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1218 Hi Ance. Welcome to the group. I know that feeling well... what to read once you've read something you were blown away by! It's a very familiar feeling!
1218 I love the insight into some of the characters and experiences you've worked into the story, Lance.


How did you land on the voices for each of the characters? How many different voices did you create just for Grundish and Askew before ending up with the ones we heard on the audio?
1218 Lance, who was your favorite character to write?
1218 I agree with Andrew, Brandon's audio recording was awesome. I couldn't get over how fun it was to listen to.
1218 Hey everyone! Tomorrow marks the kickoff of our discussion with Lance Carbuncle, the author, and Brandon, the narrator.

I cannot wait to hear what you guys thought of the book. It's so much different than our usual fare, and I know there's going to be a lot of mixed feelings about, which should make for a great discussion.

Lance, I want to welcome you to the group and thank you for making copies of the book in audio and digital form available for us!

And Brandon, thanks for joining us!

So guys, how did the two of you hook up for the audio?
Apr 18, 2015 04:31PM

1218 Rusty, this is not the way to introduce yourself. This is a rather spammy post. And you must have thought that placing it here wasn't enough because you also created a self promotional thread with the exact same comment. I've deleted that one and am going to ask that you follow group guidelines going forward if you wish to remain a member.
Apr 16, 2015 05:18AM

1218 Hi Shelly, that's not really the point of this thread. We're not doing a reading challenge on The Beatles. We're just using their songs as fodder for book titles and storylines to challenge our reading.
Apr 15, 2015 10:13AM

1218 Hi Mike, I think you meant for this to go into the newbies folder so I've moved it there for ya. Welcome to the group!
1218 Hey everyone! We are officially less than a week away from the discussion kickoff with Lance and Brandon. Have you guys read (or listened) yet?
Apr 13, 2015 05:15PM

1218 Hi Ash, no worries. We welcome you, either way :)
Apr 13, 2015 05:14PM

1218 Hi Nancy, welcome to the group!
Apr 09, 2015 06:53AM

1218 Hooray everyone! You are all winners! Jen has generously agreed to supply all 12 winners with copies. I'll be in touch shortly!
Apr 04, 2015 04:59PM

1218 Julie wrote: "Can't wait for this one!"

Julie, are you going to enter the giveaway? Follow the guidelines up above and make sure to post your comment soon.
Apr 01, 2015 10:33AM

1218 Jen wrote: "Thank! Looking forward to this!"

Jen, I am very much looking forward to this as well! Can't wait to see how people connect with your stories.
Apr 01, 2015 05:34AM

1218 Next month, we'll be discussing From Here with author Jen Michalski.

Jen and her publisher Aqueous has given us a total of 10 copies to give away (a mix of print and digital).

Print is for US residents only. The Digital (PDF, mobi and epub)is open to everyone!

In order to be considered, you must comment here or on the blog for a shot at winning one and secure a spot in the discussion that kicks off on May 18th:


This giveaway will run through May 8th.

Winners will be announced here and via email (if you provide one) on May 9th.

Here's how to enter:

1 - Leave a comment here or in the giveaway thread over at TNBBC's blog (linked above), stating why you'd like to receive a copy of the book, what format you prefer, and where you reside remember, REMEMBER only US residents can win a paper copy!.


2 - State that you agree to participate in the group read book discussion that will run from May 18th through the 24th. Jen has agreed to participate in the discussion and will be available to answer any questions you may have for her.

*If you are chosen as a winner, by accepting the copy you are agreeing to read the book and join the group discussion right here in this thread next month.

3 - If your goodreads profile is blocked (set on private), please leave me another way to contact you.
Possession (13 new)
Apr 01, 2015 05:29AM

1218 Welcome to the group discussion of Possession, everyone. This book was nominated by Jennifer, who will host the discussion for the book.

Thanks so much, Jennifer...!
Mar 29, 2015 05:18PM

1218 Hey Ben, thanks for joining and welcome back to goodreads!
Hello! (15 new)
Mar 29, 2015 05:17PM

1218 Hi Kristi! Welcome to the group.
Mar 25, 2015 05:48AM

1218 Hi Cameron. Welcome. Be sure to check out the group guidelines and start getting involved! Happy to have you.
Mar 24, 2015 09:26AM

1218 Hmmm..

I would recommend everyone read Above All Men by Eric Shonkwiler. That was my favorite book from 2014.

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