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YA Buddy Readers' Corner ♥ “We read to know that we are not alone.” ― C.S. Lewis ----------------------- WHAT DO WE DO HERE? Th…more

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InuYasha RP The time is fudile Japan. This is a time with out electronics. You use bows, arrows, swords, spe…more

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Camp Half-Blood... Advanced, this time Do you wish you had ADHD and dyslexia? Do you dream of riding a flying horse? Have you ever wave…more

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Mysteries & Crime Thrillers Win your next book! Mysteries, Cozies, Detective Fiction, Courtroom Drama, Romantic Suspense, Th…more

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1×1 RPs (This group was formerly 1x1 Romance) Welcome to 1×1 RPs! This the perfect group for all types of…more

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Insatiable Bookworms A group for the book hungry! Here we will discuss new books, meet new people and much much more.…more

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Endarkened This story takes place in 2015, the apocalypse has started. There are creatures that are called…more

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Bangor, PA

Scribere OH NO!!! Another writing group? Yes. another writing group. "Scribere" is latin for "to Write" Go…more

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Abby Lee Dance company(dance moms){Roleplay} welcome to Abby Lee dance company. you come here to dance with the team but first you have to be…more

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✝ Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines RP ✝ After the "The Plague of 2015" that turned half of the country into bloodthirsty monsters, the g…more

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Literatura fantástica en español Un grupo para lectores y escritores de literatura fantástica en español. Creado para compartir r…more

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The Chapter 5 Book Club Welcome to the Chapter 5 Book Club! We're run by the YA fantatics at Hodder & Stoughton in partn…more

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The Book Vipers A friendly, informal and established group with a diverse range of members. We read the classics…more

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Book Loving Kiwis A group for New Zealand book lovers (and authors) and lovers of New Zealand books (and books in…more

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2015 Reading Challenge We're setting our 2015 reading goals! Join us if you're ready to set yours too. This is a suppor…more

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~A Time Traveler's Guide to New York~ (This is a rp group) The commerce capital of the free world, New York City has some very interest…more

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Camp Halfblood A group based off of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians, and the Heroes of Olympus. You can rolep…more

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Percy Jackson is Awesome!!! This group is for readers who absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Percy Jackson. We mingle, discuss, have…more

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Support for Indie Authors I began this group in January 2015 to support fellow indie authors by featuring them on my websi…more

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Why Writers Write About Maine - Tuesday, July 9th Why is Maine a place writer’s love writing about? Join us on Tuesday, July 9th for a chat with t…more

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Historical Fiction Panel - July 18, 2012 Join us on Wednesday, July 18, 2012 for a special day-long discussion of historical fiction. Wha…more

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Colleen Houck Book Club This is the reading club hosted by Colleen Houck, the author of the NYT bestselling series TIGER…more

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Love & Social Change We offer love, compassion & kindness to create a better world. We read books by & about people w…more

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