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Chicks On Lit (Est. Feb 14, 2008) More than a reading group of women but a place for honest, respectful, intel…more

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Bound Together A group for women! We are quite relaxed and have very few rules. Here's the deal: I tried some o…more

2,401 members, last active 3 minutes ago

Novel Ladies Novel Ladies is a book club for women only over the age of twenty who reside in Canada and the U…more

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Reading with Style A seasonal competition designed for the reader who enjoys discovering new authors, genres, and t…more

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Yes, College Girls read. College Girls. Who read. Yes, it happens.

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broken crown ♔ a roleplay Hᴀᴍɪʟᴛᴏɴ-Kᴀɴᴇ Hɪɢʜ Sᴄʜᴏᴏʟ. Up until five years ago, Hamilton-Kane was the first in their league…more

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Booklovers Books are like balloons, they take me into another world. This group is made of people for whom…more

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110092, India

This group is for Mrs. Albert's 2/3B students at Glenbrook North High School.

2 members, last active 10 hours ago

This group is for Mrs. Henrich's 2/3A students at Glenbrook North High School.

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History: Actual, Fictional and Legendary This group is for anyone whose interest in History goes beyond textbooks. While I enjoy reading…more

934 members, last active an hour ago

Ancient & Medieval Historical Fiction The focus of this group is historical fiction set in Ancient and Medieval eras(with some post Me…more

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Old Books, New Readers This is a group for people who want to read the classics and discuss them as a group. Each mont…more

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Historical Fiction This is a group for all lovers of Historical Fiction and History to share the wonderful books th…more

684 members, last active 27 minutes ago

Lovers of Paranormal If, like us, you enjoy anything paranormal, then this place is for you. This is a bookclub dedic…more

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QUEEN OF SHADOWS READALONG | #BOOKISHSEPTEMBER Readalong with us! Liveshow on September 25th…more

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➷Ƭнє Qυαrтer Qυell➹ {Sємι~ A∂ναηcє∂} President Snow's Message flickered on the screen as he repeated the message he announced the ni…more

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Crazy for Young Adult Books Pick Me A Winner: September A to Z: 2015 Copycat: September Scavenger Hunt: #10 Fully Loaded: Se…more

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Support for Indie Authors I began this group in January 2015 to support fellow indie authors by featuring them on my websi…more

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Love & Social Change We offer love, compassion & kindness to create a better world. We read books by & about people w…more

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Star Wars Reads Panel It's back! Join us on Saturday, October 5, 2013 for a special day-long discussion of Star Wars.…more

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Colleen Houck Book Club This is the reading club hosted by Colleen Houck, the author of the NYT bestselling series TIGER…more

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A discussion of women in literary science fiction.

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Ask Jess Michaels Join me from June 11, 2013 to July 11, 2013 for a Q&A! Ask me about my erotic historical romance…more

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