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'Of Demons and Blue Moons' by Andy Farman 'Of Demons and Blue Moons': With Interior Illustrations
Farman, Andy * to-read, adult-non-ya, demons, fantasy, part-of-a-series, supernatural-or-p...     Andy Farman 2015/08/28 view activity »
Death Row Apocalypse by Darrick Mackey Death Row Apocalypse
Mackey, Darrick * read, cannibalism, dystopian, fantasy, post-apocalyptic, supernatural-or-p..., zombies     Darrick Mackey 2015/07/25 view activity »
Change by Treesong Change Treesong * to-read, 4-stars-and-up, dystopian, fantasy, religious-aspects, secret-society, supernatural-or-p...     Treesong Treesong 2015/05/25 view activity »
Hiero's Journey by Sterling E. Lanier Hiero's Journey (Hiero, #1) Lanier, Sterling E. to-read, fantasy, part-of-a-series, post-apocalyptic     Andy Phillips 2015/02/01 view activity »
Threnody by Kirk Withrow Threnody Withrow, Kirk * to-read, biological-and-ch..., disappearance-of-..., dystopian, fantasy, miscellaneous-apo..., part-of-a-series, plague-virus, post-apocalyptic, survival, zombies     Kirk Withrow 2015/01/11 view activity »
Glorious Plague by Karen Heuler Glorious Plague
Heuler, Karen * to-read, biological-and-ch..., economic-collapse, fantasy, metaphysical, parasites, plague, plague-virus, possible-club-reads, post-apocalyptic, survival     Karen Heuler 2014/12/29 view activity »
The Warring Dead by David  Monette The Warring Dead (In the Time of the Dead, #2) Monette, David * to-read, aliens, dystopian, fantasy, meteors-asteroids, part-of-a-series, post-apocalyptic, supernatural-or-p..., survival, zombies     David Monette 2014/10/09 view activity »
Love, Death and Tea by Will Once Love, Death and Tea
Once, Will * to-read, fantasy, post-apocalyptic, zombies     Will Once 2014/06/26 view activity »
Yellowstone Four by Ken Kilner Yellowstone Four
Kilner, Ken * to-read, fantasy, miscellaneous-apo..., natural-disasters     Ken Kilner 2014/04/25 view activity »
Freedom, Spiced and Drunk by M.C.A. Hogarth Freedom, Spiced and Drunk Hogarth, M.C.A. * to-read, aliens, aw-read-with-me, fantasy, short-story-or-no...     Gertie 2014/03/19 view activity »
The Tribe of Ishmael by Heather Heffner The Tribe of Ishmael
Heffner, Heather * to-read, 4-stars-and-up, angels, biblical, demons, fantasy, miscellaneous-apo..., part-of-a-series, racial-strife, rapture, supernatural-or-p...     Heather Heffner 2014/01/26 view activity »
Dependent Days by Chris Sapp Dependent Days: Part 1 Sapp, Chris * to-read, dystopian, fantasy, part-of-a-series     Chris Sapp 2013/12/02 view activity »
The Zombie Axiom by David  Monette The Zombie Axiom (In the Time of the Dead Trilogy, #1) Monette, David * to-read, dystopian, fantasy, part-of-a-series, post-apocalyptic, supernatural-or-p..., zombies     David Monette 2013/10/10 view activity »
The Sity by Curran Geist The Sity (The Sity, #1) Geist, Curran * to-read, aliens, dystopian, fantasy, post-apocalyptic     Curran 2013/09/06 view activity »
Apocalypstick by Gregory Carrico Apocalypstick Carrico, Gregory * to-read, aliens, fantasy, post-apocalyptic, short-story-or-no...     Gregory Carrico 2013/07/25 view activity »
Children of the Plague by Gregory Carrico Children of the Plague Carrico, Gregory * to-read, aliens, fantasy, plague-virus, post-apocalyptic, technology-nanote...     Gregory Carrico 2013/07/25 view activity »
Cinder by Marissa Meyer Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1) Meyer, Marissa * read, 4-stars-and-up, aw-book-club-reads, dystopian, fantasy, part-of-a-series, plague-virus, ya-young-adult 2013/05/23 2013/06/01 Gertie 2013/05/18 view activity »
The Hopewell Conspiracy by Philip    Morgan The Hopewell Conspiracy: A Darkstar Steam Novel Morgan, Philip * to-read, fantasy, part-of-a-series, post-apocalyptic 2013/03/07   Philip Morgan 2013/03/07 view activity »
Antioch by William Harlan Antioch (The Circle, #1)
Harlan, William * to-read, biblical, fantasy, plague-virus, religious-aspects, zombies     William Harlan 2013/02/14 view activity »
Strangers in the Land by Stant Litore Strangers in the Land Litore, Stant * to-read, 4-stars-and-up, biblical, fantasy, plague-virus, religious-aspects, zombies     Stant Litore, 2013/02/13 view activity »
What Our Eyes Have Witnessed by Stant Litore What Our Eyes Have Witnessed Litore, Stant * to-read, 4-stars-and-up, biblical, fantasy, plague-virus, religious-aspects, zombies     Stant Litore, 2013/02/13 view activity »
Death Has Come Up Into Our Windows by Stant Litore Death Has Come Up Into Our Windows Litore, Stant * to-read, biblical, fantasy, plague-virus, zombies     Stant Litore, 2013/02/13 view activity »
Teddy Bears and Tea Parties by S. Boyd Taylor Teddy Bears and Tea Parties Taylor, S. Boyd * to-read, dystopian, fantasy, miscellaneous-apo..., supernatural-or-p...     Gertie 2011/12/14 view activity »
Obernewtyn by Isobelle Carmody Obernewtyn (Obernewtyn Chronicles, #1) Carmody, Isobelle * to-read, fantasy, ya-young-adult     Gertie 2011/11/10 view activity »
Good Omens by Terry Pratchett Good Omens: The Nice & Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch
Pratchett, Terry to-read, angels, biblical, demons, fantasy, religious-aspects     Gertie 2010/09/30 view activity »
Animal Farm by George Orwell Animal Farm
Orwell, George to-read, animals, fantasy     Michele 2010/05/28 view activity »

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