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The Question by Zena Wynn The Question Wynn, Zena * read, romance, scarred-hero-or-h...     Beth 2011/02/09 view activity »
The Lotus Blossom Chronicles by Jax Cassidy The Lotus Blossom Chronicles Cassidy, Jax * read, bwam, erotic, scarred-hero-or-h..., short-story-colle...     Amon 2010/12/29 view activity »
The Frozen by Michel Prince The Frozen Prince, Michel * read, bmww, erotic, menage, paranormal, part-of-a-series, romance, scarred-hero-or-h..., wwbm, wwhm     Michel Prince 2013/10/27 view activity »
Spirit Bound by Christine Feehan Spirit Bound (Sea Haven/Sisters of the Heart, #2) Feehan, Christine * read, aw-wm, bad-boy-hero, paranormal, russian-hero, scarred-hero-or-h...     Danielle The Book Huntress (Angels Weep For Goodreads) 2012/01/15 view activity »
Silly Girl by Michel Prince Silly Girl Prince, Michel * read, bmww, romance, scarred-hero-or-h..., wwbm     Michel Prince 2013/10/27 view activity »
Love's Redemption by Tami VanGurp Love's Redemption VanGurp, Tami read, bwwm, man-in-uniform, romance, scarred-hero-or-h..., virgin-heroine     deleted user 2011/09/06 view activity »
His Heart by Jordyn Tracey His Heart Tracey, Jordyn read, scarred-hero-or-h...     Danielle The Book Huntress (Angels Weep For Goodreads) 2009/07/01 view activity »
Hearts of Fire by S.D. Valyan Hearts of Fire Valyan, S.D. read, bwwm, romance, scarred-hero-or-h..., stalking, virgin-heroine     Fashionista 2012/06/03 view activity »
Dmitry's Royal Flush by Latrivia S. Nelson Dmitry's Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen
Nelson, Latrivia S. read, bwwm, part-of-a-series, russian-hero, scarred-hero-or-h...     Justine L2r 2010/09/01 view activity »
Bomaw - Volume One by Mercedes Keyes Bomaw - Volume One: The Beauty of Man and Woman
Keyes, Mercedes * read, bwwm, erotic, part-of-a-series, scarred-hero-or-h..., steamy-not-erotic     Justine L2r 2010/10/16 view activity »
Analysis of Love by Fiona McGier Analysis of Love McGier, Fiona * read, erotic, hwwm, latino, part-of-a-series, romance, scarred-hero-or-h...     Fiona McGier 2011/01/26 view activity »

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