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185 Mwelwa, was this your book? We like to have confirmation from the original poster.
185 "Miss Hinch" can be found in this anthology: Chilling And Killing
Mar 15, 2015 10:42PM

185 Is the title of your book Lady in Black? Who is the author?
185 Be sure to let us know!
185 Hello Cavell, from not so chilly Portland.

I'm moving your thread to the Unsolved folder, where it is more likely to be seen and responded to.

Good luck!
185 I agree with Lobstergirl. If I haven't read the book, I am not likely to recognize spoilers. I will do something if the thread title says something like "Spoiler, lost twin is killer!"
Mar 08, 2015 04:06PM

185 Be sure to let us know!
185 I just found a book: Juan of Paricutin from the 1950s. Juan of Parícutin
185 The volcano I'm thinking of is Paricutin. There is a book from the 80s called Hill of Fire about this volcano or a fictionalized account. In reality, a farmer lost his plow in the first eruption, so it wasn't a boy.

I hope this helps.
185 I vaguely remember reading something about this. I think it was in Mexico. I'm pretty sure it's not on my list of books read, but I will try to track this down.
185 This may not fit the publishing time, but -- Gabriel's Inferno
185 I couldn't shelve the book because Getting Even by Elissa Snow is not in the system (apparently). Does someone have the ability to add this?
185 Heather, is this your book?
Mar 02, 2015 11:18AM

185 Usually, we like to leave posts in for the reasons Lobstergirl said. If it's really inappropriate (rude) it is probably good to delete it.

We like the continuity of leaving posts in, for the most part.
Mar 02, 2015 11:16AM

185 Angelynn, has this been solved? Is Delirium your book?
185 Hi Jar, You start a new thread by going to the main page for this group, and clicking on "new" to the right of the Discussion bar. You can copy your description from this thread and paste it in the new thread.

Good luck!
Mar 01, 2015 10:39AM

185 I deleted the duplicate threads that had no other comments on them.
185 Oh, nevermind. I just realized that you're looking for books in the same series. One thread is just fine!
185 Hi Amber. It's easier if you make two different threads, one for each book. Otherwise it gets confusing when one is solved and the other isn't.

Good luck, and thank you.

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