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Dec 07, 2012 01:34PM

16548 I upped last year's goal of 75 books by five more, but at this point I'm not even close to either. Disappointing myself, but enjoying what I've managed to read thus far.
Dec 04, 2012 08:58AM

16548 I continue to read the never ending story, er, I mean the Wheel of Time series, starting the 9th book today, Winter's Heart. I shouldn't joke though because a month from Saturday, the story will end, and I will have to find another series to gripe about. :)

I can't renew The Blinding Knife again, so I have to read it before the end of the world or the Winter Solstice (take your pick depending on your perception).

I'm also listening to The Iliad and Agincourt while walking the dog.

I hope to finish a non-fiction work I've had backburnered for several weeks - Age of Enlightenment.

I've almost come to a screeching halt in my Honorverse reading, only picking it up sporadically and randomly. I find myself skipping and skimming through The Shadow of Saganami only when I don't have a more interesting book handy. It does make a great sleep aid most nights.

Not sure if I'll be able to squeeze in anything else this month. I'm disappointed in myself this year as I don't believe I'm going to reach my reading goal of 80 books.
16548 Finished this book a few minutes ago. A quick and interesting read. I'm really surprised by how well this held up, considering it's nearly sixty years old. And despite this being a murder mystery, giving us a 'peep' into the darker side of the human psyche, it had a positive moral. Bester seems almost a decade or more ahead of his times.

I gave it three stars initially, but I may up it to four (or somewhere in between). I need time to reflect before writing a review.
16548 I started this a couple of days ago and am about half finished. It feels more 60-ish than 50-ish, so Bester must have been clairvoyant.
16548 I started this a couple of days ago. I find myself skimming quite a bit (the info dumps mostly). If I find later that I've missed a key plot point, I'll re-read a section or just try to forge ahead and gather what I can from the context.
Oct 20, 2012 06:33PM

16548 Just finished this a few minutes ago. And I agree with many of the other readers hear that the second half did not seem as strong as the first. No hidden surprises, or nothing I hadn't nearly figured out by the end. I'll probably give it four stars, but I'm going to sleep on it before deciding. The only other Tepper novel I've read was The Gate to Women's Country, which I remember as being better.
16548 Nick wrote: "Jon wrote: "Starting chapter five now, and very intrigued by this world and universe. I can hardly put the book down now."

I know what you mean. Right about chapter five you get hooked, or maybe ..."

If it hadn't been for a garage door hanging project yesterday, I probably would have finished Grass in one sitting. As it is, I'll have to piece it out throughout the week in bite-size chunks. I need to retire ... so I can read full-time. :)
Oct 15, 2012 08:56AM

16548 Lindsey wrote: "Did you have a particular favorite or standout character from this book?"

I can't remember her name now, but the female marine who became the love interest for Cachet of the Peeps. I think I like her point-of-view the best.
16548 As soon as I finish Grass I'll start reading this as my 'alternate' to the unending Wheel of Time re-read I'm mired in. :)
16548 Starting chapter five now, and very intrigued by this world and universe. I can hardly put the book down now.
16548 I started this tonight. Read the first chapter. Struggling with the font size in this trade paperback edition I checked out from the library. Makes me think they didn't bother to reset the type because there's a good inch or two of white space around each printed page and the font size could have been just a tad larger.

First impressions of the text? Not sure what to think, except that I feel like I'm re-living Flambards.
16548 I requested the book from the library and should get it in a day or so. I've got several other books to squeeze in this month, but I really want to read Stepper's work. I loved The Gate to Women's Country, which I read years and years ago. I need an excuse to pick up another Stepper novel, and this is it.
16548 I read this four years ago, a chapter per day, for another group here at GoodReads. Here's a link to my short review.
Sep 17, 2012 06:07PM

16548 I really liked this one and I've read other novels by Eric Flint. Getting away from Honor was a relief, actually.
Aug 30, 2012 10:21AM

16548 Lindsey wrote: "Kathi wrote: And the folder that already exists for Mission of Honor would fall after Torch of Freedom?

Ooo, good point. I was going to just leave it, since technically we've already "done" that..."

I would prefer to read these books in the best order that makes the most sense for the Honorverse universe. I haven't read Mission of Honor or At All Costs yet because I'm trying to read the supporting short stories before proceeding with the 'main' series novels.

There's a link somewhere in this thread about the suggested reading order for all the books and short stories.
Aug 30, 2012 08:35AM

16548 Kathi wrote: "Lindsey wrote: "Is there interest in adding the spin-offs and book 13 to our group discussion (one per month like before)? If Chris is unable/unwilling to continue leading, I'd have no problem sett..."

Me too.
Aug 11, 2012 03:08PM

16548 I bought an actual print book today (instead of an ebook) at the local BAM! to promote a local author. She graciously signed the newly released A Wolf at the Door, as well as her other two novels, A Shot in the Dark and A Devil in the Details.
Jul 26, 2012 06:58AM

16548 I agree with Stefan. Both genres, both times (twice annually). Fantasy is my first love, but I do try to branch out into science fiction to broaden my horizons.
16548 I'm way behind, currently reading Crown of Slaves, but I'll catchup soon.
Jul 05, 2012 07:41AM

16548 Kathi wrote: "The Shadow of Saganami:
This book, to me, was good space opera--large-scale conflicts made personal by a large cast of characters, some black, some white, some gray, with a very light sprinkli..."

Those expositions are what I use for insomnia. :)

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