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More Than a Friend by Elizabeth Winfrey More Than a Friend (Love Stories For Young Adults, #7)
Winfrey, Elizabeth read, young-adult 2014/02/28   Giulio 2014/03/01 view activity »
The Devil's Workshop by Stephen J. Cannell The Devil's Workshop
Cannell, Stephen J. read, adult-fiction 2014/01/20   January Smuggly-sparrow 2014/01/27 view activity »
Firebirds by Sharyn November Firebirds: An Anthology of Original Fantasy and Science Fiction
November, Sharyn read, young-adult 2013/05/11   Trouble 2013/05/11 view activity »
Anthem by Ayn Rand Anthem
Rand, Ayn read, adult-fiction, asked-for-more-th... 2013/02/12   Edwina 2013/02/14 view activity »
The Séance by Joan Lowery Nixon The Séance
Nixon, Joan Lowery read, young-adult 2004/01/01   Pharmrgrl 2011/10/22 view activity »
Bless the Beasts and Children by Glendon Swarthout Bless the Beasts and Children
Swarthout, Glendon read, adult-fiction     Kate Farrell 2014/02/07 view activity »
Mr. Death and the Redheaded Woman by Helen Eustis Mr. Death and the Redheaded Woman
Eustis, Helen read, children     Cheryl 2013/05/21 view activity »
Alexia Eden by Sophie Summers Alexia Eden (FairyTales Don't Exist, #1)
Summers, Sophie * read, adult-fiction     Lobstergirl 2015/02/21 view activity »
Prince of the Godborn by Geraldine Harris Prince of the Godborn: Seven Citadels Part One (Seven Citadels, #1)
Harris, Geraldine read, children, young-adult     Lobstergirl 2014/05/13 view activity »
In The Pink by Molly Watson In The Pink: A Rural Odyssey
Watson, Molly read, adult-fiction     Ann aka Iftcan 2014/02/13 view activity »
When He Was Bad by Shelly Laurenston When He Was Bad (Magnus Pack, #3.5)
Laurenston, Shelly read, adult-fiction     HeavyReader 2012/02/09 view activity »
Laura's Secret by Lucy Kelly Laura's Secret (The Changelings, #1)
Kelly, Lucy * read, adult-fiction     Kris 2015/02/26 view activity »
Wanting You by Ryan Michele Wanting You (Forever Mine, #1)
Michele, Ryan * read, adult-fiction     Kris 2015/02/26 view activity »
The Orchard on Fire by Shena Mackay The Orchard on Fire
Mackay, Shena read, young-adult     Ann aka Iftcan 2014/02/16 view activity »
Night Echoes by Holly Lisle Night Echoes
Lisle, Holly * read, adult-fiction     Lisa Vegan 2011/01/18 view activity »
Coming Back Alive by Dennis J. Reader Coming Back Alive
Reader, Dennis J. read, young-adult     Lisa Vegan 2012/02/19 view activity »
Song of the Wild by Allan W. Eckert Song of the Wild
Eckert, Allan W. read, children     Lobstergirl 2014/09/05 view activity »
Mortal Coils by Eric S. Nylund Mortal Coils (Mortal Coils, #1)
Nylund, Eric S. * read, young-adult     Lisa Vegan 2012/02/22 view activity »
Can't Stand the Heat by Louisa Edwards Can't Stand the Heat (Recipe for Love #1)
Edwards, Louisa * read, adult-fiction     Lobstergirl 2014/05/31 view activity »
Gypsies by Robert Charles Wilson Gypsies
Wilson, Robert Charles * read, young-adult     Ann aka Iftcan 2013/12/06 view activity »

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