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Worth Any Price by Lisa Kleypas Worth Any Price (Bow Street Runners, #3) Kleypas, Lisa * read, audiobook, historical, law-enforcement-f..., marriage-of-conve..., rape-recovery, tortured-hero, vindictive-ex, virgin-heroine, working-class-hero     Amber 2011/08/04 view activity »
The Wives of Bowie Stone by Maggie Osborne The Wives of Bowie Stone Osborne, Maggie read, alcohol-drugs-rec..., historical, historical-american, historical-western, mail-order-bride, marriage-of-conve..., rape-recovery, tomboy-or-unusual..., tortured-hero, tortured-heroine, won-at-cards-or-a...     Ridley 2011/05/15 view activity »
Wild Man by Kristen Ashley Wild Man (Dream Man, #2) Ashley, Kristen * read, bad-boy-hero, contemporary, domestic-abuse, forty-is-the-new-..., forty-is-the-new-..., kids-babies-ankle..., law-enforcement-f..., part-of-series, rape-recovery, self-published, tearjerker     namericanwordcat 2012/05/17 view activity »
The Warfield Bride by Bronwyn Williams The Warfield Bride Williams, Bronwyn read, historical, historical-american, mail-order-bride, pregnant-heroine, rape-recovery, small-town     Rinou 2012/06/02 view activity »
Under the Desert Moon by Marsha Canham Under the Desert Moon Canham, Marsha * read, bad-boy-hero, ex-con, historical, historical-american, historical-western, rape-recovery, revenge, road-romance, save-a-horse-ride..., suspense, tomboy-or-unusual..., tortured-heroine     Mary B. 2011/12/16 view activity »
To Kiss a Texan by Jodi Thomas To Kiss a Texan (McLain, #2) Thomas, Jodi * read, cabin-or-close-qu..., captive-or-prisoner, historical, historical-american, historical-western, marriage-of-conve..., military-men, part-of-series, rape-recovery, rescue-or-escape, road-romance, scarred-hero, small-town, tomboy-or-unusual..., tortured-hero, tortured-heroine     deleted user 2013/02/17 view activity »
The Tenderfoot Bride by Cheryl St.John The Tenderfoot Bride St.John, Cheryl * read, cabin-or-close-qu..., class-differences, doctor, domestic-abuse, historical, historical-american, historical-western, plain-jane, pregnant-heroine, rape-recovery, servant-or-employee, tortured-heroine, widow-or-widower     deleted user 2013/06/02 view activity »
The Tender Texan by Jodi Thomas The Tender Texan Thomas, Jodi * read, cabin-or-close-qu..., historical, historical-american, historical-western, kids-babies-ankle..., marriage-of-conve..., rape-recovery, road-romance, scarred-hero, small-town, tortured-hero, tortured-heroine, virginal-hero, widow-or-widower     deleted user 2011/11/04 view activity »
Talker by Amy Lane Talker (Talker, #1) Lane, Amy * read, contemporary, friends-to-lovers, m-m, rape-recovery, scarred-hero, tearjerker     deleted user 2011/05/16 view activity »
Surrender to the Devil by Lorraine Heath Surrender to the Devil (Scoundrels of St. James, #3) Heath, Lorraine read, older-woman-young..., rape-recovery     deleted user 2011/11/04 view activity »
Surrender to an Irish Warrior by Michelle Willingham Surrender to an Irish Warrior (MacEgan Brothers #6) Willingham, Michelle * read, bad-boy-hero, friends-to-lovers, harlequin-silhoue..., historical, medieval, rape-recovery, tortured-heroine     Mary B. 2011/05/16 view activity »
Summer's Storm by Denise Domning Summer's Storm (The Graistan Chronicles, #2) Domning, Denise * read, beta-hero, domestic-abuse, forbidden-love, historical, medieval, rape-recovery, rescue-or-escape, revenge, road-romance, vindictive-ex, working-class-hero     Mary B. 2013/06/27 view activity »
Simply Love by Mary Balogh Simply Love (Simply Quartet #2) Balogh, Mary read, artist, audiobook, beauty-and-the-beast, beta-hero, disabled-hero, historical, kids-babies-ankle..., rape-recovery, regency, scarred-hero, tortured-hero, tortured-heroine     Ridley 2011/05/26 view activity »
The Shadow and the Star by Laura Kinsale The Shadow and the Star (Victorian Hearts, #2) Kinsale, Laura * read, friends-to-lovers, historical, love-triangle, rape-recovery, rescue-or-escape, servant-or-employee, shotgun-or-arrang..., tearjerker, tortured-hero, unrequited-love, virgin-heroine, virginal-hero, working-class-hero     Mary B. 2012/09/03 view activity »
Seventh Heaven by Catherine Anderson Seventh Heaven Anderson, Catherine * read, beta-hero, contemporary, rape-recovery, second-chance-rom..., small-town, suspense, tearjerker, tortured-hero, tortured-heroine     Shabby Girl ~ aka Lady Victoria 2011/07/07 view activity »
The Secret Pearl by Mary Balogh The Secret Pearl Balogh, Mary read, historical, military-men, prostitute-heroine, rape-recovery, regency, scarred-hero, servant-or-employee, spinster, tortured-hero, tortured-heroine, virgin-heroine, widow-or-widower     Amber 2011/05/15 view activity »
Scattered Petals by Amanda Cabot Scattered Petals (Texas Dreams, #2) Cabot, Amanda * read, cabin-or-close-qu..., christian-inspira..., class-differences, friends-to-lovers, historical, historical-american, historical-western, kids-babies-ankle..., marriage-of-conve..., part-of-series, rape-recovery, secret-baby, small-town, spinster, squeaky-clean, tortured-hero, tortured-heroine, working-class-hero     deleted user 2012/06/13 view activity »
Safeword Arabesque by Candace Blevins Safeword Arabesque (Safeword, #9) Candace Blevins * read, bdsm, childhood-friends, contemporary, erotic-romance, friends-to-lovers, groveling-aka-i-w..., interracial, m-f-m, menage, rape-recovery     Candace Blevins 2015/04/29 view activity »
Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers Redeeming Love Rivers, Francine * read, cheating, christian-inspira..., historical-american, prostitute-heroine, rape-recovery     Amber 2011/05/16 view activity »
Promises Prevail by Sarah McCarty Promises Prevail (Promises, #3) McCarty, Sarah read, bad-boy-hero, erotic-romance, historical, historical-american, plain-jane, rape-recovery, save-a-horse-ride..., small-town, tortured-heroine     Shabby Girl ~ aka Lady Victoria 2011/07/07 view activity »

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