Blood Bound (Unbound, #1)
Oath Bound (Unbound, #3)
Shadow Bound (Unbound, #2)
The Escape (Unbounded, #3)
Escape Everything!: Escape From Work. Escape From Consumerism. Escape From Despair.
The Reckoning (Unbounded, #4)
The Change (Unbounded, #1)
The Takeover (Unbounded Book 5)
Dead Babies and Seaside Towns
Brenda Monk is Funny
The Cure (Unbounded, #2)
The Wake
The Sisters Brothers
Unmarked (The Legion, #2)
Dinner with a Vampire (The Dark Heroine, #1)

Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Him that I love, I wish to be free -- even from me.
Anne Morrow Lindbergh

The old school of thought would have you believe that you'd be a fool to take on nature without arming yourself with every conceivable measure of safety and comfort under the sun. But that isn't what being in nature is all about. Rather, it's about feeling free, unbounded, shedding the distractions and barriers of our civilization—not bringing them with us.
Ryel Kestenbaum, The Ultralight Backpacker: The Complete Guide to Simplicity and Comfort on the Trail

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