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Caress and Conquer by Connie Mason Caress and Conquer Mason, Connie read, hero-violent-to-h..., heroine-raped-by-..., kidnapping-abduction, rape, sold-into-slavery 2012/06/06 2012/06/15 Karla 2010/07/30 view activity »
This Other Eden by Marilyn Harris This Other Eden (Eden, #1) Harris, Marilyn read, 5-stars, hero-violent-to-h..., lust-gone-mad, no-forced-seduction, tortured-main-cha... 2011/10/11 2011/10/31 SmittenKitten 2010/07/04 view activity »
Devil's Embrace by Catherine Coulter Devil's Embrace (Devil, #1) Coulter, Catherine * to-read, hero-violent-to-h..., kidnapping-abduction, kindle, lust-gone-mad, nautical, no-cheating, past-monthly-grou..., rape 2010/10/01 2010/10/31 Jennefer 2010/09/26 view activity »
Wicked Loving Lies by Rosemary Rogers Wicked Loving Lies Rogers, Rosemary read, 5-stars, harem, hero-violent-to-h..., marriage-of-conve..., rape, reunion, revenge, same-sex-content, series, sold-into-slavery     Jennefer 2010/03/23 view activity »
Savage Surrender by Natasha Peters Savage Surrender Peters, Natasha read, hero-violent-to-h..., kidnapping-abduction, marriage-of-conve..., pirate, rape, revenge, same-sex-content, sold-into-slavery     deleted user 2010/03/24 view activity »
The Taming by Aleen Malcolm The Taming (Cameron, #1) Malcolm, Aleen read, hero-violent-to-h..., marriage-of-conve..., same-sex-content     deleted user 2010/03/24 view activity »
Stormfire by Christine Monson Stormfire Monson, Christine read, 5-stars, hero-violent-to-h..., htf-rare-expensive, kidnapping-abduction, marriage-of-conve..., rape, revenge     Jennefer 2010/03/23 view activity »
The Silver Devil by Teresa Denys The Silver Devil Denys, Teresa read, hero-violent-to-h..., htf-rare-expensive, kidnapping-abduction, rape, revenge, same-sex-content, tortured-main-cha...     deleted user 2010/05/06 view activity »
Sweet Savage Love by Rosemary Rogers Sweet Savage Love Rogers, Rosemary read, hero-violent-to-h..., kidnapping-abduction, marriage-of-conve..., rape     Jennefer 2010/04/30 view activity »
Lady Vixen by Shirlee Busbee Lady Vixen (Louisiana, #5) Busbee, Shirlee read, hero-violent-to-h..., kidnapping-abduction, lust-gone-mad, no-cheating, no-multiple-partners, past-monthly-grou..., sold-into-slavery, tortured-main-cha...     Jennefer 2010/07/02 view activity »
The Flesh and the Devil by Teresa Denys The Flesh and the Devil Denys, Teresa read, hero-violent-to-h..., htf-rare-expensive     Karla 2010/08/20 view activity »
Captive Passions by Fern Michaels Captive Passions (Captive, #1) Michaels, Fern * read, hero-violent-to-h..., heroine-raped-by-..., nautical, pirate, rape, revenge, series     SmittenKitten 2010/07/04 view activity »
If Not For Love by Carol Franz If Not For Love
Franz, Carol read, hero-violent-to-h..., rape, tortured-main-cha...     Karla 2010/12/20 view activity »
Savage Ecstasy by Janelle Taylor Savage Ecstasy (Gray Eagle, #1) Taylor, Janelle * read, hero-violent-to-h..., kidnapping-abduction, kindle, past-monthly-grou..., rape, series     Jennefer 2010/04/10 view activity »
Dark Fires by Rosemary Rogers Dark Fires Rogers, Rosemary read, amnesia, hero-violent-to-h..., rape     Karla 2010/12/10 view activity »
Desire and Deception by Nicole Jordan Desire and Deception Jordan, Nicole * read, engagement-of-con..., hero-violent-to-h..., regency     Heather 2011/06/16 view activity »
Conquer The Night by Shannon Drake Conquer The Night (Graham, #2) Drake, Shannon read, hero-violent-to-h..., medieval, series     Heather 2011/06/16 view activity »
Desert Hostage by Diane Dunaway Desert Hostage Dunaway, Diane read, harem, hero-violent-to-h..., htf-rare-expensive, no-cheating, no-multiple-partners, rape     deleted user 2010/03/24 view activity »
Island Flame by Karen Robards Island Flame Robards, Karen * read, 5-stars, hero-violent-to-h..., kidnapping-abduction, nautical, pirate, rape, series, tortured-main-cha...     Evelyn Fletcher 2011/07/20 view activity »
Dark Fires by Rosemary Rogers Dark Fires (Brandon-Morgan #2) Rogers, Rosemary read, amnesia, hero-violent-to-h..., heroine-raped-by-..., rape, revenge     Karla 2011/07/21 view activity »

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