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Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut Slaughterhouse-Five
Vonnegut, Kurt currently-reading, novel 2015/08/01   'Aussie Rick' 2015/08/07 view activity »
Yamashita's Ghost by Allan A. Ryan Yamashita's Ghost: War Crimes, MacArthur's Justice, and Command Accountability Ryan, Allan A. read, pacific-theatre     'Aussie Rick' 2013/02/27 view activity »
Fighting the Enemy by Mark D. Johnston Fighting the Enemy: Australian Soldiers and Their Adversaries in World War II Johnston, Mark D. read     'Aussie Rick' 2013/11/22 view activity »
Reap the Whirlwind by Spencer Dunmore Reap the Whirlwind: The Untold Story of 6 Group, Canada's Bomber Force of World War II Dunmore, Spencer read, aviation, european-theatre     'Aussie Rick' 2012/05/05 view activity »
A Higher Call by Adam Makos A Higher Call: An Incredible True Story of Combat and Chivalry in the War-Torn Skies of World W ar II
Makos, Adam * read, aviation, european-theatre 2014/07/12 2014/07/16 'Aussie Rick' 2013/06/21 view activity »
Fighter Group by Jay A. Stout Fighter Group: The 352nd "Blue-Nosed Bastards" in World War II Stout, Jay A. read, aviation, european-theatre 2013/03/13 2013/03/31 'Aussie Rick' 2013/01/29 view activity »
Days of Battle by Norbert Szamveber Days of Battle: Armoured Operations North of the River Danube, Hungary 1944-45
Szamveber, Norbert read, eastern-front 2014/09/24 2014/09/29 'Aussie Rick' 2014/08/10 view activity »
The Guns at Last Light by Rick Atkinson The Guns at Last Light: The War in Western Europe, 1944-1945 (World War II Liberation Trilogy, #3)
Atkinson, Rick read, european-theatre 2013/07/02 2013/07/12 'Aussie Rick' 2012/10/12 view activity »
Campaign In Russia by Leon Degrelle Campaign In Russia: The Waffen SS On The Eastern Front Degrelle, Leon read, eastern-front     'Aussie Rick' 2012/04/25 view activity »
Twelve Desperate Miles by Tim  Brady Twelve Desperate Miles: The Epic World War II Voyage of the SS Contessa
Brady, Tim * read, mediterranean-the..., naval 2015/05/30   'Aussie Rick' 2015/05/04 view activity »
Rescue at 2100 Hours by Tom Trumble Rescue at 2100 Hours Trumble, Tom * read, pacific-theatre 2013/06/10 2013/06/12 'Aussie Rick' 2013/06/10 view activity »
Red Chaser by Jon Spoelstra Red Chaser: A Noir Thriller Of The 1950s, The Cold War And The Brooklyn Dodgers
Spoelstra, Jon * read, novel     Jon Spoelstra 2010/03/25 view activity »
Everyday P.O.W. by Bradford P. Wilson Everyday P.O.W.: A Rural California Boy's Story of Going to War, Including His Prisoner of War Diary from Stalag Luft 1 Wilson, Bradford P. read, aviation, european-theatre     Perry Bradford-Wilson 2010/09/21 view activity »
The Star of Africa by Colin D. Heaton The Star of Africa: The Story of Hans Marseille, the Rogue Luftwaffe Ace Who Dominated the WWII Skies Heaton, Colin D. * read, aviation, mediterranean-the...     'Aussie Rick' 2013/01/17 view activity »
Operation Typhoon by David Stahel Operation Typhoon: Hitler's March on Moscow, October 1941
Stahel, David read, eastern-front 2014/06/21 2014/06/27 'Aussie Rick' 2012/10/28 view activity »
Dam Busters by James Holland Dam Busters: The True Story of the Legendary Raid on the Ruhr Holland, James read, aviation, european-theatre     'Aussie Rick' 2012/05/09 view activity »
The Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajer The Forgotten Soldier
Sajer, Guy read, eastern-front, european-theatre     John Nellis 2011/06/27 view activity »
American Caesar by William Manchester American Caesar: Douglas MacArthur 1880-1964 Manchester, William read, pacific-theatre     'Aussie Rick' 2012/05/02 view activity »
The Last Lion 2 by William Manchester The Last Lion 2: Winston Spencer Churchill Alone, 1932-40 Manchester, William read, european-theatre     deleted user 2008/11/29 view activity »
The Last Battle by Cornelius Ryan The Last Battle Ryan, Cornelius read, european-theatre     'Aussie Rick' 2012/05/01 view activity »

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