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Jan 31, 2013 05:11PM

1898 Happy New Year all! I am so behind but quickly catching up! March can't get here any sooner!

Happy Reading!
Dec 07, 2012 05:26PM

1898 LOVE THIS COVER! It's on my IPhone background! LOL!

LisaT - We Are Qhuay! wrote: "

You can see it now with the blurb here on GR at:


Dec 07, 2012 05:25PM

1898 LOL! Lisa no hiding! It was such a tease and I know what you mean about being impatient! Love me some Barons too! LOL! I started with the Highlander Series myself and let me just say YUMMMY!!! So couldn't put those down.

Nov 27, 2012 11:03PM

1898 Hello all! I am so behind but am catching up slowly but surely! I have been super busy - but am so enjoying the re-reads. Enjoying all the comments hope to be able to join in! ; )

Happy Reading!
Sep 28, 2012 10:11PM

1898 Lisa, don't feel bad! Same boat here too! LOTS going on! But going away for a mini vacation with Hubby and will catch up then! ; )

LisaT - We Are Qhuay! wrote: "OH my gosh, where did this month go?

Confession, I will just have to read both Lover Unbound and Lover Enshrined next month. I've just let things get away from me this month.

Ah well, no compla..."

Sep 12, 2012 05:16PM

1898 LOL!!!! Yeah not alone! ; ) Shhhh, nope won't tell at all!
Sep 12, 2012 01:56PM

1898 Hey all! I can't believe I am 12 days behind! LOL! GEEZ! Lot's going on but can't wait to get started with V - Caramba - Been having BDB withdrawals! V - is my next favorite after Z...*sigh*

Happy Reading all!

Aug 05, 2012 08:40PM

1898 Hola, so far I don't think we do. I've been really trying to pay attention. But so far I don't think we know.
Aug 01, 2012 10:13AM

1898 I can't believe August 1st is here. I had to stop myself after Z's book to not dive into Butch's book. Although Butch isn't one of my favorites, I still enjoyed his book - I think all the brothers hold a special place for me and I like how they are different. I do have a soft spot for Butch and his story.

Happy Reading!
Aug 01, 2012 10:08AM

1898 Hey all! Been catching up on all the comments and getting ready for Lover Revealed! I do have to say how funny it is how LisaT mentions how we all have an emotional connection to this story. It's so true. I think for me it's because he is "Truly" Innocent when it comes to Bella and his LOVE for her. He is the way he is because of what happened to him - not by his choice and I LOVE he reacts to everything when it comes to her, his feelings, etc...What can I say I LOVE Z!
Jul 07, 2012 09:07PM

1898 Ok, no matter how many times I read/re-read this book I always cry! UGH My heart so goes out to him!

"Z gathered her in his arms and just…hugged her. He had to get her out, but he couldn’t move for what had been done to her. Blinking, dizzy, screaming inside, he rocked her gently back and forth. Words fell from his mouth, lamentations for her in the Old Language."
Jul 05, 2012 08:43PM

1898 Woo Hoo! I also gave this book 5 stars! LOVE me some Z! Gonna start it tonight when everybody is asleep so it's just me and Z! LOVE that guy! I anxious already! *sigh*
Jul 01, 2012 04:12PM

1898 Can't WAIT! LOVE me some Zadist! I have been fighting myself to wait until July 1st to read this! Oh Wait what do you know it's JULY 1st! LOL! Happy Reading!

LisaT - We Are Qhuay! wrote: "By the way, I'm going to go start the new thread for Lover Awakened.

I haven't actually started to read yet, lol. Next week I will, maybe, if I can wait.

Jun 06, 2012 03:32PM

1898 Shannon, I totally know what you mean! I mean she describes herself as "average".

Lisa I think you said it very well! And yeah just finished the book too so don't feel guilty! Once I start no matter how hard I try I have to finish it!

Not sure if I can wait til July for Z's book! I LOVE him!!!!

Happy Reading!
Jun 06, 2012 10:44AM

1898 I knew this would happen! Once I started reading I can't put it down! I am about 80% done! Caramba! LOL! All I know is that it doesn't matter how many times I read these books they just "GET ME SUCKED" in! Everything goes out the window - housework, dinner, breakfast etc.....LOL! GEEZ! Anyway, I'm lovin' on some Rhage! I love how his emotions are just all over the place. I love his sense of humer too! He is just YUMMY! Ok, I should do some housework! Keyword "SHOULD"

Happy Reading!
Jun 04, 2012 11:36PM

1898 Thanks Lisa! That's what I had thought also! I know what you mean! I did the same with DL - I just couldn't stop! I'm sure I'll do the same with this one! I just can't get enough!

Happy Readin!

LisaT - We Are Qhuay! wrote: "Hey Yvonne, glad you're here. We worked the math out to be about 12 chapters per week but again, no one is really counting. I'm a little ahead of that now simply because I couldn't stop. This bo..."
Jun 04, 2012 08:28PM

1898 Evening all! Ok, so I'm late getting started but wanted to know are there certain chapters for the week like in DL? I might have missed the message. Have been gone since Friday! UGH! Getting ready to snuggle with Rhage and coffee! It's giving me goose bumps! LOL!!

Happy Reading!
May 29, 2012 12:04AM

1898 Looking forward to re-reading this again. Hope to participate more now that baseball is over for my son!

Happy reading!
May 08, 2012 01:18PM

1898 OMG! I know what you are saying! I have to admit I haven't re-read this series in awhile and just LOVE it all over again! LOVED that part too! Caramba! I also have to say that as soon as I picked it up I just couldn't put it down!

I have re-read this series 4 times this is my 5th -
LOVE LOVE LOVE the Brothers!!!!

Happy Re-Reading Ladies & Gents!

LisaT - We Are Qhuay! wrote: ""Don't trust me. Don't like me. I could give a shit. But don't you ever lie to me." He took a deep breath, as if he were drawing her into him. "I can smell the sex coming off you right now. I could..."
Apr 11, 2012 01:41PM

1898 I'm in too! Can't wait was planning on re-reading and this is perfect timing! Woo Hoo!