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Mysteries & Crime Thrillers Win your next book! Mysteries, Cozies, Detective Fiction, Courtroom Drama, Romantic Suspense, Th…more

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Tall, Dark & Deadly Do you enjoy action packed, suspense filled books with love and passion thrown into the mix? If…more

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Crazy for Young Adult Books Copycat: January 2015 Pick Me a Winner: January 2015 10th Read-A-Thon: December 27th, 2014 Week…more

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Red vs Blue roleplay Ok, so I was bored and watching Red vs Blue, one thing led to another.... and here we are So basi…more

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Every book is a TARDIS Hey! I hope you will enjoy this Doctor Who/YA books group! We will have monthly read a longs!

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Genre-X Book Club Hosted by the Burbank Public Library, Genre-X is a book club for Millennials and Gen-Xers hangin…more

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Burbank, CA

Taking our monthly book club to goodreads! Take turns picking a book and then discuss!

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Delta, OH

Doctor Who Group This group is open to anyone interested in Doctor Who , either the Classic Series or New Series.…more

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The Burton Barr Central Library Book Club meets once a month to discuss an eclectic selection of…more

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Phoenix, AZ

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Weekly Short Stories Contest and Company! Each week we have a different contest in both short stories and poetry and a poll to see who win…more

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Latvija Lasītāji no Latvijas pievienojieties! Interesanti būtu uzzināt, cik daudz mūsu šeit ir.

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The Book Was Better Join the discussion about your favorite books that have hit the big screen. If you would like to…more

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Short & Sweet Treats Welcome to Short & Sweet Treats! We are here to read books together, engage in discussions, and…more

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~A Time Traveler's Guide to New York~ The commerce capital of the free world, New York City has some very interesting places- and some…more

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The ____ RPing Network A group where we create a similar universe to Groversdale and created various plots and subplots…more

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book club for genre fiction

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Goodreads Authors/Readers This group is dedicated to connecting readers with Goodreads authors. It is divided by genres, a…more

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ƛƧƳԼƲM ƑƠƦ ƬӇЄ ƇƦƖMƖƝƛԼԼƳ ƖƝƧƛƝЄ {ˢᵉᵐᶦ⁻ᵃᵈᵛᵃᶰᶜᵉᵈ ʳᵒᶫᵉᵖᶫᵃʸ} All օբ մʂ հεɾε მɾε ἶղʂმղε. Wε հმνε ƈօოოἶէէεძ ƈɾἶოεʂ. Wε հმνε მll ƙἶllεძ, მղძ ʂէօlεղ, მղძ ომղყ օբ…more

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Ask John Green - January 23, 2013 Join us on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 for a special discussion with award winning author John G…more

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Colleen Houck Book Club This is the reading club hosted by Colleen Houck, the author of the NYT bestselling series TIGER…more

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Read along! The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon Starting Monday, October 27, 2014 we will be reading THE BONE SEASON by Samantha Shannon to prep…more

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Ask Anne Lamott - Thursday, December 12th! Join us for a special discussion with author Anne Lamott on Thursday, December 12th! Anne will b…more

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Love & Social Change We offer love, compassion & kindness to create a better world. We read books by & about people w…more

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A Killer (Re)Read - The Throne of Glass Series Readalong Join us in summer 2014 as we read the first two books in Sarah J. Maas's bestselling series--Thr…more

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