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Seduced by Michelle Hughes Seduced (Fantasy's Bar and Grill, #1)
Hughes, Michelle read, a-series, character-lawyer, erotic, genre-contemporary, genre-menage-more..., other-coworkers-t..., outcome-hea, romance, setting-fantasy-r..., setting-sex-or-bd..., sexual-mix-m-f, sexual-mix-m-f-m-..., sexual-mix-m-m-m-f, sub-theme-animal-..., sub-theme-bdsm-light, sub-theme-bondage, sub-theme-spanking, sub-theme-voyeurism, theme-menage, tone-erotic     deleted user 2014/03/10 view activity »
Every Dawn Forever by R.E. Butler Every Dawn Forever (Hyena Heat, #2) Butler, R.E. * read, genre-menage-more..., genre-paranormal, outcome-hea, setting-cabin, setting-mountains, sexual-mix-m-m, sexual-mix-m-m-m, sexual-mix-m-m-m-f, species-shifters, sub-theme-no-mena... 2013/08/24 2013/08/31 Margo ( 2013/07/29 view activity »
Nature's Pentacle by Eden Rivers Nature's Pentacle (Nature's Pentacle, #1) Rivers, Eden read, a-series, genre-menage-more..., genre-paranormal, outcome-hfn, sexual-mix-m-f, sexual-mix-m-m, sexual-mix-m-m-f, sexual-mix-m-m-m-f, sub-theme-bdsm-light     Summer 2011/06/21 view activity »
Kayla's Gift by Jayne Rylon Kayla's Gift (Powertools, #3) Rylon, Jayne * read, a-book-of-the-mon..., a-series, character-constru..., character-massage..., genre-contemporary, genre-menage-more..., setting-cabin, sexual-mix-m-m, sexual-mix-m-m-m, sexual-mix-m-m-m-f, theme-menage, tone-erotic 2012/01/01 2012/01/31 I ♥ Bookie Nookie ( 2011/05/16 view activity »
Asylum by Cassidy Hunter Asylum (Sanctuary, #2) Hunter, Cassidy * read, sexual-mix-m-m, sexual-mix-m-m-m, sexual-mix-m-m-m-f, sexual-mix-m-m-m-f-f     Summer 2011/03/14 view activity »
Three for Me? by R.G. Alexander Three for Me? Alexander, R.G. * read, genre-contemporary, sexual-mix-m-f, sexual-mix-m-m, sexual-mix-m-m-m-f     Summer 2011/01/19 view activity »

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