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Your Latest Splurge (9850 new)
May 24, 2010 09:47PM

1218 Been out shopping today and came home with a bag full of books from the flea market, Goodwill, Big Lots, and two brand new from the bookstore.

The Book of Virtues: A Treasury of Great Moral Stories
The Dante Club
The Thirteenth Tale
The Merchant of Marvels and the Peddler of Dreams
The Foretelling
The first three were used, but in brand new condition. I was pleased and excited to find them.

Interpreter of Maladies
Skeletons at the Feast
Praying God's Word: Breaking Free From Spiritual Strongholds
Envious Casca
Lady Chatterley's Lover

For my nephew I picked up a box set containing
The Indian in the Cupboard
The Secret of the Indian
The Return of the Indian
I read The Indian in the Cupboard when I was around my nephew's age (4th or 5th grade) and really loved it! I hope he will enjoy these. I found them at Goodwill. They are in like new condition and I'm rather excited to give them away!
What are you reading? (29993 new)
May 13, 2010 07:21PM

1218 Alex wrote: "I'm reading Holy Warriors: A Modern History of the Crusades. Been looking for a while for a good history of the Crusades; at about a third of the way through, I think I've chosen ri..."

Alex, I realized the only Peter Pan I knew was Disney and that's not too reliable. I thought I should check out the real thing and so far I'm really enjoying it.

Lori Ann wrote: "Oooo Melissa I'm reading Peter Pan right now also!"

Lori Ann, are you enjoying Peter Pan. I'm having such fun reading it.

There is a live action movie that follows the story pretty well. I don't remember when or where I found it, but it a lovely movie.
What are you reading? (29993 new)
May 12, 2010 09:30PM

1218 I am reading Peter Pan: Peter and Wendy and Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens by J. M. Barrie. It's such a fun read. I'm really liking so far.
What are you reading? (29993 new)
May 08, 2010 04:23PM

1218 Natalie wrote: "There have been a couple of movies made of Rebecca, one with Charles Dant (DVD) and I don't remember the earlier one."

Alfred Hitchcock made a movie of Rebecca with Lawrence Olivier! It is a pretty good telling of the story with some minor differences from the book. I really loved the book and quite enjoyed the movie!
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Apr 10, 2010 07:16PM

1218 Took a carload of donations to Goodwill today and had to peruse the books before I left. I found the following treasures:

Nectar in a Sieve
Of Mice and Men
The Shadow of the Wind
Don't Look Now
What are you reading? (29993 new)
Mar 28, 2010 09:10PM

1218 Just finished Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. Planning to start The Robe by Lloyd C Douglass next! My mom said that The Robe was really really good. One of her favorites I believe, so I'm really looking forward to this one!
Your Latest Splurge (9850 new)
Mar 18, 2010 10:21PM

1218 Went back to the little used book shop and bought the following:
One for the Money
Vanity Fair
Bridget Jones's Diary.

Later this evening we had supper with my dad and step mom and I received John Newton: From Disgrace to Amazing Grace as an early birthday present. I think that this will be a really good book and I'm looking forward to reading it.
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Mar 17, 2010 08:17PM

1218 Today I found a sweet, quaint, little used bookstore and while perusing the shelves found [[book:The Adventures of Holly Hobbie|1488718]. I have always liked Holly Hobbie and couldn't resist. Even better, I just discovered that it's signed by the author. Pretty Cool!
Mar 10, 2010 07:42PM

1218 I finished reading Dorian Gray today and then headed off for church. I am in a teacher training class on Wednesday nights. We are studying the old testament book by book so that we will be prepared to teach next quarter. Anyway, tonight we were looking at Ecclesiastes which was written by King Solomon. In Chapter 2, Solomon talks about his search for the meaning of life. He tries earthly wisdom, pleasure, drink, riches, women, music, fame, and fulfilling his own desires. And from this he finds nothing. There is no meaning, no fulfillment until chapter 12 when he finally turns to God. I recalled that chapter everyone hates. Dorian threw himself into one thing after another. In the end we find him seeking an opium den. I couldn't help but compare Dorian to Solomon. In all of this Dorian was searching for meaning or purpose or just happiness. In the end, he had nothing and I believe was indeed unhappy. Even his friend Lord Henry only irritated him and made him feel even more unhappiness. The answer lies within not without.
Scattergories (142 new)
Mar 04, 2010 05:38PM

1218 WHAT IS YOUR NAME? Melissa
BOY NAME: Matthew
GIRL NAME: Marlene
OCCUPATION: musician
A COLOR: mauve
A PLACE: Miami
REASON FOR BEING LATE: My alarm didn't go off
FOOD: Mac and cheese
Mar 02, 2010 07:33PM

1218 My birthday is this month on the 30th! Happy Birthday to all the other March birthday girls out there!
What are you reading? (29993 new)
Mar 02, 2010 06:42PM

1218 I'm still working on Villette. It's slow going, but interesting. I'm starting The Picture of Dorian Gray for the group read. I'm really looking forward to this one.
Your Latest Splurge (9850 new)
Feb 26, 2010 05:18PM

1218 We found several treasures last night at BigLots. All are hardbacks for $3 each.
The Monsters: Mary Shelley and the Curse of Frankenstein
In the Shadow of the Ark

Later we visited the Goodwill and I came home with the following.
Ethan Frome
Les Misérables
The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
A tale of two cities
Curtains and the Mysterious Affairs at StylesCurtains and the Mysterious Affairs at Styles
The Captive
The Master and Margarita
Onesimus: Rebel and saint

It was quite the night for book buying. I also picked up a 1955 cookbook at the flea market! A night out is so much fun when books are involved!
Feb 10, 2010 09:55PM


I review all books I read and have joined several reading challenges hosted by other blogs. I also love all things vintage and post of vintage finds and fashion in between book reviews. Occasionally I sneak a little family stuff in as well.
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Feb 06, 2010 09:29PM

1218 Tax refund splurges are so much fun! I bought without thinking about price!

I came home with the following:
Shanghai Girls
The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Brontë
The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet: A Novel
Cream Puff Murder
The Handmaid's Tale

Now, what to read first?
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Jan 22, 2010 09:55AM

1218 I started exercising this year yet again. I have a big motivation problem when it comes to working out. My hubby suggested I see as a job for which I get paid. Each month if I have done my exercising faithfully I can purchase a brand new book. So, since yesterday was payday and since I have been faithful to my new routine, I splurged. I found this delightful sounding book, Summer at Tiffany! I can't wait to get started!
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Jan 22, 2010 09:45AM

1218 Mary wrote: "I'm trying to be good!! I have at least 40 unread books strewn about in untidy piles. However my stepson recently asked me to order him a book from Amazon--Curse of the Bane--so I sne..."

Gorgeous shoes!
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Jan 16, 2010 05:14PM

1218 After reading all those wonderful Bookfest splurges mine seems quite small and inconsequential but here it is anyway. I found a hardback of Five Quarters of the Orange by Joanne Harris. It looks brand new. I also found a paperback copy of Malinche by Laura Esquivel. I seen this in Spanish which I can't read and was excited to find an English copy! Both of these were found at my local Goodwill store.
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Jan 12, 2010 06:17PM

1218 Cait wrote: "Dennis wrote: "Cait,
Loved your stacks-of-books photos. I read Nat Turner back in 1968. Great book. I'm also a Rushdie fan. I was glad to spot that in your stack. So many other gems there and some ..."

If you're truly interested in cataloging your books, I suggest using Book Tome. It's free software. Just do a google search. It allows you to make tags and categories. You can also look things up by author. It is really easy to use. My husband found it for me and I just love it!
Quotes in bed (49 new)
Jan 09, 2010 09:21PM

1218 "It is vain to say that human beings ought to be satisfied with tranquility: they must have action; and they will make it if they cannot find it in bed."
Charlotte Bronte
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