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Woodlife by Richard M. Vickers Woodlife Vickers, Richard M. * read     Richard Vickers 2012/08/30 view activity »
The Wolf's Torment by Stephanie Burkhart The Wolf's Torment (Moldavian Moon, #1) Burkhart, Stephanie * read, read-2-review-par... 2015/11/01   Lisa Goldman 2015/11/02 view activity »
Within a Dream by Chani Lynn Feener Within a Dream Avery, Tempest C. * read, read-2-review-par... 2015/10/01   Lisa Goldman 2015/10/03 view activity »
Withered Hosts by Scott Bisig Withered Hosts Bisig, Scott * read, read-2-review-par... 2015/01/15   Lisa Goldman 2015/01/15 view activity »
Wicked Sinners by Charity Parkerson Wicked Sinners (Sinners, #2)
Parkerson, Charity * read 2012/10/05 2012/10/31 Trinity Hanrahan 2012/10/05 view activity »
White Magic Woman by Ju Ephraime White Magic Woman Ephraime, Ju * read, read-2-review-par... 2016/04/01   Lisa Goldman 2016/04/03 view activity »
We Are The Plague by Stephen D. Kuhn Jr. We Are The Plague (Dext of the Dead, #1) Jr., Stephen D. Kuhn * read 2015/04/15   Lisa Goldman 2015/04/15 view activity »
The Vault by Marcel Cizmas The Vault Cizmas, Marcel * read, read-2-review-par... 2016/04/01   Lisa Goldman 2016/04/01 view activity »
Vampires Do Exist by Steven King Vampires Do Exist King, Steven read     Rebecca Nolan 2012/03/18 view activity »
The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice The Vampire Lestat (The Vampire Chronicles, #2) Rice, Anne read     Rebecca Nolan 2012/03/07 view activity »
Undoubtedly by Navala Undoubtedly: The Kavirra Trials (Trial 1: Mind) Navala * read, read-2-review-par... 2016/02/15   Lisa Goldman 2016/02/17 view activity »
Under the Dome by Stephen King Under the Dome
King, Stephen * read 2013/06/02 2013/06/30 Caedy Eries 2013/06/04 view activity »
Tyrian's Mist by V.L. Moon Tyrian's Mist Moon, V.L. * read, angels, male-male, vampire     Lachi 2013/11/04 view activity »
The Typist by D.W. Metz The Typist Metz, D.W. * read, read-2-review-horror 2015/12/01   Lisa Goldman 2015/12/02 view activity »
Twisted Obsession by Yawatta Hosby Twisted Obsession Hosby, Yawatta * read, read-2-review-horror 2016/02/01   Lisa Goldman 2016/02/03 view activity »
The Turn of the Karmic Wheel by Monica M. Brinkman The Turn of the Karmic Wheel
Brinkman, Monica M. * read 2010/10/18 2010/10/21 Monica Brinkman 2012/07/05 view activity »
Truth's Evil Light by Michaela McGregor Truth's Evil Light (Cheveyo Series, #1) McGregor, Michaela * read     Michaela McGregor 2013/01/07 view activity »
The Tooth Fairy by Graham Joyce The Tooth Fairy
Joyce, Graham read 2014/04/01 2014/04/30 Trinity Hanrahan 2014/04/01 view activity »
To Kill a Priest by Weston Kincade To Kill a Priest: The Priors, Part 1 Kincade, Weston * read, read-2-review-par... 2015/07/15   Lisa Goldman 2015/07/16 view activity »
A Time of Demons and Angels by Kathryn Meyer Griffith A Time of Demons and Angels Griffith, Kathryn Meyer * currently-reading 2016/06/06   Lisa Goldman 2016/06/06 view activity »

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