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Apr 13, 2011 10:02AM

1218 Here is my review:

I loved this book so much but the only reading why I give it 4.5 stars and not a total 5 is because it was very coincidental and very predictable but it was such a great and wonderful story. It was such a touching story and I thought at first I would not like it but I found myself pushing everything aside just to keep reading. I knew what the ending was as soon as all the characters starting appearing. As I said, it was very predictable, but I still wanted to hear it for myself. I absolutely love Eliza's stories and want to have my own copy of them, complete with Nathaniel's sketches! I also love how they are like her real life stories.

I love all the characters but I didn't like how everything was way too coincidental. Everyone knew one another, even if it was 80- years ago. Somehow they have all met. I know some of it can be possible but it was just too many people knowing too many people. For example: Christan and Nell. Really? That was a stretch. I hated the story of Nick and Leo. Not because it didn't belong, it may well have, I just hated to read such a horror.
Apr 13, 2011 10:00AM

1218 Krystal, I got my BA in Anthropolgy so I agree with ya there! As I said before I really don't have a genre but I do tend to gravitate more towards historical fiction but I am always open!

Jamie has every right to lash out at times. I know it hard and he says some harsh things but what he does at such a young age is hard and while his friends are out and about he has to "babysit" and it wears on a person. It is not anyone's fault and I think what Jamie is doing with Anya is wonderful and can only be done by someone so strong but it does break once in a while -as we read.
Apr 13, 2011 06:31AM

1218 I am really enjoying the sound of the books. The voices are real and true and they are the things that regular (?) people sound like. Of vourse I love Jamie and I love how he is different but still the same. Does that make sense???
Apr 13, 2011 06:28AM

Apr 12, 2011 05:44AM

1218 Wahoo!!! Got my copy and I am already 100 pages in! I am surprised at how much I like it! I am not really into the whole lobster fishing thing but I like to keep my mind open and I am willing to try anything at least once so this book would be a greatpositive example!!!
Apr 07, 2011 01:12PM

1218 I have no comfort level. I read whatever goes according to my mood or whatever my bookclubs say ;-)
Apr 06, 2011 06:36AM

1218 Totally my fault for not receiving it and I want to apologize! But as soon as it comes I will jump right in!
Apr 05, 2011 06:54AM

1218 Krystal wrote: "I've got a blog (, but it's not book-related, so it's probably not what you were going for when you made this thread. My blog is more about my journey through ac..."

Got my BA in Anthropology!!!!
Apr 05, 2011 06:52AM

Apr 05, 2011 05:26AM

1218 I still haven't received my copy and I am sfraid to buy another one if the other one shows up. I am glad everyone likes it it just makes me stare at my mailbox more LOL
Mar 31, 2011 05:57AM

1218 It was definitely closure and totally began a new and exciting life for him. It must have been hardest for her not to be able to explain it to him whil ethey were there.
Mar 31, 2011 05:51AM

1218 I really didn't get allt he hype with this book. I twas a fast read and it was entertaining but I didn't "love" it.
Mar 30, 2011 11:20AM

1218 Oh....??
Mar 30, 2011 06:35AM

1218 Were they mailed yet? I always have issues with my mail so I just wanna make sure!

Mar 21, 2011 06:26AM

1218 Perfect! I read Kate Morton's Book and I have Sweetness so I am good to go!
Mar 09, 2011 06:27AM

1218 Well, now I don't LOL
Mar 09, 2011 06:19AM

1218 Oh THX!!! I have way too many books on my bookshelf. Some are probably not even on the list LOL
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Mar 09, 2011 06:07AM

1218 Now finishingout the Lucy Valentine Series with Absolutely, Positively. I need a little chicklit now and then.
Mar 09, 2011 06:04AM

1218 This iy my bookslhef list! I delete some books if they are no longer on ymyshelf.
Mar 08, 2011 11:37AM

1218 I am in! I know the area so....

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