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The Dream Diver by Giordana Chirissi The Dream Diver Chirissi, Giordana read     Giordana Chirissi 2014/05/19 view activity »
In Spirit & Truth by David Hopper In Spirit & Truth Hopper, David * read, beach-read, coming-of-age, historical-fiction, the-1960s     David Hopper 2015/04/02 view activity »
I Am Cancer Free by Brenda Mohammed I Am Cancer Free: The Author's True Story about Her Bout with Cancer
Mohammed, Brenda * read     Brenda Mohammed 2015/01/27 view activity »
Empty Fists by Mangalam Shiva Empty Fists
Shiva, Mangalam * read     Mangalam Shiva 2015/09/04 view activity »
Pops by David Donaghe Pops Donaghe, David * read     David Donaghe 2013/03/16 view activity »
The Devil's Punch Bowl by David Donaghe The Devil's Punch Bowl (Cave Man's Action Adventure Series) Donaghe, David * read     David Donaghe 2013/03/16 view activity »
The Dead War Series by George L. Cook III The Dead War Series: Book 1 III, George L. Cook * read     George L. Cook III 2012/05/02 view activity »
Kilimanjaro and Beyond by Barry Finlay Kilimanjaro and Beyond: A Life-Changing Journey Finlay, Barry * read     Barry 2013/02/23 view activity »
Jackboot Britain by Daniel S. Fletcher Jackboot Britain
Fletcher, Daniel S. * read     Daniel S. Fletcher 2014/06/09 view activity »
Spellbound by S.L. Ross Spellbound (Immortal Island, #1) Ross, S L * read, paranormal-romance     S.L. 2013/04/15 view activity »
The Vampire Masquerade by S.L. Ross The Vampire Masquerade ( Immortal Island, #2) Ross, S L * read     S.L. 2013/04/15 view activity »
The Fallen by S.L. Ross The Fallen (Immortal Island, #3) Ross, S L * read     S.L. 2013/04/15 view activity »
The Reckoning by S.L. Ross The Reckoning (Immortal Island, #4) Ross, S L * read     S.L. 2013/04/15 view activity »
Kindle Bestseller Secrets Don't Exist by Arial Gold Kindle Bestseller Secrets Don't Exist: Real Marketing Advice from NY Times Bestselling Authors, How to Write a Book That Sells. Secrets Others Use to Make Extra $ on Sales of Your Book. YOU CAN TOO! Gold, Arial * read     Arial Gold 2013/11/17 view activity »
Tales About the Insanity by Alexandar Tomov Tales About the Insanity Tomov, Alexandar * read     Alexandar Tomov 2013/01/08 view activity »
Before, Afdre, and After by Maureen Twomey Before, Afdre, and After: My stroke ... oh what fun
Twomey, Maureen * read     Maureen Twomey 2015/05/21 view activity »
Game, Set, Cash! by Brad Hutchins Game, Set, Cash!: Inside the Secret World of International Tennis Trading Hutchins, Brad * read     Brad Hutchins 2015/01/05 view activity »
Oh, Hell by T.R. Granville Oh, Hell: Funny Insights Into a Strange Place We Call Hell
Granville, T.R. read     Tim Granville 2013/01/28 view activity »
The Salt Krasnals by Richard Monte The Salt Krasnals: Baba Jaga's Forest Monte, Richard * read     Richard Monte 2014/10/18 view activity »
Ice by Kevin Tinto Ice (Dr. Leah Andrews and Jack Hobson Thrillers, #1) Tinto, Kevin * read     Kevin Tinto 2015/12/22 view activity »

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