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The Lion of Palmyra by Julia von Rist The Lion of Palmyra Rist, Julia von * read, character-royalty, genre-historical, other-enemies-tur..., sexual-mix-m-m-m, sub-theme-historical     Julia Rist 2015/05/03 view activity »
Forever, Rose by A.J. Moore Forever, Rose (Erotic Tales of the Immortal Nymph #1)
Moore, A.J. * read, a-series, a-short, character-royalty, genre-alternative..., genre-bdsm, genre-highlander, genre-paranormal, sexual-mix-f-m-f, sexual-mix-m-f, sub-theme-bdsm-light, sub-theme-exhibit..., sub-theme-historical, sub-theme-menage-..., sub-theme-spanking, theme-menage, tone-erotic 2012/10/25 2012/10/25 A.J. Moore 2012/10/25 view activity »
Loving Lucia by Renee Rose Loving Lucia
Rose, Renee * read, a-series, genre-bdsm, sexual-mix-f-f-m, sub-theme-dominat..., sub-theme-dub-con, sub-theme-historical, sub-theme-spanking, theme-cheating, tone-dark-or-not-...     Renee Rose 2012/09/15 view activity »
Simply Forbidden by Kate Pearce Simply Forbidden (House of Pleasure #6) Pearce, Kate * read, a-300-pages-or-more, a-series, character-military, genre-historical, outcome-hea, sexual-mix-m-f, sexual-mix-m-m, sub-theme-historical, theme-fem-dom, theme-menage     ~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~ 2011/09/09 view activity »
Simply Wicked by Kate Pearce Simply Wicked (House of Pleasure #4) Pearce, Kate * read, a-series, character-military, genre-historical, outcome-hea, sexual-mix-m-f, sexual-mix-m-f-m, sexual-mix-m-m, sexual-mix-m-m-f, sub-theme-exhibit..., sub-theme-historical, sub-theme-menage-..., sub-theme-voyeurism, theme-voyeur     ~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~ 2011/09/09 view activity »
Daughter of Lust by Ann Mayburn Daughter of Lust (For the Love of Evil, #1) Mayburn, Ann * read, a-series, a-trilogy, genre-menage-more..., genre-paranormal, other-enemies-tur..., sexual-mix-f-f-m, sexual-mix-f-m-f, sexual-mix-f-m-m, species-angels-de..., species-witches-w..., sub-theme-bdsm-light, sub-theme-bondage, sub-theme-dominat..., sub-theme-historical, sub-theme-menage-..., sub-theme-voyeurism     Ann Mayburn 2011/08/10 view activity »
Sharing by Cheryl Brooks Sharing (The Sextet Anthologies Volume 1)
Brooks, Cheryl * read, a-anthology, character-cowboy, character-military, genre-cowboys-wes..., genre-men-in-uniform, genre-menage-more..., genre-paranormal, genre-sci-fi, outcome-hea, setting-farm-or-r..., sexual-mix-f-m-m-m, sexual-mix-m-f-m, sexual-mix-m-m-f, species-vampire, sub-theme-historical, theme-menage, tone-erotic     Elizabeth Raines 2011/05/29 view activity »
A Contract Bride's Triple Surprise by Reece Butler A Contract Bride's Triple Surprise (Bride Train, #2) Butler, Reece * read, a-series, genre-cowboys-wes..., other-siblings, outcome-hea, sexual-mix-f-m-m, sub-theme-historical, tone-erotic     I ♥ Bookie Nookie ( 2011/05/17 view activity »

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