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Jun 12, 2012 08:57AM

18868 These are the new Pirate books i just bought

Once Upon a Pirate by Nancy Block
Lady Pirate by Lynsay Sands A Pirate of Her Own (Sea Wolves, #2) by Kinley MacGregor

and this one was on my wish list which i got for $1.99

Sea Jewel (Viking Trilogy, #1) by Penelope Neri
Sep 10, 2011 07:33PM

18868 i just bought Pirate (Avon romance) by Fabio I don't know why people love him so much me i don't find him attractive
Jan 09, 2011 12:38PM

18868 I second

Pirate  by Connie Masonand The Pirate Bride by Shannon Drake

I nominate A Lady At Last (de Warenne Dynasty, #9) by Brenda Joyceand Star Keeper by Patricia Potter
Oct 25, 2010 03:52PM

18868 I will be staying till the week of nov 12 so let me now if it will be possible to get together
Oct 25, 2010 07:32AM

18868 Sandi i will going to tronto on friday would you like to get together i could take you to those book stores i told you about
Oct 21, 2010 02:08PM

18868 13 To life read (Oct 20-21)

I realy liked this book.I realy loved Pietr!.From the first time we meet pietr we know that this guy is weird.You know from the 3rd page what pietr was.Jess is very bright she has a hugh crush on this jock named derek.That's why she resists pietr in the beginning. Pietr hates derek because jess liked him instead of himself.I think their might be more to it.Everyone kept telling jess that derek was evil.Pietr's family was quite a shock. His older brother max is funny and is older twin sister ( by 2 minutes ) is really nice. Alexi (sasha) is the guaradian of the family. He is also the oldest.His parents died a year before pietr is the youngest.

I would recommend this book to anyone that likes a super sweet romance with a dark mystery
Oct 15, 2010 04:11PM

18868 I just bought these the other day

Lisa Kleypas

Then came you
Mine till midnigh
It happpened one autumn
Love in the afternoon

Bertrice Small

The spitfire
Enchantress mine

Kate Moori

Winterburn's rose

Virginia Henley

Oct 09, 2010 06:20AM

18868 Jana let me know what you thing of Firelight when you read it
Oct 08, 2010 08:18PM

18868 Hopefuly i can get to 13 to life before the end of the month i will let you know what i thik of the book Jana
Oct 08, 2010 04:48PM

18868 Firelight Read (Oct 6-8)

Jacinda lives in a world where the desendants of the dragons have evolved the ability to transform into human shape as a protection from the very humans that would hunt them down and kill them.She is also the first firer breather in her pride for more than 4 hundred years.That is not the only thing she has to worry about.Not only is the pride very pround of her, but very intrested in making sure she has lots of little draki to carry on the traditions.She feels trapped.The limitations of the pride,the fear of the hunters and she certainly isn't ready to settle down and have kids she fights,but when she is almost caught by the hunters,his just makes the pride put more pressure on her.When her mom flees with her and her sister to try and save her,Jacinda only feels more trapped.Trying to adjust to a normal high school with normal people.Will the one guy who could make it all worthwile for her might be the most dangerous of all.

Firelight was absolutely stunning i was breathless from the begining.Firelight ws such a vivid book-the colors and characters seem to pop right off the page and take you for a ride right along with them Jacinda and will were my favorite.Can't waite for the next book
Oct 01, 2010 11:46AM

18868 This summer my sister,and i went to a Britney Spears concertt.My sister won the tickets on a radio show.
Sep 30, 2010 03:13PM

Sep 29, 2010 06:11PM

18868 I just bought
Love's Sweet Captive by Blaine Andersonias for 2$

Jana i will start Firelight within the next 2 weeks i will let you now what i thing of it
Sep 28, 2010 01:50PM

18868 Here are her books that i own and read and i love them.

Bradford taylor Bradford

Dynasty( This is a new series)

Power of a woman(This is also another series)

To Be The Best
Just Rewards (these 2 are from the woman of subtance series and they were realy good)

My fovarite is
Everything to Gain

I haven't read the one you mentioned
Group Read? (43 new)
Sep 27, 2010 04:52PM

18868 I just bought a bag of books.When i come down to toronto i will get you the phone numbers. there are a couple of used book stores with the name bmw books the one i'am talking about is on spidana
Lady Pirates (81 new)
Sep 27, 2010 01:06PM

18868 I just bought
The Pirate Bride by Shannon Drakeby Shannon Drake
Sep 26, 2010 07:57PM

18868 My name is joeera and i'am 40 i went to collage for 3 years for early childhood education.Now i work as a teacher in daycare i just love kids.

I love reading.My favorite authors are:Lisa Jackson Barbara Taylor Bradford Kathleen E.Woodiwiss to name a few.
I haven't read that many pirate books but my favorite would be Velvet Chains by Constance O'banyon
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Sep 26, 2010 01:55PM

18868 If i remember one is called bmw books and the other two i don't remember any i will be comming down to toronto around the 28 of october and i will get you the address then.I could also get you the phone numbers
Group Read? (43 new)
Sep 26, 2010 12:36PM

18868 From the eaton center you go north get off at young and bloor then you go west and it's about 4 or 5 subway stops. If you want i could get you the address.
Group Read? (43 new)
Sep 26, 2010 11:43AM

18868 Depending where you live i know 3 used book stores near christy subway i now this because i go there all the time when i go to toronto my brother used to live aroung there.
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