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The Prince She Never Knew by Kate Hewitt The Prince She Never Knew (The Diomedi Heirs #1) Hewitt, Kate * read, arranged-marriage, celibate-hero, cheating, cinderella-pretty..., italian-or-sicili..., less-than-perfect..., non-virginal-heroine, royalty     Asteropê 2013/11/05 view activity »
Fascination by Anne Hampson Fascination Hampson, Anne read, cheating, child-playing-a-b..., less-than-perfect..., spanish-or-latino..., vintage-hp, vulnerable-heroine   2012/09/15 Floqueta 2012/09/16 view activity »
The Greek's Chosen Wife by Lynne Graham The Greek's Chosen Wife (A Mediterranean Marriage #6) Graham, Lynne read, cheating, forced-blackmail-..., marriage-of-conve...     Lemon 2011/09/05 view activity »
Jake Howard's Wife by Anne Mather Jake Howard's Wife Mather, Anne read, cheating     Lemon 2011/09/04 view activity »
Marriage Under Fire by Daphne Clair Marriage Under Fire Clair, Daphne read, cheating     Lemon 2011/09/04 view activity »
His Wedding-Night Heir by Sara Craven His Wedding-Night Heir Craven, Sara read, cheating     Lemon 2011/09/04 view activity »
The Marriage Truce by Sara Craven The Marriage Truce Craven, Sara read, cheating     Lemon 2011/09/04 view activity »
Bride of Desire by Sara Craven Bride of Desire Craven, Sara read, abused-heroine, baby, cheating, french-hero-or-he...     Lemon 2011/08/23 view activity »
Bride for Real by Lynne Graham Bride for Real (The Volakis Vow #2) Graham, Lynne read, cheating, pregnancy, shotgun-marriage, unplanned-pregnancy, worst-hp-ever-avoid     Lemon 2011/07/31 view activity »
The Ultimate Betrayal by Michelle Reid The Ultimate Betrayal Reid, Michelle read, cheating     Demetra 2011/07/06 view activity »

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