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Nov 15, 2010 10:39AM

10252 Thanks for that link. I am not a full fledged Buddhist either but have been studying it. I went to a Temple a few times for classes they give. Also if you have iTunes (it's a free download if you didn't know) there are some great video and audio podcasts on there (all free as well) about buddhism from various sects.

Incidentally, on iTunes they have a bunch of free, again vid & audio, college courses, look for "iTunes U", you can download or stream. From prestigious colleges too.
Nov 15, 2010 09:22AM

10252 The more I read about W's book the more I want to read it. I don't like him one bit but I think I'll read this even for that reason. I just read Jeb had nixed any plans to get the Republican Presidential nomination which usually means they are planning to try an get it. I'm doubtful he could win but then again I was amazed W won and then agog that he got re-elected.
Nov 15, 2010 09:00AM

10252 Jorge wrote: "I need to see how to finagle it somehow since I do not have netflix."

Netflix doesn't even have it. It's never been released on DVD, only VHS.

Amazon has listing for it but it's only to be notified if it ever comes out on DVD... http://www.amazon.com/Wayward-Bus-Joa... ... I can't even find it on VHS.
Nov 15, 2010 07:24AM

10252 @ cockroaches ...

Ha! I have somtimes contemplated the actions Buddhists would take given a pest infestation. Trying to get them all in one box and put it outside would never work. They are always gonna roam and multiply.
Nov 14, 2010 08:52AM

10252 "When you paint somebody's portrait you fall a little bit in love with them."
-Andrew Wyeth
Nov 12, 2010 02:57PM

10252 I'm still going over the earlier outlined posts and will get those on here within a day or two.

So, how would everyone rate the book? It's was a five star me way back the first time and it stayed so this time.
Nov 12, 2010 02:55PM

10252 I didn't get the idea that Alice was a out and out drunk. It seemed a occasional thing. It was an awful last scene with her when she passed out on the floor though.
Nov 12, 2010 01:07PM

10252 Alias Reader wrote: "What do you think is going to happen to Jan and Alice when he gets back home? Do you think they will stay together?"

I was thinking on that a lot as I finished the book. I think so. Juan was very loyal, even though he was ready to leave her. The virgin was his conscious. He's a person who does right by others. True, he had some selfish motives for staying with her but don't we all? Loving the way she cooked beans is love of her too I think, the "little things" as it were. I know what he means, it's hard to find beans cooked right :-), especially out here in Oregon.

Whether staying with Alice is the "right" thing or not, Alice certainly thought so. And she really did love him in her way, he knew that. There ages were fuzzy, but I think children would of made them closer if any ever came.
Nov 12, 2010 06:47AM

10252 Of course Marialyce, your ideas are valid and wanted by all of us here!
Nov 11, 2010 04:14PM

10252 Heh.

But seriously I didn't really sense any lesbian overtones. I was thinking the book was probably quite titillating in it's time but maybe not.

I just finished the book. Pimple's creepiness did come right at the end almost. You were right. He pretty much attempted to rape Norma and when fought off by her he called Camille a tramp. The boy let me down. Then it seemed like Steinbeck tried to sorta redeem him by letting him succeed in leading the effort to get the bus unstuck.
Nov 11, 2010 02:08PM

10252 Marialyce wrote: "I read a bit about the book recently and someone noted that there was an underlying lesbian theme going on. Did any of you feel that?"

Well, not really but Norma became one and fell in love with a woman and moved to Denver. With in a year she'll be living on the coast of Maine though. She lost her partner to illness recently.
Nov 11, 2010 11:50AM

10252 I thought about what I said about seeing nothing unwholesome in my behavior about trying to next to women when I was young. I didn't mean that I felt it would be so when I reached adulthood. But I feel that behavior is sorta just natural in an adolescent. Not trying to defend my character, just saying.
Nov 11, 2010 11:00AM

10252 Alias Reader wrote: "His violence against her and her manipulation of the event to get some material possession that she wanted."

Ah, that had slipped by me. Immediately see figures she can stop fake resistance to the idea so Mr. Pritchard ends up thinking the idea was his to using the guilt he'll feel.
Nov 11, 2010 09:11AM

10252 @ Marialyce,
Well, I'm not trying to argue the point at all, I hope you understand, just illuminating the differences in what we saw. Sometimes chatting in this way can sound different then the way it really is so please don't think me harsh.

When I was Pimples age I had pimples, I gobbled candy and sweets knowing they would make it worse and I liked girls a whole lot. I maneuvered, schemed and manipulated in any and every way I possibly could to get next to girls. I even stole a few candy bars. So I guess I can relate. I didn't and still don't see anything unwholesome in it at all. I guess some fathers did though even though they were very likely to have been the same way when they were my age at the time.
Nov 11, 2010 08:29AM

10252 Sorry to make this more than one post, I should think out my responses more before I post them and I'm afraid the post will be read before I can finish an edit.

You said "(while he pretends to be so timid and withdrawn, as if butter would not melt in his mouth type person)". I am at a loss how you arrived at this. I never got a sense he pretended to be anything. Could you give an example of this?
Nov 11, 2010 08:23AM

10252 I didn't detest any of the characters. Not even Alice but she was the least likable to me. And I found the Pritchard's humorous.
Nov 11, 2010 08:22AM

10252 Marialyce...

Wow, we really see Pimples as polar opposites somehow.
Nov 11, 2010 08:19AM

10252 We discussed how Norma and Kit seemed to need someone else to validate them. Especially Norma I think. But wow, Mrs. Pritchard is that way in the extreme. She never seems to experience an emotion, or be in the moment with her emotions. Almost everything she feels is filtered, I can't think of a better word then filtered at the moment, but they're are all experienced through letters she's preparing in her mind to her friends back home.

And then again, part of it makes me think of a skill set I learned in a class I took about mindfulness...


Using the What Skills:

Using the How Skills:

So like, the above can relate to many things, not just emotions. She observes and describes in a way in the letter writing descriptions. But does she actually participate in the moment? Not at all. The "how" skills are hard to relate to her except so of what she observes and describes does contain some severe judgements. Especially when she's lying down in the bus listening to Camille and Norma talking. These "poor little creatures", the horridness she sees in them and all that.  

Once again I am reading a lot into a character, here it's Mrs. Pritchard, to arrive at this. 


Is is arrogant of me to almost always read myself into the themes of our reads? I hope not as I don't like arrogance. I read once a good writer makes you feel the story is directed at you and/or allows you to see yourself in there on some level.


I will finish the read today. I will also go back and see what I can discuss from the posts I skipped with the outlined questions of it.        
Nov 11, 2010 08:08AM

10252 Mad Dog...
I noticed the same thing as soon as I starting reading Steinbeck. I do see an exception though in Doc in Cannery Row and Sweet Thursday. While he may not of been rich exactly he was elevated above his fellows. And even the store owner in the first of these. I think his name was Chang but he was Asian and his Eastern thinking was emphasized anyway. This may not be a exactly accurate comparison but still he allowed these two a caring of others and also some redemption to certain actions they took.
Welcome ! (1108 new)
Nov 11, 2010 07:59AM

10252 Bobbie57 wrote: "Hi Amy -- if you are quirky for carrying a book around then so am I. And most of my really best friends. Welcome -- please join in."

I carry a backpack with me everywhere I go as I don't drive. Before I got hip to E-reading I always had several library books in there. Now I have to add other weight as I did this partly for the exercise besides the reading.

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