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Sons of Darkness, Sons of Light by John A. Williams Sons of Darkness, Sons of Light: A Novel of Some Probability Williams, John A. to-read, racial-strife     Nicholas 2012/05/31 view activity »
Plan B by Chester Himes Plan B (Harlem Cycle, #9) Himes, Chester to-read, 4-stars-and-up, dystopian, racial-strife     Nicholas 2012/05/31 view activity »
Son of Sedonia by Ben Chaney Son of Sedonia
Chaney, Ben * to-read, dystopian, economic-collapse, racial-strife, religious-aspects, technology-nanote..., used-it-up-wore-i..., war     Ben Chaney 2013/02/20 view activity »
The Tribe of Ishmael by Heather Heffner The Tribe of Ishmael (Afterlife Chronicles, #1)
Heffner, Heather * to-read, 4-stars-and-up, angels, biblical, demons, fantasy, miscellaneous-apo..., part-of-a-series, racial-strife, rapture, supernatural-or-p...     Heather Heffner 2014/01/26 view activity »
The Prophet of Wotan by Joseph N. Zero The Prophet of Wotan
Zero, Joseph N. * to-read, biblical, economic-collapse, racial-strife, religious-aspects, secret-society, war     Joseph N. 2014/12/18 view activity »
Fugue For A Darkening Island by Christopher Priest Fugue For A Darkening Island Priest, Christopher to-read, nuclear, racial-strife     Andy Phillips 2015/02/01 view activity »
Hedon by Jason Werbeloff Hedon
Werbeloff, Jason * to-read, dystopian, economic-collapse, metaphysical, nuclear, post-apocalyptic, racial-strife, religious-aspects, survival, war     Jason Werbeloff 2015/08/12 view activity »

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