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Aug 28, 2010 09:33PM

1218 Emily wrote: "Hi Amber! Welcome to the group. I'm a huge Sci-fi reader as well. What are some of your favorite books? I'm always looking for recommendations, especially if you know of any female sci-fi authors.

I love to cook too Emily! Especially various dinners like Chicken with rice and I also love to bake various things like Apple Turnovers!

I'm glad that you enjoy cooking Amber! It's one of my most favorite activities to do at home!
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Aug 28, 2010 05:08PM

1218 Alex wrote: "Ha, Chocolate War. One of my favorite books when I was a kid. I also dug the sequel, Beyond the Chocolate War."

I wanted to read the sequel too!!! I can't wait to see what happens after the chocolate war!
Aug 28, 2010 03:58AM

1218 WouldntYouLikeToKnowHmm wrote: "Haha. It amazes me that only 40% of the people taking the Obscure and Not So Obscure Fairy Tales Quiz (Play Quiz: Obscure and Not So Obscure Fairy Tales now!)

don't know the Tinder Box story. I me..."

I have just taken that quiz and I haven't heard of the Tinder Box story before. Sorry! :) But it sounds like an interesting story and it reminded me of a Brothers Grimm story called "The Blue Light" where a soldier calls upon a dwarf everytime he lits up a magic pipe.
What are you reading? (29991 new)
Aug 28, 2010 03:03AM

1218 I am currently reading The Chocolate War and so far, I am really enjoying this book! I am reading it because I heard that it was banned many times and I wanted to see why it was banned. I'm almost to the ending, so I'll have to see how the book ends!
Aug 28, 2010 02:58AM

1218 Over 7000 members already!!! This club definitely seems so popular!!!
Aug 28, 2010 02:56AM

1218 Hello Amber! Welcome to the group!
Aug 28, 2010 01:55AM

1218 96) Math Curse by Jon ScieszkaMath Curse

97) The Mitten by Jan BrettThe Mitten

98) Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith ViorstAlexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

99) Drummer Hoff (Stories to Go!) by Barbara EmberleyDrummer Hoff

100) Charlie Needs a Cloak

WOOO HOOO!!!! I have finally completed my challenge!!!! So many books to read in just a few months!!! Right now, I am thinking about a new challenge for next year, which would be to just keep count of how many books I'll read in 2011 and I'm probably will be reading more chapter books in the future.
Aug 21, 2010 06:02PM

Aug 18, 2010 04:01AM

Aug 15, 2010 02:52AM

Aug 07, 2010 04:19PM

1218 Natalie wrote: "Have you tried A.A.Milne's poetry, does that count in your list? His works are great to read to a child. See Now We Are Six, and [book:When We Were Very Young/ Now We Are Six: Library..."

Thanks Natalie! I'll check those out! I definitely love children's books that I will read just about anything dealing with children's books! :)
Aug 06, 2010 03:37AM

Aug 02, 2010 07:01PM

1218 Wow!!! over 10,000 pages already!!! You're almost there!!!
Jul 30, 2010 01:17AM

1218 Sorry! I have been kind of lazy lately and so I haven't really been reading a lot of books lately because I usually read up to 30 pictures books a month, but I just got too lazy to read so many books this month. But, hopefully by the end of August, I'll pick up the pace and start reading the remainder books for my goal! Wish me luck!!!

78) Anansi the Spider A Tale from the Ashanti (An Owlet Book) by Gerald McDermott Anansi the Spider: A Tale from the Ashanti

79) And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson And Tango Makes Three

80) The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash by Trinka Hakes Noble The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash

81) Meanwhile Back at the Ranch (Reading Rainbow) by Trinka Hakes Noble Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

82) The Clown of God by Tomie dePaola The Clown of God
Jul 19, 2010 09:24PM

Jul 19, 2010 03:30AM

Jul 16, 2010 01:33AM

Jul 15, 2010 05:06PM

1218 Wow Christy!!! You're halfway there!!! Keep up the good work!!!
Jul 11, 2010 11:04PM

Jul 04, 2010 02:58AM

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