Vietnam Conflict

The Things They Carried
The First Domino: Eisenhower, the Military, and America's Intervention in Vietnam
Vietnam At War: The History 1946-1975
Clashes: Air Combat Over North Vietnam, 1965-1972
Vietnam: The History of an Unwinnable War 1945-1975 (Modern War Studies)
The Easter Offensive: Vietnam, 1972
Secret Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines with the Elite Warriors of SOG
Bloods: An Oral History of the Vietnam War by Black Veterans
Over the Beach: The Air War in Vietnam
The Last Valley: Dien Bien Phu and the French Defeat in Vietnam
On Yankee Station: The Naval Air War Over Vietnam
A Better War: The Unexamined Victories and Final Tragedy of America's Last Years in Vietnam
The End of the Line: The Siege of Khe Sanh