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Horror Aficionados If you love horror literature, movies, and culture, you're in the right place. Whether it's vamp…more

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One x One Hey there! Join this group if you like Roleplaying! You can do: 1 x 1's 1 x 1 x 1's 1 x 1 x 1 x 1's …more

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Book Trailers - Check Them Out! For authors or fans to post book trailers for any genre of novel.

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Christian Fiction Bloggers This group is a place for Christian bloggers to share their blogs, giveaways, etc. Everyone is w…more

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Fans of Interracial Romance In this group, we believe that love transcends bounds of race and ethnicity. Love is about the h…more

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Schainen Acadamy for the Supernatural Dear students, You all are very different from any other human being. You have abilities that do…more

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Pragmatists Books owned & read by Pragmatists' team

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02-672, Poland

join to have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ebook reviews supplied It's difficult getting reviews, bordering on nearly impossible without being dishonest and payin…more

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South Africa

Terrible YA Book Club where doing it man where MAKING THIS HAPEN Private group, but that doesn't mean you can't join! Fe…more

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Good Friends & Good Books Hey everyone! This is a group to discuss books, share thoughts, read similar books, do challenges…more

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Book club for first period English.

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The 2014 Reading Challenge Group How many books are you planning on reading in 2014? Want to discuss what you've read/how to meet…more

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YA LGBT Books For anyone who enjoys LGBTQ books written for young adults. We're a friendly, supportive group t…more

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World Mysteries and Thrillers A group for those who love mysteries, detectives, thrillers and spy stories based all around the…more

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Coffee & Books Coffee & Books is a book club that reaches out for any one and everyone to come and join in on o…more

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52 weeks, 52 books This year, we'll read a book a week - an eclectic mix of bestsellers, finds, and old favourites.…more

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Christian Fiction Devourers Follow us on Keeping romance, history, humor, mystery, love, intrigue, and passion interesting,…more

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1x1's :D Bringing it back to life! Same as before though, title says all :)

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Women's Fiction Book Club - Providence We meet in person every other Tuesday to discuss a work of fiction. Depending on the length of t…more

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Providence, RI

Q&A with Josh Lanyon ...June 17, 2010 to Infinity and beyond... You can also find Josh... * Josh's Website * Josh's Blog…more

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Goodreads Authors/Readers This group is dedicated to connecting readers with Goodreads authors. It is divided by genres, a…more

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Historical Fiction Panel - July 18, 2012 Join us on Wednesday, July 18, 2012 for a special day-long discussion of historical fiction. Wha…more

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Colleen Houck Book Club This is the reading club hosted by Colleen Houck, the author of the NYT bestselling series TIGER…more

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Ask Kathy Reichs - Sunday, August 25th! Join us on Sunday, August 25th for a special discussion with author Kathy Reichs! Kathy will be…more

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A Killer (Re)Read - The Throne of Glass Series Readalong Join us in summer 2014 as we read the first two books in Sarah J. Maas's bestselling series--Thr…more

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Ask John Green - January 23, 2013 Join us on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 for a special discussion with award winning author John G…more

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Love & Social Change We offer love, compassion & kindness to create a better world. We read books by & about people w…more

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