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Amber Fire by Elaine Barbieri Amber Fire
Barbieri, Elaine read, bodice-ripper, cheating, cheating-hero, historical, m-o-c     Alexis-Morgan Roark 2011/05/17 view activity »
Caress and Conquer by Connie Mason Caress and Conquer
Mason, Connie read, bodice-ripper, cheating-hero-mul..., mistress, sex     Alexis-Morgan Roark 2011/05/17 view activity »
Never Call It Love by Veronica Jason Never Call It Love
Jason, Veronica read, bodice-ripper, cheating-hero, historical, sex     Alexis-Morgan Roark 2011/05/17 view activity »
The Coming Home Place by Mary Spencer The Coming Home Place
Spencer, Mary read, bodice-ripper, cheating-hero-wit..., couple-divorced, emotional, heroine-leaves, historical     deleted user 2011/05/17 view activity »

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