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17216 Seeking reviewers for my freshly published vampire romance novel.

A fictional world brought to life, a dark romance that promises eternity, and a secret that threatens to end it all. Crimson Wilkinson is a teenage girl who, having survived a dark childhood, finds her escape in reading a popular vampire series. After some investigation, she becomes a very active part in the very true vampire stories the world thought were fiction and falls in love with their author, Nicholae Albaric, the sweetly lonely vampire celebrity. But her happiness is short-lived as she discovers she has a rare gene that makes the carrier extremely powerful if turned into a vampire, and she is targeted as the vampire community’s number-one most-wanted, some who want to kill her before she becomes a threat, and others who want to use her powers to their own ends.

If interested, please email me at and I will send you a PDF :)
Apr 14, 2012 08:43PM

17216 Hi all! I have a new YA vampire book on the market, Amaranthine, that fans of Twilight or the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles will love. You can get it here:, and if you use the code M4UEKH85 you can get a $3 discount! Hope you all enjoy it!

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