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Dec 11, 2014 06:57AM

1 I just found another link that says "Mark your 1 new message as read" in my inbox. I clicked it and voila, it worked, it marked it as read. I am trying to mark it as unread now and its not working :)

But am able to mark other messages in my inbox as unread or read whatever i want.
Dec 11, 2014 06:54AM

1 I agree that we can't send a message without a subject. But I have no idea how i got one. My subject line is just blank (it's not showing "No Subject").

Instead when i go to my inbox, where all messages are listed, the subject for this particular message is shown as (new) in red. And moreover my notification area is still showing the number 1 above the message envelope. So it still has something to do with some way of sending messages without a subject...
Dec 11, 2014 12:42AM

1 I got a new message with "no subject line". Though i finished reading it, i still see a "1 new message" notification. I tried 'check'ing the box for that message and selecting the action of "mark as read". Even this didn't work. I guess this is a bug only for messages that don't have a subject line. All other messages are working fine.
Apr 04, 2013 11:33PM

1 No change yet, its still showing the same behavior in both the app as well as the Dolphin browser
Apr 04, 2013 04:27AM

1 Emily wrote: "I don't think this has been reported in the app. You're also having trouble getting book pages to load? ..."

Yes, am facing the same trouble with the app as well. When i click on a book-page, the entire app just crashes asking me to either "force shut down" or "wait to close"

Emily wrote: "One of our developers just removed some code from the book pages to see if that's the issue. Does this seem to help?"

No change Emily. As Michael mentioned above, the problem occurs only when the user reviews start loading.
Apr 02, 2013 08:43PM

1 Am seeing the same problem, but upgrading browser didn't help.

Am more concerned about seeing the same issue with the goodreads Android app. Is there a bug noted on the app as well?

Am using a Android 2.2 device with Dolphin Browser and the Goodreads app from the Play store.
Apr 02, 2013 08:41PM

1 Thanks Liz, deleting this thread now.
Apr 02, 2013 01:47PM

1 Am browsing goodreads rregular site on my android mobile using dolphin browser HD. And also I just used the android app. In both these cases I notice the following issue:

In the search box I type in the book "it rained all night". I click on the first search result. The book page opens up and then within a second my browser page goes blank displaying nothing. The android app just crashed saying it has to be forced shut. Saw similar behavior with dark crusader by alistair mac lean as well. Both these book pages open well from my desktop at work.
Sep 16, 2011 01:38AM

1 Is it possible to have an option of clearing the notifications that we've already seen?
Jun 07, 2011 03:24AM

1 Am sorry if such an e-reader already exists and am just not aware of it, else read on...

Thought about this when i got the wi-fi kindle for my brother a couple of months back. I can't think of using the browser for anything better than GoodReads!
May 17, 2011 10:51PM

1 Me too, several times am not able to find a book in there... :(
1 This is a wonderful idea and very useful for the mods. Wish to see it implemented ASAP :)

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