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Taboo by Kathleen Lawless Taboo Lawless, Kathleen * read, erotica     D.G. 2010/06/25 view activity »
Wilde Thing by Janelle Denison Wilde Thing (Wilde Series, #1) Denison, Janelle * read, contemporary-romance, erotica, romance   2013/11/07 Julianna 2010/12/13 view activity »
Nicholas by Elizabeth Amber Nicholas (The Lords of Satyr, #1)
Amber, Elizabeth * read, erotica, paranormal-romance, shapeshifter     Angie 2010/02/03 view activity »
Demon's Fire by Emma Holly Demon's Fire (Tale of the Demon World, #6) Holly, Emma * read, demons, erotica, paranormal-romance     Valorie 2010/08/25 view activity »
Wolf Tales V by Kate Douglas Wolf Tales V (Wolf Tales #5) Kate Douglas * read, erotica, male-male, menage, werewolves     Valorie 2011/05/28 view activity »
The Lady's Tutor by Robin Schone The Lady's Tutor Schone, Robin * read, erotica, historical-romance     Amber 2010/06/19 view activity »
Soul Deep by Lora Leigh Soul Deep (Breeds, #5) Leigh, Lora read, erotica, paranormal-romance     Fran 2010/06/10 view activity »
Good Girl Seeks Bad Rider by Vonna Harper Good Girl Seeks Bad Rider Harper, Vonna * read, erotica   2009/07/24 Unapologetic_Bookaholic 2009/07/24 view activity »
Force Of Nature by Susan Johnson Force Of Nature (Braddock-Black, #5)
Johnson, Susan * read, contemporary-romance, erotica, romance 2011/02/02   Rakisha 2011/02/16 view activity »
Kushiel's Mercy by Jacqueline Carey Kushiel's Mercy (Imriel's Trilogy, #3) Carey, Jacqueline * read, 1-50-random-book-..., erotica, fantasy     Yz the Whyz 2011/01/22 view activity »
The Courage to Love by Samantha Kane The Courage to Love (Brothers in Arms, #1) Kane, Samantha * read, erotica, historical-romance, male-male, menage, romance   2009/01/01 Unapologetic_Bookaholic 2009/01/14 view activity »
The Devil and Ms. Johnson by Hannah Murray The Devil and Ms. Johnson Murray, Hannah read, contemporary-romance, erotica, romantic-suspense   2010/03/15 Julianna 2010/03/16 view activity »
Long Hard Ride by Lorelei James Long Hard Ride (Rough Riders, #1) James, Lorelei * read, erotica, romance, westerns-contempo...   2011/05/02 Nikki ♥ 2011/05/02 view activity »
Wolf Tales VI by Kate Douglas Wolf Tales VI (Wolf Tales #6) Kate Douglas * read, erotica, male-male, menage, shapeshifter, werewolves     Valorie 2011/08/29 view activity »
Bite by Sean Michael Bite (Bite, #1) Michael, Sean read, erotica, male-male, paranormal-romance, romance     Nancy 2009/05/20 view activity »
The Wolf's Heart by Jenna Leigh The Wolf's Heart Leigh, Jenna read, erotica, paranormal-romance, werewolves     Mel W 2010/06/08 view activity »
Call of the Highland Moon by Kendra Leigh Castle Call of the Highland Moon (The MacInnes Werewolves Trilogy, #1) Castle, Kendra Leigh * read, erotica, paranormal-romance, werewolves     Mel W 2010/06/08 view activity »
Riding Wild by Jaci Burton Riding Wild (Wild Riders, #1) Burton, Jaci * read, erotica   2009/03/31 Yz the Whyz 2009/03/27 view activity »
Wild Card by Lora Leigh Wild Card (Elite Ops, #1) Leigh, Lora read, 1-50-random-book-..., contemporary-romance, erotica, military, romantic-suspense 2013/10/27 2009/01/23 Nikki ♥ 2009/01/18 view activity »
Blush by Opal Carew Blush Carew, Opal * read, erotica   2009/10/03 Jim son of Jim (formerly PhotoJim) 2009/10/07 view activity »

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