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Catching Jaime by D.J. Jamison Catching Jaime
Jamison, D.J. * read, abuse, coming-out-of-age, gay, happy-romantic-end, homophobia, m-m, midwest, questioning, romance, sexually-explicit, small-town     D.J. Jamison 2016/07/08 view activity »
Bad Boys Club by B.H. Rose Bad Boys Club Rose, B.H. * read, abuse, athletes, bi-characters, bullying, coming-out-of-age, deals-with-abusiv..., homophobia, m-m, romance, serial-story, sexually-explicit, small-town     B.H. Rose 2015/10/26 view activity »
Coming Up by Al  Stewart Coming Up Stewart, Al * read, coming-out-of-age, f2m-transgender, happy-romantic-end, questioning, romance, self-injury, sexually-explicit, short-story, trans-crossdress-...     Debbie McGowan 2014/12/31 view activity »
This Is Not a Love Story by Suki Fleet This Is Not a Love Story
Fleet, Suki * read, artists, book-of-the-month, disabilities, drug-addiction, gay, homeless, hope, m-m, romance, sexually-explicit, suspense, urban-setting 2014/06/05 2014/07/01 Kaje Harper 2014/06/11 view activity »
Love & Sex by Michael Cart Love & Sex: Ten Stories of Truth Cart, Michael read, anthology, coming-out-of-age, f-f, gay, high-school, lesbian, m-m, m2f-transgender, sexually-explicit, short-story, trans-crossdress-...     Rainbowheart 2014/01/14 view activity »
Two Thousand Pounds Per Square Inch by Brent Hartinger Two Thousand Pounds Per Square Inch Hartinger, Brent * read, hiv-aids, sexually-explicit, short-story     Rainbowheart 2013/12/05 view activity »
The Straight Crimes by Matt Juhl The Straight Crimes
Juhl, Matt * read, abuse, action, adventure, bi-characters, bullying, deals-with-abusiv..., death-of-characte..., fantasy, free-story, grief, homophobia, lesbian, mystery, novella, queer, role-reversal, romance, sexually-explicit, straight-allies, violence     Matt Juhl 2013/11/20 view activity »
Silent by Sara Alva Silent Alva, Sara * read, abuse, coming-out-of-age, disabilities, edgy, high-school, homeless, hope, poc, romance, sexually-explicit     Sara Alva 2013/11/01 view activity »
Gender Outlaws by Kate Bornstein Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation Bornstein, Kate read, anthology, edgy, sexually-explicit, trans-crossdress-...     Sam 2013/10/10 view activity »
Social Skills by Sara Alva Social Skills Alva, Sara * read, college, college-student, coming-out-of-age, happy-romantic-end, sexually-explicit     Kaje Harper 2013/10/08 view activity »
All The Colors Of Love by Jessica Freely All The Colors Of Love Freely, Jessica * read, abuse, action, boarding-school, comics, edgy, romance, science-fiction, sexually-explicit, superheroes     Jessica Freely 2013/09/12 view activity »
Superhero by Eli Easton Superhero Easton, Eli * read, artists, athletes, bi-characters, bullying, college, college-student, comics, coming-out-of-age, funny, happy-romantic-end, high-school, novella, romance, sexually-explicit     Eli Easton 2013/07/28 view activity »
Angel by Alex Norris Angel Norris, Alex * to-read, college, college-student, coming-out-of-age, edgy, homeless, sexually-explicit, trans-crossdress-...     Alex Norris 2013/07/11 view activity »
The Student Prince by FayJay The Student Prince (The Student Prince, #1)
FayJay read, celebrity, college, college-student, coming-out-of-age, fantasy, free-story, funny, paranormal, romance, sexually-explicit     Kaje Harper 2013/04/25 view activity »
Play Me, I'm Yours by Madison  Parker Play Me, I'm Yours Parker, Madison * read, bullying, coming-out-of-age, funny, happy-romantic-end, high-school, romance, sexually-explicit     Madison Parker 2013/03/15 view activity »
Alex & Drew by Justin South Alex & Drew
South, Justin * read, abuse, bullying, disabilities, free-story, hope, it-gets-better, lgbt-family-members, novella, romance, sexually-explicit     Justin South 2013/01/12 view activity »
Kamikaze Boys by Jay Bell Kamikaze Boys
Bell, Jay * read, book-of-the-month, bullying, coming-out-of-age, high-school, sexually-explicit 2013/01/01 2013/01/31 Kaje Harper 2013/01/01 view activity »
The Screwed Up Life of Charlie the Second by Drew Ferguson The Screwed Up Life of Charlie the Second Ferguson, Drew * read, coming-out-of-age, high-school, sexually-explicit     Kaje Harper 2012/06/25 view activity »
How Beautiful the Ordinary by Michael Cart How Beautiful the Ordinary: Twelve Stories of Identity Cart, Michael read, abuse, anthology, coming-out-of-age, deals-with-abusiv..., edgy, f-f, f2m-transgender, fantasy, gay, high-school, historical, homophobia, lesbian, lgbt-family-members, m-m, m2f-transgender, poc, sexually-explicit, short-story, trans-crossdress-...     Brandon 2012/05/02 view activity »
Torn by Amber Lehman Torn Lehman, Amber * read, abuse, bi-characters, coming-out-of-age, edgy, high-school, lesbian, romance, sexually-explicit     Amber Lehman 2012/03/07 view activity »
Rubyfruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown Rubyfruit Jungle Brown, Rita Mae read, abuse, adventure, ambiguous-ending, college, coming-out-of-age, homeless, lesbian, romance, sexually-explicit     Sabrina 2012/01/02 view activity »
Alma Mater by Rita Mae Brown Alma Mater Brown, Rita Mae read, college, lesbian, romance, sexually-explicit     Sabrina 2012/01/02 view activity »
Tricks by Ellen Hopkins Tricks (Tricks, #1) Hopkins, Ellen * read, abuse, deals-with-abusiv..., edgy, homeless, sexually-explicit     Nancy 2011/12/27 view activity »
Call Me by Your Name by André Aciman Call Me by Your Name Aciman, André * read, college, romance, sexually-explicit     Oskar Arnold 2011/10/30 view activity »
The Girl For Me by Failte The Girl For Me Failte read, edgy, sexually-explicit     MsMiz (Tina) 2011/06/23 view activity »
Trust Me by Jeff Erno Trust Me Erno, Jeff * read, high-school, religion, romance, sexually-explicit     Robert 2011/06/12 view activity »
Desert Sons by Mark Kendrick Desert Sons Kendrick, Mark * read, sexually-explicit     Robert 2011/06/12 view activity »
Something Like Summer by Jay Bell Something Like Summer (Something Like #1) Bell, Jay * read, sexually-explicit     Robert 2011/06/12 view activity »

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