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The Black Cliffs by Gunnar Gunnarsson The Black Cliffs Gunnarsson, Gunnar to-read, iceland     Asma 2014/01/12 view activity »
From the Mouth of the Whale by Sjón From the Mouth of the Whale
Sjón read, iceland 2014/12/02 2014/12/31 Asma 2014/01/10 view activity »
The Blue Fox by Sjón The Blue Fox
Sjón read, iceland 2014/10/02 2014/11/01 Asma 2014/01/10 view activity »
Icelanders in the Viking Age by William R. Short Icelanders in the Viking Age: The People of the Sagas
Short, William R. read, iceland 2014/08/02 2014/09/02 Asma 2014/01/09 view activity »
The Sagas of Icelanders by Jane Smiley The Sagas of Icelanders
Smiley, Jane * read, iceland 2014/06/02 2014/07/31 Asma 2014/01/08 view activity »
Grettir's Saga by Anonymous Grettir's Saga
Anonymous read, iceland 2014/05/02 2014/06/02 Asma 2014/01/08 view activity »
The Time Regulation Institute by Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar The Time Regulation Institute
Tanpınar, Ahmet Hamdi read, turkey 2014/01/08   Asma 2014/01/08 view activity »
Children in Reindeer Woods by Kristín Ómarsdóttir Children in Reindeer Woods Ómarsdóttir, Kristín read, iceland 2014/04/02 2014/05/02 Asma 2014/01/05 view activity »
World Odyssey by Lance Morcan World Odyssey (The World Duology, #1) Morcan, Lance * read     Sterling Gate Books 2013/12/26 view activity »
Reply to a Letter from Helga by Bergsveinn Birgisson Reply to a Letter from Helga
Birgisson, Bergsveinn read, iceland 2014/03/02 2014/04/02 Asma 2013/12/26 view activity »
The Fish Can Sing by Halldór Laxness The Fish Can Sing Laxness, Halldór read, iceland 2014/02/02   Asma 2013/12/25 view activity »
Independent People by Halldór Laxness Independent People
Laxness, Halldór read, iceland 2014/11/02 2014/12/02 Asma 2013/12/25 view activity »
Njal's Saga by Anonymous Njal's Saga
Anonymous to-read, iceland     Asma 2013/12/25 view activity »
Iceland's Bell by Halldór Laxness Iceland's Bell
Laxness, Halldór read, iceland 2014/01/02   Asma 2013/12/20 view activity »
The White Castle by Orhan Pamuk The White Castle
Pamuk, Orhan read, turkey 2014/02/08 2014/03/08 Asma 2013/11/25 view activity »
Stranger Magic by Marina Warner Stranger Magic: Charmed States & The Arabian Nights Warner, Marina to-read     Asma 2013/11/04 view activity »
The Sultan of Byzantium by Selçuk Altun The Sultan of Byzantium Altun, Selçuk to-read, turkey     Asma 2013/11/04 view activity »
Missing Soluch by Mahmoud Dowlatabadi Missing Soluch Dowlatabadi, Mahmoud to-read, iran     Asma 2013/11/04 view activity »
The Colonel by Mahmoud Dowlatabadi The Colonel Dowlatabadi, Mahmoud to-read, iran     Asma 2013/11/04 view activity »
Carried Away by Alice Munro Carried Away: A Personal Selection of Stories Munro, Alice to-read, canada     Asma 2013/10/17 view activity »
Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi Ghana Must Go Selasi, Taiye * read, ghana 2013/11/01   Asma 2013/10/15 view activity »
The Innocence of Objects by Orhan Pamuk The Innocence of Objects Pamuk, Orhan read, turkey 2013/10/15   Asma 2013/09/30 view activity »
The Hedgehog by Zakaria Tamer The Hedgehog Tamer, Zakaria read, syria 2013/10/01   Asma 2013/09/23 view activity »
SQUARE MOON by Ghada Samman SQUARE MOON: SUPERNATURAL TALES Samman, Ghada read, syria 2013/11/06   Asma 2013/09/23 view activity »
The Woman with the Flying Head and Other Stories by Yumiko Kurahashi The Woman with the Flying Head and Other Stories Kurahashi, Yumiko to-read, japan     Asma 2013/09/19 view activity »
Huzur by Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Huzur Tanpınar, Ahmet Hamdi to-read, turkey     Asma 2013/09/03 view activity »
Conceit by Mary Novik Conceit Novik, Mary * to-read, canada, england     Asma 2013/09/03 view activity »
Muse by Mary Novik Muse
Novik, Mary * to-read, canada, france     Asma 2013/09/03 view activity »
Black Lamb and Grey Falcon by Rebecca West Black Lamb and Grey Falcon
West, Rebecca to-read, balkans     Asma 2013/09/02 view activity »
Balkan Ghosts by Robert D. Kaplan Balkan Ghosts: A Journey Through History
Kaplan, Robert D. to-read, balkans     Asma 2013/09/02 view activity »

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