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Greek Gods (34 new)
Aug 20, 2010 10:43AM

17216 I enjoyed (not the best *ever* but entertaining at the time) Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips when I found it as an audiobook option from my library, it's dealing with the Greek Gods in modern times.

If only the audio dramas from BBC Radio 7 (I think most were directed by Jeremy Mortimer) were available I would recommend them a million times over. The best - Andrew Rissik's "Troy" (it played on BBC radio 7, probably 5 years ago, it was so good I emailed them and asked if it was/would be available for purchase instead of trying to find it on torrents - sadly no).

They also had King Priam, and there was one (I think called "Alexander" not certain if it was by Rissik as well) on Alexander the Great, other than that I'm unsure if there were others, but they were in my top 5 ever plays/dramas/whatever you wish to call them that I heard when it was still easy to browse and stream (pre- iplayer) BBC Radio 4 & 7.

To this day if I somehow saw them for sale I'd be willing to pay a good deal of money for each, even if they were on something terrible like cassette.

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