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8 hours, 4 min ago

1 D.A.-bully victims suffer more than a ★ on their commercial product wrote: "...
Plus the indie authors in those circles that pretty much attack any author or reader on goodreads for failing to recognize all the "hard work" it takes ..."

The icon of "hard work" with no skill:
fools tread
Jul 08, 2014 03:26PM

1 If GR doesn't do something to enforce rules, then they should change the name to ADtopia.
Jul 08, 2014 08:04AM

1 +1
Jul 03, 2014 04:30PM

1 Worked okay just now. Thanks.
Jul 03, 2014 02:26PM

1 Issue has definitely not been solved. For me this is worse today than when it started. Over capacity messages constantly. Pages not loading completely.
Jul 03, 2014 02:24PM

1 Book pages start to load, but reviews never show up.

Just the spinning wheel going round and round and round.
Jul 01, 2014 03:21PM

1 Bugs me, too.
Jun 27, 2014 05:13PM

1 To export your books (includes reviews):
My Books page
scroll down to "import/export" under tools
"Export Your Books" is on the right side
1 Since adding a quote no longer also likes the quote, it would help if a like button were available instead of having to remove the quote then access the quote again to like it.
1 Erin (Paperback Stash) wrote: "night music, it automatically adds to my liked quotes when I add a quote to a book page (sometimes I don't want it to do this). BUT it shows zero likes still on the quote itself for awhile. Does it..."


It's the zero likes that are a pain.
1 It's a pain to have to take extra steps to like a quote I've added.

It's an exponential pain to have to go back through my quotes to find the ones I added before I found out that GR changed the add a quote behavior WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE.

What's so hard about communicating?

Why make simple things so difficult?
May 31, 2014 11:16AM

1 Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship} wrote: "I got fed up and deleted the Q&A section on the book page thanks to Stylebot.

Anyone using Chrome can download the extension, open it on a book page, click "Edit CSS" at the bottom left of the s..."

Thank you!
May 29, 2014 09:31AM

1 The more I see Q&A on book pages, the more I hate it.

GR used to feel like this:

Now, GRAmazon feels like this:
May 25, 2014 06:20PM

1 I have it on one of my exclusive TBR shelves.

Thanks for the link. I posted the TQ there.
May 25, 2014 06:09PM

1 Some Trivia Questions on book pages contain spoilers. If they're flagged, is the system set up to prevent them from displaying on book pages?

Example TQ:

Example Book Page:
May 25, 2014 06:05PM

1 My stats are unusable because they're in 500 year intervals (pub date of Gilgamesh = 1500 BCE).
May 25, 2014 09:11AM

1 I'd much rather have Groups Currently Reading This Book than the enormous Q&A eyesore.
May 22, 2014 01:53PM

1 not tearful, just another eye roll and head shake
May 22, 2014 08:07AM

1 My vote (which GR obviously intends to ignore) is for an option to hide this feature.
May 05, 2014 09:59AM

1 Has GR set a Guinness World Record for site most frustrating to users yet?
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