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185 Solved this. It was originally a French series of four books, the first one of which is L'arrivée des inactifs by Denis Côté
185 Phil, you're amazing! "The Night Wire" is it! I guess I just assumed it was a radio host and not wire service because it seemed urban, due to the skyscraper setting, but really what I was recalling was some kind of telecom-related element. I also remembered something about lots of paper, which would not make sense in a radio setting, but fits perfectly here. My memory is really poor :-)

As soon as I saw the title, a bell went off in my head--and the text confirms it. Thank you so much! It's a great story. I'll look up "Jane" too when I get a chance; it sounds interesting as well.
185 Hmmm.... I'm not sure. I have the impression that it was set in a city and the station is at the top of a building. Don't remember a dog. But I recall so little of it I might be completely wrong :-) Thanks for looking into this!
185 Hehe, I actually read them in French, but I know they were originally in English. I remember really liking them at the time.
185 There was more than one book. That's all I remember... help! :-)
185 Eventually, she falls in love with one of the aboriginal men. At one point, the man is said to have marveled at the shower inside the research station, calling it "warm rain." Might have been set on another planet. The book cover showed a large sun on the horizon. Ideas?
185 He subsequently attends something like a UN meeting to try persuading the leaders to stop a war or something, but one of the attendees had an ear infection and so was immune to the effect of the watch. I also remember that the scientist was married and had a son at the end of the book. Any ideas?
185 Wonder if you can help me with the title/author of either a short story or a novel (less likely) I read a long time ago. It's a horror/ghost story, about a radio host who spends the night at the radio station (trapped? not sure) and possibly going crazy. I don't remember it very well except for one image in my head of papers flying around, whipped up as if by a tornado, inside the radio station.

If anyone has an idea, I'd be very grateful. Thanks!

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