new)
Apr 14, 2014 01:08PM

20139 Kindle has a bunch of Ada Leverson for free. I loved The Little Ottleys triology: Love's Shadow, Tenterhooks, and Love at Second Sight.

Have you read The Moonflower Vine?
Reading Slumps (19 new)
Apr 14, 2014 10:45AM

20139 Big slump here as well. But a couple that really worked for me lately: Clever Girl -- Tessa Hadley; A Time To Be Born -- Dawn Powell; and I'm enjoying the collection by Lorrie Moore- Bark.
Dec 03, 2013 06:40AM

20139 I also want to say that if any of our old RV pals have been lurking and are pining to join us, just email or message one of us. There is no intention to exclude anyone specifically, just to have a small warm get together.

I agree. I sounded like a big snob in my other post -- unintended!
Dec 01, 2013 06:36PM

20139 Plus then we'd have to include boys. Which is fun too but different.
Dec 01, 2013 06:33PM

20139 I'm going to be awful and say I'd like to keep it to this smaller particular group. Not that I'm trying to be exclusive but .... I guess I am. Now if y'all want to open it up that's cool. But my original interest was more focused on this group here.

I really have nothing against anyone else---just selfishly wanted to keep it smaller. That sounded more intimate and silly and fun.
Nov 21, 2013 06:32AM

20139 I just realized I missed a ton of posts on this. Sounds like east coast is favored, depending on timing I might be able to do it. Like I said I just want to hang with you all. Where isn't as important to me.
Nov 21, 2013 06:28AM

20139 I have a June commitment to go Boston for niece's HS graduation. Probably could not swing two trips there that close together.

Chicago still works for me if we do it after March. Lots if bookstores, food, etc. Do we want to tour or do we want to hang? I know I brought up the literary site theme but in some ways I kinda just want to talk, drink wine, talk, eat, laugh, and talk. If I can do some of that in my fat pants, even better.
Nov 16, 2013 09:45AM

20139 Ok. Here's a wild thought. I've been hankering to do a pilgrimage to Flannery O'Connor Ouse in Georgia. Would something like that be of interest? Doesn't have to be there ...... Just a thought.
Nov 16, 2013 09:43AM

20139 I was just in Chicago. I love the idea of connecting. Central is good but if we're talking winter I'd suggest considering milder climes. If I had a bigger house you could all come here. Ooooo. This has possibilities!!!
Nov 15, 2013 01:47PM

20139 Oh you youngsters. Next spring is my 60th and I try not to laugh thinking about the unreality of that because I tend to pee my pants when I laugh now. Or sneeze. Or get too cold. Or walk across a room after drinking a large latte. Sigh.
Nov 11, 2013 08:34AM

20139 Really? That one really got to me.
Nov 11, 2013 06:13AM

20139 Halfway not Galway! Argh.....
Nov 11, 2013 06:12AM

20139 Just finished the Wolitzer for yesterday's book club and despite a few quibbles really enjoyed. I got Galway through Someone and then left it at my sister's in Chicago. She is notoriously slow about putting things in the mail so ........ But the first half was very good!
Nov 29, 2011 07:17PM

20139 Nancy! They are great lists this year -- and lots of new stuff, to me any way.

Cheers to you all.
Reading Slumps (19 new)
Feb 13, 2011 02:35PM

20139 I started Rodeo but put it aside for a bit. I went through a cancer death this past year and it felt a bit too soon.

I went through a bunch of New Yorkers this morning that had piled up over the weeks.

Reading slump may be connected to this lousy cold that has lingered, ebbed and returned for the past few weeks.
Reading Slumps (19 new)
Feb 11, 2011 06:46PM

20139 I've been in a reading funk for a while now and am trying to figure out how to push my way through it. I start and stop books, can't seem to focus -- everything seems sort of just OK.

So... 2 questions.

1. What have you read in the past six months that really knocked your socks off?

2. How do you push through a reading funk?
Hello old friends (100 new)
Jan 25, 2011 07:17PM

20139 Hey y'all. I have to take breaks from the State of the Union -- its not the President. I just haven't been able to watch this since I was banned from the living by my roommates during the Reagan years. Apparently they got tired of me mooning the TV set. Now the whole thing just makes me want to drink - and not in a good way.

Plus, I got FB friended tonight by someone I haven't seen since 7th grade. Oy.

And I'm getting ready to start The Lonely Polygamist.

That's all my news.
Hello old friends (100 new)
Jan 25, 2011 05:49PM

20139 Boy, this place is deader than a doornail. Waving at you all.
Hello old friends (100 new)
Oct 09, 2010 06:38PM

20139 Holy Crap, Karen. We have 88% comparability and 97% compatability! Are you my long-lost twin?
Hello old friends (100 new)
Oct 09, 2010 06:28PM

20139 Of course! I love the way I gave Kafka and Faulkner three stars! I'm such an ass sometimes... The Sound and the Fury -- it was "OK" Metamorphases -- Eh. Hahahahahaha! I wonder what kind of mood I was in that night.
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