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I, Claudius by Robert Graves I, Claudius
Graves, Robert currently-reading, ancient-group-read, classical-antiquity, roman-empire 2014/09/01 2014/09/30 Dawn 2014/08/15 view activity »
Emperor by Conn Iggulden Emperor: The Gates of Rome (Emperor Series)
Iggulden, Conn read, ancient-group-read, classical-antiquity, roman-empire 2014/08/01 2014/08/31 Dawn 2014/07/14 view activity »
Roman Blood by Steven Saylor Roman Blood (Roma Sub Roma, #1)
Saylor, Steven read, ancient-group-read, classical-antiquity 2014/07/01 2014/07/31 Terri 2014/06/16 view activity »
The Lion and the Lamb by John Henry Clay The Lion and the Lamb
Clay, John Henry read, ancient-group-read, classical-antiquity 2014/06/01 2014/06/30 Dawn 2014/05/14 view activity »
Augustus by John Edward Williams Augustus
Williams, John Edward read, ancient-group-read, classical-antiquity, roman-empire 2014/04/01 2014/04/30 Dawn 2013/06/17 view activity »
The Eagle and the Raven by Pauline Gedge The Eagle and the Raven
Gedge, Pauline read, ancient-group-read, classical-antiquity 2014/03/01 2014/03/31 Terri 2014/02/14 view activity »
The Ten Thousand by Michael Curtis Ford The Ten Thousand: A Novel of Ancient Greece
Ford, Michael Curtis read, ancient-group-read, classical-antiquity 2014/02/01 2014/02/28 Dawn 2013/06/17 view activity »
The Afghan Campaign by Steven Pressfield The Afghan Campaign
Pressfield, Steven * read, ancient-group-read, classical-antiquity 2014/01/01 2014/01/31 Terri 2013/12/14 view activity »
God of War by Christian Cameron God of War Cameron, Christian read, ancient-poll-loser, classical-antiquity 2013/12/01 2013/12/31 Dawn 2013/06/17 view activity »
Hero of Rome by Douglas Jackson Hero of Rome (Gaius Valerius Verrens, #1)
Jackson, Douglas read, ancient-group-read, classical-antiquity, roman-empire 2013/11/01 2013/11/30 Dawn 2013/06/17 view activity »
Pride of Carthage by David Anthony Durham Pride of Carthage
Durham, David Anthony * read, ancient-group-read, classical-antiquity 2013/10/01 2013/10/31 Dawn 2013/06/17 view activity »
Cleopatra's Heir by Gillian Bradshaw Cleopatra's Heir Bradshaw, Gillian read, ancient-poll-loser, classical-antiquity 2013/09/01 2013/09/30 Dawn 2013/08/16 view activity »
Medicus and the Disappearing Dancing Girls by Ruth Downie Medicus and the Disappearing Dancing Girls Downie, Ruth * read, ancient-poll-loser, classical-antiquity, roman-empire 2013/08/01 2013/08/31 Terri 2013/07/07 view activity »
Wounds of Honour by Anthony Riches Wounds of Honour (Empire, #1)
Riches, Anthony read, ancient-group-read, classical-antiquity, roman-empire 2013/07/01 2013/07/31 Terri 2013/06/14 view activity »
Last of the Amazons by Steven Pressfield Last of the Amazons Pressfield, Steven * read, ancient-poll-loser, classical-antiquity 2013/07/01 2013/07/31 Dawn 2013/06/16 view activity »
The Lost Army by Valerio Massimo Manfredi The Lost Army Manfredi, Valerio Massimo read, ancient-poll-loser, classical-antiquity 2013/06/01 2013/06/30 Dawn 2013/06/16 view activity »
Pompeii by Robert Harris Pompeii
Harris, Robert read, ancient-group-read, classical-antiquity, roman-empire 2013/05/01 2013/05/31 Terri 2013/04/18 view activity »
The Hippopotamus Marsh by Pauline Gedge The Hippopotamus Marsh (Lord of the Two Lands, #1) Gedge, Pauline read, ancient-poll-loser, classical-antiquity 2013/04/01 2013/04/30 Dawn 2013/06/16 view activity »
Hannibal by Ben Kane Hannibal: Enemy of Rome (Hannibal, #1)
Kane, Ben read, ancient-group-read, classical-antiquity, roman-empire 2013/03/01 2013/03/31 Terri 2013/02/14 view activity »
Imperium by Robert Harris Imperium: A Novel of Ancient Rome (Cicero, #1) Harris, Robert read, ancient-poll-loser, classical-antiquity, roman-empire 2013/03/01 2013/03/31 Dawn 2013/06/16 view activity »

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