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A Dog Named Christmas by Greg Kincaid A Dog Named Christmas (A Dog Named Christmas #1) Kincaid, Greg * read, animal-stories, contemporary-fiction, holidays   2009/12/13 Julianna 2009/12/14 view activity »
A Lion Called Christian by Anthony Bourke A Lion Called Christian: The True Story of the Remarkable Bond Between Two Friends and a Lion Bourke, Anthony read, animal-stories, non-fiction   2011/06/27 Julianna 2011/08/18 view activity »
Cupid Cats (Dark Ones #7.5 by Katie MacAlister Cupid Cats (Dark Ones #7.5 (Unleashed)) MacAlister, Katie * read, animal-stories, paranormal-romance, romance, shapeshifter, vampires     Diane ~Firefly~ 2011/02/26 view activity »
Desperate Housedogs by Sparkle Abbey Desperate Housedogs (Pampered Pets Mystery #1) Abbey, Sparkle * read, animal-stories, cozy-mystery, mystery     Valorie 2012/07/28 view activity »
Dog Eat Dog by Laurien Berenson Dog Eat Dog (Melanie Travis, #3) Berenson, Laurien * read, animal-stories, cozy-mystery, mystery     Valorie 2012/07/28 view activity »
Dogs and Goddesses by Jennifer Crusie Dogs and Goddesses Crusie, Jennifer * read, animal-stories, contemporary-romance, romance   2009/05/21 Nikki ♥ 2009/05/21 view activity »
Heart Mate by Robin D. Owens Heart Mate (Celta's Heartmates, #1) Owens, Robin D. * read, animal-stories, paranormal-romance, romance     Diane ~Firefly~ 2010/05/20 view activity »

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