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Disappearance by Trevor James Zaple Disappearance Zaple, Trevor James * to-read, 4-stars-and-up, disappearance-of-..., miscellaneous-apo..., post-apocalyptic     Trevor Zaple 2013/07/10 view activity »
Threnody by Kirk Withrow Threnody Withrow, Kirk * to-read, biological-and-ch..., disappearance-of-..., dystopian, fantasy, miscellaneous-apo..., part-of-a-series, plague-virus, post-apocalyptic, survival, zombies     Kirk Withrow 2015/01/11 view activity »
Scavenger by Timothy C. Ward Scavenger: Evolution (Sand Divers, #1) Ward, Timothy C. * to-read, disappearance-of-..., disaster-unspecif..., emp-electromagnet..., nuclear, part-of-a-series, possible-club-reads, post-apocalyptic, robots, survival, technology-nanote...     Timothy Ward 2015/05/22 view activity »
Two Journeys by Clemens P. Suter Two Journeys
Suter, Clemens P. to-read, disappearance-of-...     Clemens Suter 2013/06/16 view activity »
Killing Williamsburg by Bradley Spinelli Killing Williamsburg
Spinelli, Bradley * to-read, adult-non-ya, disappearance-of-..., miscellaneous-apo..., plague-virus, post-apocalyptic     Bradley Spinelli 2014/02/03 view activity »
The Biomass Revolution by Nicholas Sansbury Smith The Biomass Revolution (The Tisaian Chronicles, #1)
Smith, Nicholas Sansbury * to-read, disappearance-of-..., disaster-unspecif..., dystopian, economic-collapse, nuclear, part-of-a-series, post-apocalyptic, war 2013/03/26 2013/03/26 Nicholas Smith 2013/03/26 view activity »
Passage Graves by Madyson Rush Passage Graves
Rush, Madyson * to-read, 4-stars-and-up, biblical, disappearance-of-..., part-of-a-series, religious-aspects, secret-society, supernatural-or-p...     Wendy Bird 2013/07/15 view activity »
Bonespin Slipspace by Leo X. Robertson Bonespin Slipspace Robertson, Leo X. * read, cannibalism, demons, disappearance-of-..., fantasy, metaphysical, miscellaneous-apo..., post-apocalyptic, secret-society, short-story-or-no...     Leo Robertson 2016/10/07 view activity »
Yesterday's Gone by Sean Platt Yesterday's Gone: Episode 1 (Yesterday's Gone, #1)
Platt, Sean * read, aw-book-club-reads, disappearance-of-... 2013/01/22 2013/02/01 Gertie 2012/02/13 view activity »
Resistant by Ryan T. Petty Resistant
Petty, Ryan T. * read, cannibalism, disappearance-of-..., dystopian, plague, plague-virus, possible-club-reads, post-apocalyptic, strong-female-lead, ya-young-adult     Ryan Petty 2016/08/22 view activity »
Chemical Chaos by R.K. McWilliams Chemical Chaos McWilliams, R.K. to-read, biological-and-ch..., disappearance-of-..., disaster-unspecif..., dystopian, economic-collapse, miscellaneous-apo..., parasites, religious-aspects     deleted user 2014/01/29 view activity »
Survive by Phil Maxey Survive (Cascade #1)
Maxey, Phil * to-read, aliens, disappearance-of-..., disaster-unspecif..., giant-bugs-that-e..., part-of-a-series, post-apocalyptic, removal-of-indivi..., strong-female-lead, survival     Phil Maxey 2016/08/26 view activity »
Ozarium by Brick Marlin Ozarium
Marlin, Brick * to-read, cyberpunk, demons, disappearance-of-..., dystopian, miscellaneous-apo..., overpopulation, post-apocalyptic, robots, technology-nanote..., ya-young-adult     Brick Marlin 2016/07/13 view activity »
The Greater Number by Paul Loh The Greater Number
Loh, Paul * to-read, aliens, disappearance-of-..., part-of-a-series, plague-virus, secret-society, supernatural-or-p..., zombies 2013/04/28   Paul Loh 2013/04/28 view activity »
Collapse by John F. Leonard Collapse (Ferine Apocalypse #1) Leonard, John F. * to-read, 4-stars-and-up, disappearance-of-..., disaster-unspecif..., dystopian, part-of-a-series, plague, plague-virus, post-apocalyptic, survival, zombies     John F. 2016/02/23 view activity »
Lost Dogs by Kenton Kilgore Lost Dogs Kilgore, Kenton * to-read, aliens, angels, animals, disappearance-of-..., post-apocalyptic, religious-aspects, ya-young-adult     Kenton Kilgore 2014/10/15 view activity »
The Zoo by Stephen   Black The Zoo: An Allegorical Adventure
Black, Stephen * to-read, disappearance-of-..., dystopian, plague-virus, post-apocalyptic, short-story-or-no...     Stephen Black 2014/12/21 view activity »
Skraeling by Wayne Barber Skraeling
Barber, Wayne to-read, biological-and-ch..., disappearance-of-..., part-of-a-series, secret-society, supernatural-or-p..., technology-nanote...     Wayne Barber 2013/08/17 view activity »
Surviving In America by Paul Andrulis Surviving In America: Under Siege (Joe Anderson, #1)
Andrulis, Paul * to-read, 4-stars-and-up, adult-non-ya, animals, disappearance-of-..., dystopian, miscellaneous-apo..., post-apocalyptic, war     Paul Andrulis 2013/08/13 view activity »

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