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Marco's Pride by Jane Porter Marco's Pride Porter, Jane * read, italian-or-sicili..., reunion-after-yea..., scribd, shotgun-marriage, wounded-or-sick     ☂⋰Basil⋱☂ 2014/10/31 view activity »
Not Forgiven, Never Forgotten by Elizabeth Power Not Forgiven, Never Forgotten Power, Elizabeth read, lovers-reunited, pregnancy, reunion-after-yea..., shotgun-marriage     Danielle The Book Huntress (Self-Proclaimed Book Ninja) 2011/09/29 view activity »
Count Maxime's Virgin (Innocent Mistress, Virgin Bride) by Susan Stephens Count Maxime's Virgin (Innocent Mistress, Virgin Bride) (Harlequin Presents, #2791) Stephens, Susan read, french-hero-or-he..., pregnancy, shotgun-marriage, unplanned-pregnancy, virgin     Lemon 2011/08/23 view activity »
The Sheikh's Defiant Bride by Sandra Marton The Sheikh's Defiant Bride (Sheikh Tycoons, #1) Marton, Sandra * read, captive-kidnapped, playboy-womanizer..., pregnancy, sheikh, shotgun-marriage, unplanned-pregnancy     Lemon 2011/08/22 view activity »
Possessed by the Sheikh by Penny Jordan Possessed by the Sheikh (Sheikh's Arabian Nights #3) Jordan, Penny read, sheikh, shotgun-marriage, virgin     Lemon 2011/08/22 view activity »
King Of The Desert, Captive Bride by Jane Porter King Of The Desert, Captive Bride (Desert Kings, #2) Porter, Jane * read, sheikh, shotgun-marriage     Lemon 2011/08/10 view activity »
Bride for Real by Lynne Graham Bride for Real (The Volakis Vow #2) Graham, Lynne read, cheating, pregnancy, shotgun-marriage, unplanned-pregnancy, worst-hp-ever-avoid     Lemon 2011/07/31 view activity »

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