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Jun 10, 2009 04:22PM

19522 Hi Dave,

Compelling book. Just amazing, despite feeling strange saying that considering subject matter. But it was a very thoughtful and important read...

One question that kept crossing my mind as I read (and I apologize if I missed along the way), but I was very curious what became of all the living victims in the library... meaning, when did they escape the library. My assumption, based on the fact there were no witnesses of the suicides of the shooters is that most students had either escaped at the time of their suicides or were all hidden in back rooms, hopefully locked?

At any rate, reading from their perspectives, the horror and the tale of survival, I was very curious on the hows and whens as to whenever any students escaped the library and what their path to safety was, etc.

My heart goes out to everyone directly involved in the tragedy as well as everyone including yourself that it has touched...

Thanks for bringing us closer to some sort of closure through better understanding...

-Greg B. (Chicago)

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