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1865 Zulfiya wrote: "I thoroughly enjoyed my reading experience. It was a long journey, but I was not bored even for a short while. It did take some chapters to personally connect, but in general, it was a very engross..."

Excellent observations.
1865 Brenda wrote: "Although any ending where your tongue has been chewed off cannot really be HAPPY, IMO."

Too true.
1865 Ala wrote: "Finished this morning.

It went from a strange, "who is gonna die next?!" story of misery to some weird "Dances with Wolves Polar Bears" thing.


You captured my experience exactly.
1865 mark wrote: "i'm sure he found a way to resolve his issues with her. Hickey is a go-getter and thinks outside of the box. any troubling oedipal issues or lingering feelings of resentment were no doubt quickly o..."

1865 Ala wrote: "Aw, Hickey is just misunderstood is all."

1865 Coralie wrote: "You can rate the characters by the way they die."

And the fact they rate an 'X' on the map. Well, not Blanky (sadly overlooked?), but Bridgens did.
1865 mark wrote: "Blanky's end was brilliant. a great end for a great character. same goes for Bridgens."

1865 The Aimdoggg wrote: "All this scurvy talk the last few says has had me eating a lot of oranges. Just in case. "

1865 Ala wrote: "A little googling tells me it's The Masque of the Red Death"

Thanks for reminding me. I could not for the life of me remember which story contained Prospero.
1865 Ala wrote: "Yeah. Silence being played like some weird ass bagpipe was all kinds of WTF.

The carnival scene was just... Damn."

I stayed up late a reading this section and of course had weird dreams all night long. Not restful at all.
1865 The Aimdoggg wrote: "Scurvy sounds like a bad way to go. If given the choice I think I'd rather be eaten by a polar bear. "

I'm not entirely convinced it's scurvy by itself. I still need to research the symptoms of lead poisoning.
1865 Zulfiya wrote: "I do enjoy the Simmons writing. You find truly wonderful gems in his novel. I can't help quoting these lines. There was not a tooth wound or claw mark on his face or head, only the ragged tearing at the neck, the thin pipe of his esophagus protruding like a rat's grey tail, and the stump of white spinal cord showing. . It is quite a graphic description, but at the same time without being gory, trite, and predictable"

1865 Zulfiya wrote: "Chapter 15 has been the most gory so far. The words 'the snapping of the saplings' have been haunting me all night. Simmons definitely knows how to show horror without using trite, hackneyed words. "

I loved that phrase. I shivered. I got goosebumps. Completely creeped me out.
1865 Deanne wrote: "Apparantly "Aye,Sir" and "Aye,aye,Sir" means two different things in the Royal Navy. The first is an agreement to something someone has said, the second is an acknowledgement of an order."

I did not know that. Not many Navy personnel in my family that I live close to (several Marines though and Air Force).
1865 Zulfiya wrote: "I do like how they say "Aye, sir" when the whole situation is against their routine sign of military obedience."

And probably gratitude that they aren't required to think for themselves. Could you imagine the burden of responsibility bearing down on the captains and other officers?
1865 It's been months since I set foot in an actual bookstore (and the last one was a Barnes & Noble).

I'm following so many 'feeds' of information, funneling to me electronically, based on my own preferences (filtering), that I get plenty of ideas for my next book purchase. I admit, many of the recommendations come from right here, at GoodReads, either via my friends or the online book clubs.

I haven't missed the bookstore. I wasn't ever much of a browser. I sometimes fly by the 'new releases' shelf at the library when I pickup a book I've placed on hold, but I rarely see anything I haven't already heard about (or read already).
1865 Brenda wrote: "I think a gap in the solder simply leads to a leaky or spoiled can. Nothing like botulism, to add that little finish to your misery. Oh, and vitamin A poisoning, from eating too many seal/bear li..."

I completely missed the lead poisoning diagnosis. All those hours I wasted watching House ... :)
1865 Brenda wrote: "This is a really delicious book that sits exactly at the intersection between horror, historical fiction, and fantasy. There aren't a lot of works in the overlap of that particular Venn diagram."

So true.
Feb 13, 2012 10:38AM

1865 I started reading this last night, with snowfall predicted to commence after midnight. I sat shivering at the kitchen table while I read the first few chapters, even though the furnace keeps our house a toasty 78 degrees Fahrenheit. I even dug out a blanket to put on the bed before I went to sleep (still shivering). Brrrr.....

Great writing though. I miss reading Dan Simmons (it's been a very long time ... years IIRC).
1865 Ala wrote: "You never played Tempest?

Man, I spent hours just spinning around that damned game. That and the tank simulator. So many quarters..."

I went and found a screenshot at Wikipedia of Tempest ... I think I played it a couple of times, but not obsessively.

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