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Alice in April by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Alice in April (Alice, #5)
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds read, children, series-searched, young-adult     Kris 2015/07/31 view activity »
The Helicopter Mystery by Mary Elting The Helicopter Mystery
Elting, Mary read, children     Kris 2015/07/28 view activity »
Jenny Lind and her Listening Cat by Frances Cavanah Jenny Lind and her Listening Cat
Cavanah, Frances read, children     Kris 2015/07/26 view activity »
Shadow of the Minotaur by Alan Gibbons Shadow of the Minotaur (Legendeer #1)
Gibbons, Alan read, children, young-adult     Ann aka Iftcan 2015/07/26 view activity »
Janie's Freedom by Callie Smith Grant Janie's Freedom: African Americans in the Aftermath of Civil War
Grant, Callie Smith read, children, young-adult     Lobstergirl 2015/07/25 view activity »
Cryptid Hunters by Roland Smith Cryptid Hunters (Marty and Grace #1)
Smith, Roland read, children, young-adult     Kris 2015/07/24 view activity »
Mama, Let's Dance by Patricia Hermes Mama, Let's Dance
Hermes, Patricia * read, children     Kris 2015/07/23 view activity »
Stories of Dragons by Christopher Rawson Stories of Dragons: Usborne Young Reading
Rawson, Christopher read, children     Kris 2015/07/22 view activity »
The Wacky Book of Witches by Anne Civardi The Wacky Book of Witches
Civardi, Anne read, children     Kris 2015/07/19 view activity »
Journey Outside by Mary Q. Steele Journey Outside
Steele, Mary Q. read, children, young-adult     Kris 2015/07/19 view activity »
Resident Witch by Marian T. Place Resident Witch
Place, Marian T. read, children     Kris 2015/07/16 view activity »
Princess Charlotte and the Birthday Ball by Vivian French Princess Charlotte and the Birthday Ball (The Tiara Club, #1)
French, Vivian read, children, series-searched     Kris 2015/07/16 view activity »
Surprise At Muddy Creek by Leone Castell Anderson Surprise At Muddy Creek (A Book For Early Readers)
Anderson, Leone Castell read, children     Kris 2015/07/14 view activity »
The Tower of Geburah by John  White The Tower of Geburah (Archives of Anthropos, #3)
White, John read, children, series-searched, young-adult     Kris 2015/07/10 view activity »
The Dark Stairs by Betsy Byars The Dark Stairs (Herculeah Jones Mysteries, #1)
Byars, Betsy read, children, series-searched     Kris 2015/07/10 view activity »
The Magic Bicycle by John Bibee The Magic Bicycle (Spirit Flyer, #1)
Bibee, John read, children     Kris 2015/07/10 view activity »
Skeleton Cave by Cora Cheney Skeleton Cave
Cheney, Cora read, children, young-adult     Ron 2015/07/08 view activity »
Ruby Lu, Brave and True by Lenore Look Ruby Lu, Brave and True
Look, Lenore read, children     Kris 2015/07/07 view activity »
The Druid's Gift by Margaret J. Anderson The Druid's Gift
Anderson, Margaret J. read, children, young-adult     Danielle 2015/07/07 view activity »
The Brothers Lionheart by Astrid Lindgren The Brothers Lionheart
Lindgren, Astrid read, children, young-adult     Kris 2015/07/06 view activity »

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