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The Visionary Mayan Queen by Leonide Martin The Visionary Mayan Queen: Yohl Ik'nal of Palenque (Mists of Palenque, #1)
Martin, Leonide * read 2014/03/01 2014/03/01 Leonide Martin 2014/03/01 view activity »
Witness by Lesley Hale Witness (Matthew Reed Tudor Adventures, #1) Hale, Lesley * read 2013/12/24 2014/01/06 Lesley 2014/01/09 view activity »
My Whispers of Horror by Brine Books Publishing My Whispers of Horror: Letters Telling Women's True Tales from Ex-USSR Nations
Publishing, Brine Books read, family-saga, non-fiction, reviews-needed, scandalous, short-stories, true-story 2013/12/06 2013/12/11 Chris 2013/12/06 view activity »
EXcapades by Debra  Kay EXcapades
Kay, Debra * read 2013/06/10 2013/06/11 Debra Kay 2013/06/10 view activity »
A First Time for Everything by Kristina Ludwig A First Time for Everything
Ludwig, Kristina * read 2013/05/06 2013/05/06 Kristina Ludwig 2013/05/06 view activity »
It Began With Ashes by D.E.M. Emrys It Began With Ashes (Wroge Elements, #1) Emrys, D.E.M. * read 2013/04/29   D.E.M. Emrys 2013/04/27 view activity »
A Wry Smirk from the Dark Side by Lesley Hale A Wry Smirk from the Dark Side Hale, Lesley * read 2013/04/16 2013/04/18 Lesley 2014/01/09 view activity »
The Devil; What does he look like by Nwaocha Ogechukwu The Devil; What does he look like
Ogechukwu, Nwaocha * read 2012/07/16 2012/08/07 Nwaocha Ogechukwu 2012/09/08 view activity »
Hotblood by Juliann Whicker Hotblood (House of Slide, #1)
Whicker, Juliann * read, fantasy, young-adult 2012/03/05 2012/03/05 Juliann Whicker 2012/03/05 view activity »
Jarmo by Adam Spielman Jarmo
Spielman, Adam * read 2012/02/24 2012/12/22 Adam Spielman 2012/02/23 view activity »
The Bones of the Earth by Scott Bury The Bones of the Earth (Dark Age Trilogy, #1)
Bury, Scott * read 2012/02/21 2012/03/21 Scott Bury 2012/02/21 view activity »
Mary Anita and the Second Liberation in Kenya by Milton O. Esitubi Mary Anita and the Second Liberation in Kenya
Esitubi, Milton O. read 2012/01/10 2012/03/20 Milton Esitubi 2011/11/16 view activity »
Zed by Stephen Herfst Zed (Zed, #1)
Herfst, Stephen * read, reviews-needed, young-adult, zombie 2011/11/01 2012/02/18 Stephen Herfst 2012/03/05 view activity »
Of Good and Evil by Gerald  G. Griffin Of Good and Evil
Griffin, Gerald G. * read 2011/07/15 2011/07/17 Gerald Griffin 2012/01/10 view activity »
Right Now Is Perfect by Carol Anita Ryan Right Now Is Perfect: A Romance, an Adventure, the Unexpected Thereafter
Ryan, Carol Anita * read 2010/01/01 2010/02/01 Carol Ryan 2012/02/06 view activity »
War Memorial by Elisabeth Grace Foley War Memorial: A Short Story Foley, Elisabeth Grace * read     Elisabeth 2012/05/30 view activity »
The Other Boyfriend by Sylvia Massara The Other Boyfriend
Massara, Sylvia * read     Sylvia Massara 2012/02/04 view activity »
The Night Lamp by Carol A. Spradling The Night Lamp Spradling, Carol A. * read     Carol Spradling 2012/04/13 view activity »
Shades of Gray by Carol A. Spradling Shades of Gray Spradling, Carol A. * read     Carol Spradling 2012/04/13 view activity »
FEALTY by Eva Caye FEALTY (To Be Sinclair, #3)
Caye, Eva * read     Eva Caye 2012/12/11 view activity »

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