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17362 Cassie told someone on twitter recently that Magnus survives CoHF! She wants him in her future book series I think.
May 28, 2013 06:30PM

17362 http://www.cassandraclare.com/my-writ...
There's more information :)
May 28, 2013 06:25PM

17362 Well, like the Infernal Devices it's going to be different characters and a different plot.
The main characters are best friends, a boy and a girl, who are parabatai. They start to fall in love but it's forbidden because they're parabatai. The boy is a painter and the girl is supposedly the female Jace.
OH I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say it takes place in NY, it actually takes place in LA.
May 27, 2013 11:57PM

17362 Regarding plot and conflict- personally for me, I've never really liked the plot in these books. I never thought Valentine was a good character because he was so unoriginal. And yes, it's all a little forced now. But I've come to love the characters so much, (even if they don't talk like real teenagers,) that it's more about just hanging out with them for 500 or so pages.
May 27, 2013 11:51PM

17362 CoHF is the last book, but she's going to write a new Shadowhunter series called The Dark Artifices that takes place in NY about 5 years later, with different main characters but the old characters will be around, in their early 20's. So we'll see what they're up to, who's still together, etc.
And no, Clary and Jace didn't have sex! They almost did a couple different times. Clary didn't confirm or deny it to Sebastian cause she didn't want to talk to him about it at all.
17362 I think he's talking to Maia about Jordan. Or the person could not actually be dead. So many people "die" that it doesn't have a lot of threat anymore to me.
17362 I don't think he's talking about Jace at all. There are multiple other 'boyfriends' in the series.
17362 Same, but I reeallyyy don't think that'd happen. I'm almost positive Clary/Jace/Simon/Alec/Isabelle/Magnus/Jocelyn/Luke are safe from death. I just really, really don't believe she'd end the series that way, because if any of those people died Clary & everyone else would be absolutely devastated.
17362 I don't want them too either, but I really think they're going to... It makes total sense when you think about it
17362 Jordan or Maia, or both.
Also Maureen and Sebastian.
Mar 06, 2012 06:11PM

17362 Yeah...I personally am not that worried about Maureen. I'm sure she'll add interest though.
It's interesting that in the first cycle, Valentine was so obviously The Villian. Now we've got several things going on at once...
Mar 05, 2012 09:18PM

17362 Deondra wrote: "Teaser #7:

“You think I’m gone, but I’m not. I’m still watching you. All of you. Especially you … Simon.”

This is the teaser I seen that made me think that it could possibly be Isabelle that di..."

Maureen said that! It's not meant to be a mystery, it's from her online tumblr.
Cassandra said Lilith is NOT coming back. Although she isn't exactly dead (I think it's impossible to completely kill her or something). Anyway, we're not supposed to worry about her.
Excerpts from CoLS (189 new)
Dec 14, 2011 06:37PM

17362 It's actually from a blog post on Maureen's internet blog, not from the book.
COOL GAME!! (660 new)
Sep 18, 2011 02:01PM

17362 correct Donna :) I know me too!
and Claire, that was Jace...wow I love how much he would just talk in City of Bones, and everyone's like, shut up...
COOL GAME!! (660 new)
Sep 17, 2011 10:12PM

17362 Thanks everyone!
"So tell me about this Jace."
Clary nearly choked on a bun. She reached for the coffee, drowning her coughs with hot liquid. "What about him?"

So basically who said the first line?
COOL GAME!! (660 new)
Sep 11, 2011 08:58PM

17362 I miss this discussion...
I know it's been forever. Thanks for the recs Tessa, I really appreciate it. Lately I've been doing a lot of re-reading...
Anyway, yes I had a very good time away, thanks everyone. Hope you all are well!
Aug 24, 2011 11:48AM

17362 It was NOT a dream, other people thought so too, so Cassie said on twitter that none of the teasers/scenes she's posted so far have been dreams.

Also, yes it's pretty obvious Clary isn't altogether in her right mind here. I agree something's a little off, hence everyone assuming it's a dream. But Cassie hinted on twitter that the silver stuff falling on her face might not just be glitter...
So obviously that's some sort of magical substance, messing with her mind. She doesn't seem to fully remember or realize who Sebastian is. And I believe Sebastian is there because he and Jace are "bonded." whatever that means.
And finally, for those of you who don't like spoiler- Yes, it IS rather spoilery. However, this is not the exact version that'll be in the book. That's why Cassie was able to post it. She said it was just too dirty and it'll be much toned down. So this is mostly just for fun.
COOL GAME!! (660 new)
Jul 31, 2011 09:55PM

17362 Oh I love Katniss so much..that sounds great. I'll def check it out. Thanks to everyone who gave me reccomendations, you guys are awesome. I'm leaving for 9 days so I won't be back on here for quite a while :)
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Jul 30, 2011 10:32PM

17362 in CoB page 61 it says she wears Skechers. and in CoFA I remember in one scene she wears converse..I think she wears converse a lot.
COOL GAME!! (660 new)
Jul 29, 2011 01:14PM

17362 There's more than one book called the Iron King, who's the author? thanks everyone, I'm looking them up right now :)
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