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108 more fun, more goodies....heeh. TY veddy mucho
108 Kimberly wrote: "Brett wrote: "Jon Recluse wrote: "$1.99 DEAL!!!!

John Connolly!!!!!

The Burning Soul (Charlie Parker, #10) by John Connolly"
I just started the Charlie Parker series!

Great! I never tire of recommending the series. I think it is one of the best in the genre. Hope you enjoy the books as much as I do.
108 Jon Recluse wrote: "$1.99 DEAL!!!!

John Connolly!!!!!

The Burning Soul (Charlie Parker, #10) by John Connolly"

Connolly is fantastic. I have read and own everything he has written to date.
108 Robert wrote: "Brett wrote: "Never have enough books. Just never enough time to read them all. Anyone have the number for Bookaholics anon? lol"

Do you really want that? Do you really? I have a feeling you don't..."

lol. You're right. Can't live without my books. You wouldn't believe my collection now. Well, maybe you would. Floor to ceiling, wall to wall shelves in bedroom and my study/library/media room. Over 11,000 books and counting.
108 Never have enough books. Just never enough time to read them all. Anyone have the number for Bookaholics anon? lol
108 Nikki wrote: "$0.99


oohhhh, good deal for a great book
Nov 01, 2013 07:56AM

108 HP Lovecraft
Brian Keene
Arthur Machen
Edward Lee
Joe R Lansdale

to name a very few. But HPL is still and most likely will always be my favorite.
108 Thanks so much Nikki. I still love you! Lol.
108 Ooh, ooh, ooh! Cemetery Dance is such a great publisher. Yippee!
108 Nikki wrote: "Good to know, Brett. Twisted, I like that word. So if I hate it I can blame you. What a great friend you are:)"

108 The Sandman Slim series is absolutely amazing. It kills me waiting for a new story. I have read and reread the books several times. Richard Kadrey has a twisted mind and I love that in an author. Lol.

BTW, his other novels are pretty good too. Give them a try.
108 thanks to everyone who posts links here, but most especially, thank you so much Nikki. You have my undying love for all the reading material you have provided. LOL.
I have read stuff I might not have in other circumstances and so have discovered new writers and that is always a good thing.

Thank you so much.
Jul 19, 2013 12:50AM

108 I am just finishing the 3rd book in Kevin J Anderson's 'Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I.' series. Lot of fun.

Waiting for me is 'Cradle Lake' by Ronald Malfi which looks to be quite the tale.
Jul 15, 2013 01:10AM

108 David wrote: "Did you see the movie the raven with John Cusack?"

Yes and I really liked it. Of course I like most of everything Cusack has been in so may be a bit biased. I think it was well done tho. Need to watch it again to get a better feel for it.
108 you're great Nikki, as always. Thanks a lot.
Jul 01, 2013 09:29PM

108 Thank you for stopping by and chatting with us Brett. It's appreciated.
Jul 01, 2013 06:57PM

108 Brett wrote: "Also, I think Lovecraft wanted other writers to take part in the mythos because it added to that veracity."

I completely agree. I have always felt that he wanted other writers to contribute and build upon this 'universe' he created. Many did, unfortunately, many did so after his death, but contribute they did and writers are still at it.

Back to "The Void" for a moment. The reasons you give for writing it are good ones and once again, your tastes seem to be much like mine. I have a feeling that your work will continue to improve and I most definitely will be reading it as it is published.

Thanks a lot for sharing your imagination.
Jul 01, 2013 05:49PM

108 lol, which Brett are you asking? I have read it and enjoyed it. Have also read Southern Gods and The Immortal Body. I have an extensive collection of HPL works and anything related I can track down. I have become somewhat of a fanatic about the Cthulhu Mythos and really enjoy tracking down stories in that vein.
Oh, also have a copy of Limbus Inc. Very good anthology.

this may be an odd question, but have you ever found yourself getting a bit creeped out when working on Lovecraftian stuff? Sometimes my imagination works too well and i get a little spooked by the stories. Which is one reason I enjoy this specific genre so much. Not much scares me, but well written stories in the Lovecraftian style do.

Ahh, this is what happens when i try to talk online, I ramble. Sorry. Lol.
Jul 01, 2013 05:26PM

108 speaking of Chernobyl, that must have been a blast. But I want to know if you saw that movie (Chernobyl Diaries) before or after you went, LOL.
Back on topic though, I know what you mean about a lack of writers in the Lovecraft style. The Cthulhu Mythos has been pretty idle of late and it's great to see someone trying to revive it.
I admit that is what first attracted me to 'That Which Should Not Be' and I have been a fan of yours since.

Again, no questions really. Lol.
Jul 01, 2013 04:31PM

108 That Which Should Not Be was a great book and well worth the praise it has gotten. So is another novel of Brett's, The Void, which I am currently reading.
I admit I don't have much in the way of questions, it's difficult for me when not in person.
I am hoping for more stories though, especially more in the vein of That Which Should Not Be.
Anything coming up you can tell us about?

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