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Apr 21, 2009 04:33AM

1218 Judith wrote: "Ashley wrote: "Donna Jo, that is AWESOME!

So, Cynthia, if you finish the challenge early, and still have time, can you go back and redo challenges and count the points? It just seems to me that th..."

I thought that the winners were just anyone who finished the challenge... That was my understanding, though I could be wrong!
Harry Potter (78 new)
Apr 20, 2009 09:52PM

1218 Sirius is okay, but not my favorite. I like the whole competition in the 4th book, but I like the horocrux twist in the 6th... SUCH GOOD BOOKS! I wish she would put them on the Kindle so e-book readers can have better access to them!
Apr 20, 2009 09:41PM

1218 I will try to do that... I am not to sure about the whole camera thing... I think my sister knows how. Can I take it with an i-Phone and post it? Anyone more technologically advanced then me know?
Apr 20, 2009 01:11PM

1218 WAIT, Donna Jo, are you done with the challenge? OMG, that is incredible... only half-way done and you're finished! Way to go!
Harry Potter (78 new)
Apr 20, 2009 12:39PM

1218 Order of the phoenix is my bottom. Prisoner of Azkaban is my second. That is so crazy!
Apr 20, 2009 12:37PM

1218 I GOT IT TODAY AND IT IS FABULOUS!!! I love it!!! SBG, I didn't realize that there was a bit of red on your design. I love it!!! I can't wait to fill it up with books! I showed it to one of my friends and she loved it as well!!! YAY!
Apr 20, 2009 09:58AM

1218 I never said that you didn't put yourself through school. I was referencing someone else who I know... you I don't know. When you said: "However, it is always rude to call someone stupid or "dum," no matter how you slice it. As a phd student in biochemistry" it sounded to me like waving credentials... I am sorry I was wrong... or rather, glad that I was wrong. Whatever. If you want to talk about books, then talk about books. As far as I can tell, you have made 4 comments, and none have been about books. So pick a book and start discussing it. If you want to talk about Angels & Demons, the book you tried to nominate, I would be more then happy to discuss it with you. Unlike many members here, I actually liked it and I am excited for the movie to come out. It was a good nom, in light of the movie, but it was too late... That is all I am saying.
Harry Potter (78 new)
Apr 20, 2009 08:58AM

1218 Eric wrote: "Hmm..It's kind of hard to rank them as I liked them all so much, but I'll try.


The only one I really did not care for was Prisoner of Azkaban. And the Order of the Phoenix kind of ..."

Wow, I have never met anyone that didn't like POA. That is interesting... I didn't like OP. aside from that, our lists are almost identical...

Apr 20, 2009 08:19AM

1218 Beth wrote: "Maybe next time change it to:

And then once again on the first post (if it can be changed) put it once again, just to make sure, ..."

LOL, good suggestion. I think that because of how the first post is set up, it is easy to look over the part where Lori said that it was closed (that seems to be in the indented space) and to just see the nominations. However, Lori did say that even when she deleted it in the past, people still posted their nominations... I don't really think that there is anything that can be done to stop it other then to lock the thread and make it closed for posting, which Lori also said she didn't want to do... is voting over?
Apr 20, 2009 08:14AM

1218 Megha wrote: "Kathryn wrote: "Megha wrote: "Kathryn, I agree with you about one flashing their credentials. It certainly does not matter on this form.
And of course, not having a degree does not mean one is not ..."

Oh, *runs to corner, hides and blushes* Umm, sorry... I have a major accounting exam in three hours and I decided that it would be a good idea to read a book for the Spring Challenge rather then study, or even sleep, last night, so I was perhaps a little jumpy... sorry for biting off your head. God, I shouldn't even be on this site right now... must study!
Apr 20, 2009 08:07AM

1218 Megha wrote: "Kathryn, I agree with you about one flashing their credentials. It certainly does not matter on this form.
And of course, not having a degree does not mean one is not smart."

That is all that I was saying... I wasn't saying that she was dumb or anything. Her's wasn't even the one I commented after. After the first one, I got tired of telling people who probably wouldn't look back and see later that they made a mistake. I am sorry if I came across as bitchy... I didn't mean to.
Apr 20, 2009 07:58AM

1218 I am not saying that it isn't a place to have fun and post and not be on their guard... I am just saying that it is a book website. So most of us have the basis of liking to read. It isn't a chore to pick up a book and read. I mean, for HP fans, there are messages boards, anime fans, there are websites... for anything EVER CREATED there are websites and you find the website that relates to your interest. You don't need to flash around a phd to make yourself seem smart. I understand mistakes, I have made them. I have made them on this website. I guess that people flashing their credentials has always been one of my biggest pet peeves... can't really explain it. Maybe because the smartest guy I ever knew couldn't go to college because he couldn't afford it... or because the dumbest girl I knew kept on going to school until she got a phd on daddy's dime because she wasn't ready to enter the real world. In my experience, having a degree means very little. I have only responded to one person about there posting after the deadline and my exact words were "Quick, take it down before someone else sees." I don't think that was in the least bit hostile... but who knows, maybe it was.
Apr 20, 2009 07:45AM

1218 Marion wrote: "The truth is it was the first time I ever posted anything on this site and it was confusing. Although I readily admit I was hasty and didn't take the time I should have. However, it is always rud..."

I am sorry that you feel like everyone was so rude to you, but seriously... the PHD... I think that it is safe to assume that almost everyone on the site is at least a little bit smart, or they wouldn't be on a BOOK website. Having a PHD doesn't prove anything. Some of the smartest people I know have not had PHDs... I have also met a few idiots who have PHDs. I am sorry that your feelings got hurt... but you weren't being targeted for anything.
Apr 19, 2009 10:26PM

1218 I am such like a little kid at Christmas time... I made my first order about five days ago, but every day I check my mail and then I get a little bit angry, and I am like "Why is it taking so long?" and I have to remind myself that it has only been five days... Anyone else?
Apr 19, 2009 03:33PM

1218 Kristen wrote: "I love the mice... gotta just say that. I was laughing hardest at the end when they wanted to extract Arthur's brain and told him "Well you don't really need it...". I've read this one once before ..."

I know... that really is funny! I had forgotten about that!
Apr 19, 2009 03:33PM

1218 I got the alert through campus mail that it arrived today, but it doesn't get delivered to the dorms until tomorrow... I will let you know how truely fabulous it is when I pick up my mail tomorrow!!!
What are you reading? (30017 new)
Apr 18, 2009 11:44PM

1218 I just finished Night by Elie Wiesel. It was a re-read for me. It is so tragic... but I love it!
Apr 18, 2009 07:01PM

1218 (10) Night
Apr 18, 2009 06:59PM

1218 Completed Tasks
10 Points
#5 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
#10 1st to Die Fiona gave it a 5-star and we both joined this group on the same page!
15 Points
#2 Where the Sidewalk Ends
#6 Night Originally written in French
#8 Identical The link to the interview I read is http://www.teensreadtoo.com/Interview...
25 Points
#7 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets This appeared in the movie "Cinderella Story"
#9 He's Just Not That Into You The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys
Total Points: 115

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Apr 17, 2009 12:07PM

1218 rebecca j wrote: "Finished 2 more tasks.

10 pts. #3 - The Ranger's Apprentice: The Icebound Land by John Flanagan

15 pt. #4 - A Conventional Corpse by Joan Hess - set in Arkansas, did a spring break there twice, o..."

50 pt task - Plum Spooky by Janet Evanovich and The Grand Finale by Steffie Hall ( This was totally coincidental for me as I read both of these in the last two weeks!)

Someone can correct me if I am wrong but I think that you have to have read one of those books since the 50 point task was named... I think that is what Cynthia decided for the 50 point task... one of the books could have been read before it was posted, but one had to have been started after it was announced

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