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1218 I've been trying to listen to this as an audiobook. Once I got past the financial talk at the beginning, I started getting pulled in. However, the narrator is really grating on my nerves (his Swedish accent is horrible...he sounds like Count Dracula), so I think I'll wait and actually read this one when it comes out in paperback.
May 08, 2009 06:34AM

1218 I guess we're on the same wavelength, Lori! That must mean it's just a really good idea :)
May 07, 2009 06:14PM

1218 Read 3 books whose titles all share a common word...for example, "The Glass Castle," "I Capture the Castle," "Howl's Moving Castle," etc.

Find a globe or a map. Either spin the globe, or spin around a few times, and then point. Read a book set in/by an author from/about the country you land on
May 07, 2009 12:26PM

1218 I'm so impressed by all you speed readers! I've been reading at double my usual speed (and I've finally gotten the hang of audiobooks!), but the only way I think I could actually finish the challenge is if I either lost my job or sustained some kind of athletic injury that would keep me away from the gym. And I'd really rather that neither of those things happen!

Congrats Sandy and Wendy!
May 06, 2009 07:44PM

5. BONNIE’S TASK - Read a book outside your normal genre(s).

French Milk by Lucy Knisley

This was my first graphic novel, and I actually really enjoyed it. But now I really want to go to Paris...

New Point Total: 225 (my goal for this challenge!)

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May 06, 2009 09:04AM

1218 I'm switching things around a bit, and claiming points for a book I finished a couple of weeks ago:

10 Point Tasks
7. In Honor of Mother’s Day…
- Read a book recommended by/given to you by your mother.

I read The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen, which was from my mom.

I originally read this as part of the rhyming task, but I'm thinking I might not get to the other book I had planned for that task, so I'm using this one for the mom task instead.

New Point Total: 200

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May 05, 2009 12:37PM

1218 Sara TX wrote: "Jen B wrote: "15 Point Tasks
5. Read a book written by an author who won a major literary prize (Nobel, Pulitzer etc.) in the year you were born (it does not have to be the book they won the award..."

I really liked it, actually. I read it back in the 6th grade, but I didn't remember much about it, so I'm glad I read it again. It's a clever story, and the variety of characters is fun. I enjoyed it as an audiobook, because it was almost comical to listen to the narrator try to do so many accents! :)
May 05, 2009 12:21PM

1218 15 Point Tasks
5. Read a book written by an author who won a major literary prize (Nobel, Pulitzer etc.) in the year you were born (it does not have to be the book they won the award for).

I listened to an audiobook of The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin, which won the Newberry Medal in 1979.

New Point Total: 190

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May 05, 2009 05:59AM

1218 10 Point Tasks
4. Read a book by an author who was born in March, April, or May.
- You can find a list that will help with this task at

I listened to Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen, who has a March 12 birthday.

This one is hilarious (and the narrator of the audiobook is fantastic). I definitely recommend it!

New Point Total: 175

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May 03, 2009 12:41PM

1218 Welcome, Amy! You're definitely not too late to still join the challenge -- and you can count books you've read since March 1, so you can probably already claim some points. You don't have to post your full book list before you read them, but a lot of people do...just whatever you'd prefer. You can do as many or as few tasks as you's up to you. Hope you enjoy the challenge!
May 02, 2009 06:52PM

1218 Since I like the "judge a book by its cover" task... Judge a book by its title. Walk into a bookstore/library, and pick the first book whose title really catches you, even if you have no idea what the book is about.

Mixed Media: Read a book reviewed in a magazine/TV show/on the radio.
May 02, 2009 06:13PM

8. CASSIE'S TASK - For her friend Melissa (who told her about goodreads and is a YA Librarian): Read two young adult novels.

I just finished The Truth About Forever, and earlier in the month I read Just Listen, both by Sarah Dessen. I enjoyed them both!

New Point Total: 165

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Apr 30, 2009 05:10AM

1218 For the "dog days of summer" read a book with the word dog (or a type of dog) in the title, or a book that has a dog as one of the main characters.

Apr 30, 2009 05:07AM

1218 Charity wrote: OMG!! Get out of my brain!!!! LOL! :)

No kidding! Rachel CA, this was going to be my "most improved" task (because I know I won't finish the challenge, but I might actually stand a shot at most improved): Read a book whose title is a quotation/reference from another literary source (ie. For Whom the Bell Tolls or The Sound and the Fury) and the original source material. The Sound and the Fury was even my example! :)

In any case, I definitely think it's a great suggestion! ;)

Apr 29, 2009 07:55PM

1218 June 6 = Belmont Stakes - read a fiction/nonfiction book about horses/horseracing, or a book with the word horse/horses in the title

Summer is a popular time for weddings - read a book about a wedding/bride/groom, or with any of those words in the title

In honor of Elvis, the King of Rock & Roll (who died in August 1977), read a fiction/nonfiction book about a musician or that focuses on music

Read a book whose title is also the title of a song
Apr 29, 2009 07:23PM

1218 Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is Winter "down under" go to the Winter Challenge thread and pick a task that either you didn't complete the first time (if you did the Winter Challenge) or that looks the most interesting.
Apr 24, 2009 11:20AM

6. In Honor Of Women’s History Month…
- Read an autobiography/biography of a woman you admire OR
- A novel with one of the following in the title (woman, women, lady, ladies, female, feminine, girl, girls, maiden, madame).

Girls in Trucks by Katie Crouch

This book was very different than I expected, but I still enjoyed it. And I know I'm not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I LOVE the cover of this book, and it's actually very appropriate for the story. The edition I have has an author interview in the back where she tells the story behind the cover, which is interesting.

New Point total: 140
Completed tasks: 12

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Apr 21, 2009 12:37PM

1218 Oh, Lori, you're going to get me in so much trouble! The last thing I need is more books...but how can I NOT go to the big sales coming up in my area?! :) I think I'm gonna need a bigger bookshelf!
Apr 21, 2009 07:45AM

1218 saranicole wrote: "Maliades wrote: "Donna Jo, I can't wait to retire! lol! Work is such an intrusion into my reading!!"

I know, right? For some reason my boss doesn't let me sit in my cubicle and read a book! ..."

Sara, I've started doing the same thing with audiobooks, and I'm amazed at how quickly my work day flies by. I get a good one going, and I can block out everything else. This from a girl who thought I'd NEVER be interested in audiobooks!

Congrats, Donna Jo!!

Apr 17, 2009 08:52PM

1. KAREN'S TASK - For Goodreads, read a book that begins with "G" and a book that begins with "R"

I read:
Glamour by Louise Bagshawe, which I wasn't crazy about (I can't believe the lady that wrote it is a member of Parliament or something like that!) AND
Roommates Wanted A Novel by Lisa Jewell, which was alright, but nothing special.

At 135 points, I've now tied my Winter Challenge score, so my bid for Most Improved officially begins!

New Point Total: 135

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