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1898 Sing it, Phury lovin' sisters!
1898 He was rejected by his parents from birth.
1898 ♥ Melody wrote: "I'm not saying they shouldn't have disciplined him or that he wasn't spiraling. What I'm saying is they did not give him any chance to correct his behavior or seek help before giving him the boot. The 3 strikes rule should have been deployed here. He was kicked out, disregarded, left by himself to deal with all of it without any support all because of ONE slip up, one slip up that didn't put anyone in danger. Really?? That is extreme for the action. Meanwhile, Z the loose canon brother could do as he pleased all because Phury was always there to block him off and calm him down. How is that fair?

The difference is startling clear. The favoritism and hypocrisy of how the two are treated is like day and night.

And call me totally ignorant but I don't get how Turkish smoke can turn into a such a addictive habit to the point that you lose control and need rehab?? Is it really that strong? This always bugged me. "

I don't think it's Turkish smoke. That's what V smokes. Phury was smoking "red smoke" and it was some kind of pot like drug that I guess is vamp thing.

RE: tough love. You're exactly right about this, Melody. Tough love happens after all other avenues have been explored. They barely even spoke to him about his problem. Nobody tried to talk to him about any kind of rehab. They basically ignored him until his problem crossed their paths.

The biggest problem was that he would zone out when he carved up the lessers. That left him vulnerable. BUT, they're supposed to go out in teams of two at least so his partner should have been able to cover him. That fact was that he'd gained a reputation that terrified the lessers. That's a bad thing? Only if it's Phury. If it had been Z ... well, Phury would have had his back.

So they didn't exhaust all other possibilities before "tough love" came about so it really played like they didn't want to be bothered with it.

But it all comes down to the author's choice. She has chosen to vague out Phury's past to the point that it makes no sense. The biggest red flag is the mistress. He supposedly convinced her to allow him to participate in the blood slave games. How? Well, people have asked JRW that question before and she only implies fast talking or some crap.

As written, Phury has exactly zero game. So how'd he manage to sweet talk the mistress into believing he has all kinds of sick game? It makes no sense. He either slept with her, slept with one or more of her boy toys or he acted the voyeur and subjected himself to multiple exposures to her kink to make her believe he'd actually be interested. She kept the whole thing a secret from her hellren for a hundred years. She didn't do that by falling for sweet talkers. When she took males down there, she knew they'd be up for it. He convinced her of that and -- I strongly believe -- whatever he did to convince her damaged him in a huge way. And that's what JRW never, ever touches with him.

Also, they kicked him out. He's working to pull it together with the support of his female and the Chosen who love him like crazy and they give him a month. A single month before they come back and want him to hang out. Probably because they felt guilty, but screw them, they set these things in motion the least they could do is let them play out and let him get his feet.

Okay, that rant is over, but it just shows why I'm so nervous about JRW ever going back to Phury again. I think she doesn't want to allow the (obvious) drama of his past to even come close to being equal with Z's and I think it could if fully explored.
1898 ♥ Melody wrote: "Phury has ALWAYS been there for Z, and when it was Z's turn to return the favor he totally failed. "

In book 1 they thought Z might be the one killing humans but they didn't want to kick him out because they knew Phury would walk too.

When Phury had a problem, they kicked him out knowing Z would stick around.

To be fair, I think JRW thought she was showing an instance of "tough love", but she wasn't. She was just showing another brutal rejection in Phury's life.

And you're right, Melody, she still doesn't get it.
1898 I can see all of that, Nhya, except Phury, Cormia and the Chosen. I just think they'll get stiffed again. Would be thrilled to be wrong.
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May 18, 2016 10:51AM

1898 I like the introduction of commoners to the cast of characters. I'd like to see more. And I'd like them to stay people of relatively modest means. JMO.
1898 Nichole wrote: " They couldn't find him, so just left Xcor alone. Maybe we're supposed to assume that Lassiter eventually showed up. *sigh*"

So then the question remains: where was Lassiter at the time of the birth?

In my opinion, that's the exact time that SV's last spark was going out. Maybe he was somewhere involved with a handoff.
1898 I think he was guarding Xcor during the birth, wasn't he?
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May 18, 2016 10:29AM

1898 BiblioJen wrote: "Hey gang,

I have a question regarding Luchas. (Disclaimer: Cross-posted on "The Beast" thread. But I got a pretty limited response there, so I'm hoping someone here might have some insight.) Sinc..."

That hasn't been shown. I would have loved to have seen it as well, but maybe it wasn't all that dramatic or poignant ultimately. Or maybe that will be saved for a later book that features either Luchas or Qhuinn.
1898 Crowned wrote: "Lassiter isn't a brother as far as we know he hasn't even met Layla he's had no interactions with Qhuinn he has no reason to care makes sense why he wouldn't be there I didn't even notice.

Of course he's met Layla. They live in the same house. Eat at the same table.

If he knew Biddy was coming to live with them, he certainly knew what was going on with people under the same roof. IMO if he wasn't around the infirmary during the birth, that was a choice.
1898 Livia wrote: "One friend said the Warden mentioned at a signing that Lassiter was taking over for the Virgin Scribe. Was anyone at her last signing in April when she said or hinted at this?"

Livia, we have a thread with an official transcript of the Q&A at that signing as well as a real time running commentary. You can find it here:
1898 Nichole wrote: "I still think there's something to it.

AND I want to know where Lass was when Layla went into labor. He's conveniently missing during the whole crisis. Does this mean anything, or did Ward just forget about him? "

I think there's something to it as well. It may not be that Xcor has a purpose, it may just be that Lassiter knows who Xcor is and he's protecting him from Tohr. Because L knows what it would do to Tohr to find out he'd killed his own brother.

RE: Layla's labor, I know! Could he have helped Lyric? Maybe he needs to stay away from things like that since he has to be impartial now.
1898 I think it's confirmed the SV is gone, if not dead. I think she's moved on to another place, but is "dead" to the vamps. That's why she's replaced.

As for the sanctuary, she did create it, but it exists outside of her. V brought her those birds, she didn't create them. So it can exist without her.

I also think there's overlap with Lassiter and he's transitioning into the role. I think he'll be able to use her sanctuary, but also be able to make it his own.

Oh dear lord. What will he do with the sanctuary? Rave? Disco? Chuck E. Cheese's? *can't look*
1898 I agree, Nhya. She's a wasted asset in that way.
1898 You mean getting Xcor killed?
1898 Crowned wrote: "Okay I tried here's the thing if Layla was trying to help this is what she should have done kept meeting up with Xcor so he doesn't become suspicious tell the Brothers and they could have planned a full assault and take the dude out JFK style Her meeting up with him was selfish she did it because she wanted to if it was for the king she should have told Wrath and they could have come up with a plan there I'm done."

Because they wouldn't let her do it. She knew a way to stop it in its' tracks. She made her play and it worked.
1898 Veronica wrote: "If her motive was so noble why hasn't she said anything till now? At least tell someone. No she is playing this yearning love game and it is not fair on Xcor."

Because the deal was still active. She can't tell them or Xcor starts attacking Wrath again. According to the parameters of the bargain at least. She doesn't know that Xcor has changed his mind entirely.
1898 Veronica wrote: "How is that going to happen? How is she going to explain to the Brotherhood that she is in love with the man who tried to kill her King? Where is her loyalty? Where is her sense of duty that she al..."

She'll just tell them she offered herself to make Xcor stop attacking Wrath and he agreed. He stopped attacking Wrath, so her strategy was a success. Xcor can explain it as well.

They won't be happy she put herself and her young at risk like that but they can't deny the results. Or the motivation which was to protect her king.
1898 Nichole wrote: "So, you think she's "dead" and gone for good?"

Yes. I think she used the last bit of herself to help save baby Lyric.

That said, I think she could come back if enough people keep asking about it. ;-)

And, Nichole -- regarding the thread for unanswered questions -- there is one:

But if you want to start a new one and keep a list in the first post that you can edit as people add ideas in the thread, that'd be fine. Put it in the "Got a Question?" folder if you do. :D
1898 I've already put this theory out there, but I think SV had to move on because she couldn't remain impartial so she was throwing the balance off. In order to restore balance she would have to sacrifice and eventually she sacrificed the very last bit of herself.