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Wormwood by D.H. Nevins Wormwood Nevins, D.H. * to-read, angels     Gertie 2011/12/27 view activity »
Lost Dogs by Kenton Kilgore Lost Dogs Kilgore, Kenton * to-read, aliens, angels, animals, disappearance-of-..., post-apocalyptic, religious-aspects, ya-young-adult     Kenton Kilgore 2014/10/15 view activity »
The Tribe of Ishmael by Heather Heffner The Tribe of Ishmael (Afterlife Chronicles, #1)
Heffner, Heather * to-read, 4-stars-and-up, angels, biblical, demons, fantasy, miscellaneous-apo..., part-of-a-series, racial-strife, rapture, supernatural-or-p...     Heather Heffner 2014/01/26 view activity »
Good Omens by Terry Pratchett Good Omens: The Nice & Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch
Pratchett, Terry to-read, angels, biblical, demons, fantasy, religious-aspects     Gertie 2010/09/30 view activity »
Politics of the Apocalypse by Jon Frater Politics of the Apocalypse Frater, Jon * read, angels, biblical, demons, metaphysical, rapture, religious-aspects, secret-society, strong-female-lead     Lara Frater 2016/05/18 view activity »
Third Eye Trilogy by Bob Frank Third Eye Trilogy
Frank, Bob * to-read, 4-stars-and-up, angels, disaster-unspecif..., meteors-asteroids, miscellaneous-apo..., part-of-a-series, religious-aspects, secret-society, supernatural-or-p...     Bob Frank 2014/06/07 view activity »

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