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Master of No One by Tricia Owens Master of No One Owens, Tricia * read, a-stand-alone, character-police-..., genre-bdsm, genre-paranormal, sexual-mix-m-m-f, sub-theme-dominat...     Lucia 2015/03/03 view activity »
Twist in the Saddle by Susan Laine Twist in the Saddle (Cowboys of Snow Lake, #7) Laine, Susan * read, a-series, a-stand-alone, body-tattoos, character-biker, character-chef, character-cowboy, erotic, genre-bdsm, genre-contemporary, genre-cowboys-wes..., other-friends-tur..., other-longtime-fr..., outcome-hea, romance, sequel, setting-farm-or-r..., setting-sex-or-bd..., setting-small-town, sexual-mix-m-m-m, sub-theme-bondage, sub-theme-dominat..., sub-theme-exhibit..., sub-theme-master-..., sub-theme-menage-..., sub-theme-spanking, sub-theme-switch, sub-theme-voyeurism, theme-menage, theme-switch, theme-voyeur, tone-erotic     Susan Laine 2014/11/16 view activity »
Safeword Arabesque by Candace Blevins Safeword Arabesque (Safeword #9) Blevins, Candace * read, a-300-pages-or-more, a-stand-alone, character-dancer, character-medical..., erotic, genre-bdsm, genre-contemporary, genre-menage-more..., other-friends-tur..., other-longtime-fr..., outcome-hea, romance, setting-entertain..., setting-sex-or-bd..., sexual-mix-m-m-f-m, sub-theme-animal-..., sub-theme-bondage, sub-theme-dominat..., sub-theme-master-..., sub-theme-menage-..., sub-theme-painslut, sub-theme-sadism, sub-theme-spanking, theme-menage, theme-tpe-total-p..., tone-erotic     Candace Blevins 2014/10/28 view activity »
College Bound by Lilia Ford College Bound Ford, Lilia * read, a-200-pages-or-more, a-stand-alone, body-red-head, genre-contemporary, outcome-hea, sexual-mix-m-m-f, sub-theme-bondage, sub-theme-dominat..., sub-theme-dub-con, sub-theme-no-mena..., sub-theme-spanking, sub-theme-voyeurism     Lilia Ford 2014/10/27 view activity »
Stately Pleasures by Lucy Felthouse Stately Pleasures Felthouse, Lucy * read, a-200-pages-or-more, a-stand-alone, body-curvy-chick, erotic, genre-bdsm, genre-contemporary, outcome-hea, romance, sexual-mix-m-f-m, sub-theme-bondage, sub-theme-dominat..., sub-theme-dub-con, sub-theme-menage-..., sub-theme-spanking, theme-menage     Lucy Felthouse 2014/07/28 view activity »
Blindfold Fantasy by D.L. Roan Blindfold Fantasy (A Novel Menage) Roan, D.L. * read, a-300-pages-or-more, a-stand-alone, body-pierced, body-pregnancy, body-tattoos, erotic, other-coworkers-t..., romance, setting-city, sexual-mix-m-f-m, sub-theme-exhibit..., sub-theme-menage-..., sub-theme-voyeurism, theme-menage, tone-erotic, tone-humorous     D.L. Roan 2014/06/19 view activity »
The Reunion by Adriana Kraft The Reunion Kraft, Adriana * read, a-200-pages-or-more, a-stand-alone, character-artist, character-stripper, genre-alternative..., mff, other-friends-tur..., outcome-hea, sexual-mix-f-f, sexual-mix-f-f-m, sexual-mix-f-m-f, theme-menage     AղցҽӀɑ W. 2014/06/12 view activity »
Hide and Seek by Joy Daniels Hide and Seek Daniels, Joy * read, a-stand-alone, character-chef, erotic, genre-contemporary, outcome-hfn, sexual-mix-m-m-f, sub-theme-no-mena..., theme-interracial     Joy Daniels 2014/02/13 view activity »
Giselle's Pleasure by Rose Wynters Giselle's Pleasure
Wynters, Rose * read, a-series, a-short, a-stand-alone, body-curvy-chick, genre-contemporary, genre-menage-more..., genre-paranormal, outcome-hea, setting-city, sexual-mix-f-m-m-m, species-faeries, sub-theme-dominat..., sub-theme-menage-..., sub-theme-orgies, theme-menage, theme-voyeur, tone-erotic     Rose Wynters 2014/01/12 view activity »
Truth and Games by K.D. West Truth and Games: A Friendly MMF Ménage Tale West, K.D. * read, a-short, a-stand-alone, character-medical..., genre-contemporary, other-friends-tur..., other-longtime-fr..., outcome-hea, sexual-mix-f-m-m, sexual-mix-m-m, sexual-mix-m-m-f, sub-theme-no-mena..., tone-erotic     K.D. West 2013/12/28 view activity »
Over the Top by K.D. West Over the Top: A Friendly MFM Ménage Tale West, K.D. * read, a-short, a-stand-alone, body-red-head, character-virginal, genre-contemporary, other-friends-tur..., other-longtime-fr..., outcome-hea, setting-cabin, sexual-mix-m-f, sexual-mix-m-f-m, sub-theme-no-mena..., theme-menage, theme-voyeur     K.D. West 2013/12/28 view activity »
Breaking Perfect by Lydia Michaels Breaking Perfect Michaels, Lydia * read, a-200-pages-or-more, a-stand-alone, character-medical..., outcome-hea, sexual-mix-m-m, sexual-mix-m-m-f, sub-theme-bdsm-light, sub-theme-best-di..., sub-theme-dominat..., theme-menage 2014/01/01 2014/01/09 Victoria 2013/12/16 view activity »
Hard & Raw by Susan Laine Hard & Raw (Cowboys of Snow Lake, #5)
Laine, Susan * read, a-200-pages-or-more, a-series, a-stand-alone, body-tattoos, character-biker, character-chef, character-cowboy, character-geek, character-pro-dom..., genre-bdsm, genre-contemporary, genre-cowboys-wes..., other-longtime-fr..., outcome-hea, setting-farm-or-r..., setting-mountains, setting-sex-or-bd..., setting-small-town, sexual-mix-m-m-m, sub-theme-bdsm-light, sub-theme-bondage, sub-theme-dominat..., sub-theme-exhibit..., sub-theme-master-..., sub-theme-menage-..., sub-theme-spanking, theme-menage, tone-erotic     Susan Laine 2013/08/21 view activity »
Gabriella by Alan  Hardy Gabriella Hardy, Alan * read, a-stand-alone, character-athlete, character-virginal, genre-contemporary, genre-suspense, other-enemies-tur..., sexual-mix-f-f, sexual-mix-f-f-m, tone-erotic, tone-humorous   2013/08/19 Alan Hardy 2013/08/18 view activity »
Immortal Seduction by Jennifer Lynne Immortal Seduction (Gods of Love, #4)
Lynne, Jennifer * to-read, a-not-yet-released, a-series, a-stand-alone, character-firemen, genre-contemporary, genre-menage-more..., genre-paranormal, outcome-hfn, sexual-mix-m-f, sexual-mix-m-f-m, sexual-mix-m-f-m-m, sexual-mix-m-m, theme-menage, tone-erotic     Jennifer Lynne 2013/08/01 view activity »
Second Chances by D.L. Roan Second Chances (When Seconds Count, #1) Roan, D.L. * read, a-200-pages-or-more, a-stand-alone, character-cowboy, character-teacher, genre-cowboys-wes..., genre-menage-more..., outcome-hea, setting-farm-or-r..., setting-mountains, sexual-mix-m-f, sexual-mix-m-f-m, sexual-mix-m-f-m-m, theme-menage, tone-erotic, tone-humorous     D.L. Roan 2013/05/30 view activity »
Telling Stories by Janet G. Telling Stories (Foursomes For All, #3) G., Janet * read, a-series, a-stand-alone, character-journalist, character-musician, genre-alternative..., genre-menage-more..., setting-entertain..., sexual-mix-f-f, sexual-mix-f-f-m, sexual-mix-f-m-f, sexual-mix-f-m-f-m, sexual-mix-m-f, sub-theme-menage-..., theme-menage, tone-erotic 2013/04/08 2013/04/30 I ♥ Bookie Nookie ( 2013/04/07 view activity »
Really Good Neighbors by Janet G. Really Good Neighbors (Foursomes For All, #2) G., Janet * read, a-series, a-stand-alone, genre-menage-more..., sexual-mix-f-m-f, sexual-mix-f-m-f-m, sexual-mix-m-m, sexual-mix-m-m-f, sub-theme-menage-..., theme-menage, tone-erotic 2013/04/08 2013/04/30 I ♥ Bookie Nookie ( 2013/04/07 view activity »
A Lusting Couple by Janet G. A Lusting Couple (Foursomes For All, #1) G., Janet * read, a-series, a-stand-alone, genre-alternative..., sexual-mix-f-f, sexual-mix-f-f-m, sexual-mix-m-f, sub-theme-menage-..., theme-menage, tone-erotic 2013/04/08 2013/04/30 I ♥ Bookie Nookie ( 2013/04/07 view activity »
Platinum Passion by Jennifer Lynne Platinum Passion (Gods of Love, #1)
Lynne, Jennifer * read, a-series, a-short, a-stand-alone, a-trilogy, genre-contemporary, genre-paranormal, outcome-hea, setting-tropical, sexual-mix-m-f, sexual-mix-m-f-m, sexual-mix-m-m, sexual-mix-m-m-f, sub-theme-menage-..., theme-menage, tone-erotic     Jennifer Lynne 2012/07/10 view activity »
Initiation by Robyn Shot Initiation
Shot, Robyn read, a-200-pages-or-more, a-stand-alone, character-artist, character-virginal, genre-menage-more..., genre-paranormal, species-angels-de..., sub-theme-bondage, theme-menage, theme-non-con-fan...     Robyn 2012/01/05 view activity »
Blushing Violet by Ann Mayburn Blushing Violet Mayburn, Ann * read, a-stand-alone, body-curvy-chick, character-artist, character-massage..., genre-bdsm, genre-contemporary, sexual-mix-m-f, sexual-mix-m-f-m, sub-theme-bondage, sub-theme-dominat...     Ann Mayburn 2011/11/16 view activity »
Double Strokes by Kat Black Double Strokes Black, Kat * read, a-short, a-stand-alone, character-athlete, outcome-hfn, sexual-mix-m-f-m, theme-menage     Kat Black 2011/10/25 view activity »
Wyoming Triple Heat by Delilah Hunt Wyoming Triple Heat Hunt, Delilah read, a-stand-alone, character-cowboy, genre-cowboys-wes..., other-siblings, setting-farm-or-r..., setting-small-town, sexual-mix-f-m-m-m, sub-theme-no-mena..., theme-interracial     TheFountainPenDiva 2011/09/09 view activity »
Dolphin Dreams by Jules Jones Dolphin Dreams Jones, Jules * read, a-stand-alone, body-uncut-cock, genre-alternative..., genre-paranormal, genre-taboo, outcome-hea, setting-tropical, sexual-mix-m-m, sexual-mix-m-m-m, species-shifters, species-weres-shi..., sub-theme-dominat...     Summer 2011/08/23 view activity »
The Bodyguards' Princess by Ann Mayburn The Bodyguards' Princess Mayburn, Ann * read, a-stand-alone, body-curvy-chick, character-bodyguard, character-military, genre-suspense, sexual-mix-f-m-m, sub-theme-bdsm-light, sub-theme-bondage, sub-theme-dominat..., sub-theme-exhibit..., sub-theme-spanking, sub-theme-voyeurism, theme-menage     Ann Mayburn 2011/08/10 view activity »
Volley Balls by Tara Lain Volley Balls (Balls to the Wall, #1) Lain, Tara * read, a-stand-alone, character-athlete, genre-alternative..., setting-tropical, sexual-mix-m-m, sexual-mix-m-m-m     Summer 2011/08/06 view activity »
His Gift by Gillian Colbert His Gift Colbert, Gillian read, a-freebie, a-short, a-stand-alone, genre-contemporary, setting-hotel, sexual-mix-m-f-m, sub-theme-bdsm-light, sub-theme-dominat..., sub-theme-menage-..., theme-menage, tone-erotic     deleted user 2011/08/06 view activity »
Hurt by Varian Krylov Hurt Krylov, Varian * read, a-stand-alone, character-actor, character-artist, character-writer, genre-bdsm, other-dealing-wit..., outcome-hea, sexual-mix-m-f, sexual-mix-m-f-m, sexual-mix-m-m, sexual-mix-m-m-f, sub-theme-dub-con, tone-dark-or-not-...     ~Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~ 2011/07/21 view activity »
Destiny For Three by Lilly Hale Destiny For Three Hale, Lilly * read, a-300-pages-or-more, a-stand-alone, genre-historical, outcome-hea, sexual-mix-m-f-m, theme-menage, theme-time-travel, tone-erotic     Lilly 2011/07/19 view activity »

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